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Why October is the best month for autumn photography


March 20, 2024



Why October is the best month for autumn photography
From falling leaves and golden light to Halloween parties, October is, arguably, the pinnacle of autumn. Whether you’re capturing nature at its finest or documenting a trip to your local pumpkin patch, there’s something truly whimsical about this month — and that makes it the ideal time for autumn photography.

We’re certainly convinced. But if you need a little more persuasion, read on. We’ll explore just what makes October so magical in the photography world and offer some top tips for getting the best autumn photos. And why not embrace autumn all year round by displaying your October photography on canvas or aluminium prints or personalised kitchenware?
October’s colour palette
If there’s one thing October is known for (aside from Halloween and pumpkin spice lattes, of course), it’s a vibrant colour palette. From nature’s transformation — think bold orange leaves — to snug jumpers in deep maroon and emerald green, the month’s hues capture the imagination and make for striking photo prints.  
Changing seasons
Throughout October, we see trees turn from green to shades of amber and ochre. Mushrooms pop up, adding depth to landscapes, and falling leaves reveal animal activity above us. All of this diversifies the world around us, offering plenty of opportunities to snap eye-catching images. 
Golden and blue hours
You may already be familiar with the ‘golden hour’, a firm favourite with photographers around the world. The golden hour directly follows sunrise or sunset and casts a beautiful glow. During autumn, and particularly in October, the sun is lower in the sky, extending its light and creating fantastic shadows that can add great contrast to your photos. 

Golden hour can really accentuate the nuanced autumnal colours of October. Plus, golden hour is more accessible in October than in any other month — no getting up super early to watch the sun come up or staying up late to catch those last rays. In the UK, sunrise occurs between 7.40am and 8.40am during October, and sunset falls between 5.45pm and 7.10pm. (Remember to take daylight savings into account at the end of the month!) 

What about ‘blue hour’? This magical time tends to be overlooked but it can offer some incredible lighting opportunities for budding photographers. Just before sunrise and just after sunset, the sky transforms into a glorious deep blue haze. 

This twilight period beautifully contrasts the vibrant oranges, yellows, and reds so characterised by autumn. From urban cityscapes to serene hilltop views, making the most of blue hour can bring a new dynamic to your October photography.
A quieter time for autumn photography
Do you enjoy street photography? Perhaps you adore long photography walks in woodlands or prefer to focus on portraiture. Either way, October is generally a quiet month. Summer has passed, the kids are back at school, and there’s a sense of calm before the festive holiday season kicks in. 

As a result, you get the chance to see scenic spaces in a new light — whether that’s a popular picnic spot or a city high street. 
Spooky season
Costume lover or not, there’s no getting away from October’s connection to everyone’s favourite spooky holiday, Halloween.  From embracing the gothic elegance of black and white photography to capturing family memories when pumpkin picking, Halloween is a great time to get your camera ready. If you’re throwing a party, why not create a catwalk and set up a Halloween photo shoot? Let each of your guests showcase their outfit and snap pictures to add to a photo book. Whimsical or scary, you’ll have some great memories to look back on.
Autumn photoshoot ideas
Aside from a Halloween photo shoot, October provides endless opportunities for creating images of your loved ones that capture the beauty of autumn. Why not consider some of these autumn photo shoot ideas?
Romantic silhouettes
Is there anything more romantic than snuggling up with the one you love on a crisp autumn evening? Take that aesthetic and apply it to a cosy autumn photo shