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2024 Wedding photography trends to capture your special day


June 24, 2024



2024 Wedding photography trends to capture your special day
You spent ages picking the perfect dress. You have a Pinterest board full of flowers, and your save-the-date cards are in the post. All you need is a photographer to capture the memories. But with countless wedding photography trends out there, your mind quickly becomes overloaded.

What style do you want? Retro, action or selfies? And then there are your wedding photo displays to consider. Do you want a wedding photo book or canvas prints? You slam your laptop shut, thinking, ‘I’ll decide later.’ Then, before you know it, later is here, and you need to make a ‘snapshot’ decision. 

We understand that selecting your photography style is overwhelming. So, we’ve laid out the current wedding photography trends so you can enjoy the occasion and leave the pictures to the professionals.
The importance of capturing your big day with high-quality wedding photos
The post-wedding blues are setting in, but it’s okay because you have your pictures to look forward to. You open your wedding photo book, and it’s filled with action shots and candid moments. The images breathe life onto the page, showing the depth of emotions you and your loved ones felt.

Your wedding lasts one day, but photos last a lifetime. That’s why capturing moments in a way you love is crucial, and these new wedding photo trends do just that.
2024 Wedding photography trends to look out for
If you don’t want stuffy, posed photos, then explore these new wedding photography trends. They leave no room for bland pictures. Instead, they replace them with vibrant and unique images you can remember forever.
Photography shot trends
Let’s start with how you take your photos. From poses and scenarios to photography style, here are some trends that are sure to bring a fun and vibrant touch to your wedding photography. 
Documentary-style photos
Documentary-style photos are candid moments of your special day, rather than traditional posed pictures. For example, friends laughing, you waving your hands mid-dance or the moment you say, ‘I do.’  Documentary-style photos are bursting with personality and capture the day's emotions as they’re happening. You may be running into the sea in a wedding dress, hugging friends or having your first dance. They are ideal if you want to enjoy your wedding without worrying about staying still for the camera or pausing throughout the day.
First-look photos
A first-look photo is when the couple see each other for the first time, usually before the ceremony has started. It’s an intimate moment between you and your other half and an authentic snapshot of your reactions.

The pros of the first-look photo are that you get to see one another before the guests gather. It gives you space to have some much-needed quiet time and take a deep breath. You can also look back and remember that special moment between you.

However, the cons are that the lighting isn’t always ideal as most weddings take place in the morning or early afternoon. It also means you’ll have to get up earlier to prepare. And, if you’re superstitious about seeing a loved one before getting married, this wedding photography trend may not be for you.
Wedding selfies
One of the current wedding photography trends is wedding selfies. Rather than a blurry shot on your phone, guests can photograph themselves with an INSTAX camera. These cameras print iconic, colour-bursting snapshots of the day.

Place a few cameras around the venue or dedicate a space where people can use the INSTAX to take selfies. Ensure there is a place for guests to leave the pictures so you can thumb through them later. You then have the joy of discovering what mischief your family and friends got up to during the reception. 
Day-after photos
The trouble with weddings is you only get to wear the beautiful lace dress or sharp suit once. But that isn’t the case with day-after photos. These are a curation of images taken the day after your wedding or even a few weeks post-marriage. You get dressed up in your stunning wedding attire once more and go to a striking location for intimate footage. 

This photography trend means you can relive your most cherished day in private without stress. You also don’t have to dedicate as much time to photos on the day. Instead of worrying about your guests and how hungry they are, you can relax knowing that there is a photography session later without the wedding madness.

Alternatively, you could simply take photos of your first day as a married couple, whether that’s a lazy morning in your pyjamas, eating leftover cake or going for brunch with all your wedding guests.
Drone footage
What could be more dramatic than a mesmerising image of your wedding taken from the sky? Wedding drone photography is an innovative way to see the ceremony from above. It creates a dramatic effect, capturing scenic shots of the wedding day. 

You can request drone photography when you tie the knot or during the reception. It’s an impressive and unique style that will make your photos stand out from the crowd.
Blurred action shots
Blurred action shots are sneak peeks into a moment in time that you can’t replicate. They give photos a magical and three-dimensional quality that harnesses the emotions of excitement and joy. They are similar to candid shots but with an artistic and dynamic spin for vibrant memories.
360-degree photo booths
360-degree photo booths have a camera that revolves around a podium, creating a boomerang-style or slow-motion video. Party guests can stand in the centre and, instead of posing for a still image, dance, chat and have fun. It photographs those in-between moments when people are interacting, moving and laughing. 
Instant photos and disposable cameras
Everyone loves an instant photo to celebrate how great people look or groan at the face someone is pulling. 

Our INSTAX cameras print photos in 90 seconds and have refillable film, so you can take as many as you want. You can also choose disposable cameras and develop the pictures at a later date. Our QuickSnap Single-Use Cameras are lightweight and ideal for placing on tables at your wedding reception so guests can capture moments you might otherwise miss. Complete with flash, each QuickSnap is pre-loaded with 27 photos and creates crisp, high-quality images. Why not take some selfies with these, too?

These options are ideal for experimenting with fun and creative wedding photo ideas and poses.
Photography finish trends for your 2024 wedding
As well as exploring different ways of taking photos, you might like to think about the aesthetic of the printed images. And this year, it’s all about the retro, romantic feel. Think Hollywood Glamour or 90s sitcoms, where the images are soft with a nostalgic vibe. There are different types of retro photography you can choose for your wedding.

Photo gifts

From candid shots, to mundane documentation.

Find out more
Film photos
These are made with a roll of film (just like the good old days). A photographer opens the camera's shutter, exposing the film to light and creating an image. Once the film is full, you replace it with a fresh roll so you can have as many photos as you like.

Unlike digital photos, you cannot edit them. You also can’t see what pictures have been taken until they’re developed. But that’s all part of the fun and anticipation.

With FUJIFILM digital cameras, you get the best of both worlds. FUJIFILM cameras feature unique ‘film simulation’ modes that provide the aesthetic of analogue film, all in a digital image.
Retro prints
If you want to check and edit your photos digitally, you can have the best of both worlds with our Classic Retro Prints. These are 4” photos with an elegant white border and a glossy or matte finish. They’re a fantastic option for anyone who loves merging the vintage with the modern.
Displaying your beloved wedding photos
The problem with photographs is that they spark joy when you first see them but are later disregarded. You think, ‘We must hang those up’ or, ‘That’s a great photo, let’s frame it.’ Time creeps by, and years later, your memories of the special day gather dust in the attic or under your bed. So, to give you a nudge, we’ve collated the best wedding photo display ideas.
Physical photo albums
There’s nothing more heartwarming than picking up a physical copy of a wedding photo album. Your fingers brush the cover, and the pages reveal a kaleidoscope of memories. 

Design your own photo book wedding album with MyFujifilm photo books in various dimensions and styles. Inject personality using our instant photo books, curate a mini photo book for friends or choose a premium photo book to cherish every moment.
Canvas prints
Bring your images out of a wedding photography book and make a statement with canvas prints. We transfer your precious pictures onto a premium-quality canvas for a seamless design.

You can use canvas prints to create wall art, such as an eye-catching triptych. Alternatively, curate a collection of small prints or opt for one stand-out piece.
Classic framed prints
Nothing beats a timeless framed photo. Not only do they bring cosyness to any space, but they are thoughtful gifts for family and friends. Transform your home with our high-quality MyFujifilm prints, and select anything from retro photos and framed images to photo enlargements.
Personalised homeware
If you love being reminded of the good times, personalised photo homeware is for you. Check out just a few of our options below.

Photo cushions – Feel a sparkle of warmth whenever you relax against the sofa with a wedding photo cushion.

Mugs – Start your day sipping tea or coffee and remember those special moments with a personalised mug.

Towels – Ditch your old, scratchy towels and transform your bathroom into a treasure trove of memories with action shots of your weddings. Our Personalised Towels are available in two different sizes. 

Blankets – Turn your wedding photos into a warm hug by printing your favourite wedding image onto a snuggly photo blanket.

Chopping board – Celebrate your wedding whenever you’re in the kitchen with a bright image for your personalised chopping board
Look back on your special day with MyFujifilm
Capture your memorable moments in style with these current wedding photography trends. They are ideal for achieving your desired look, from action shots to sky-high footage. And, like books are written to be read, photos are taken to be looked at. So make sure to display your dream wedding day the right way with MyFujifilm.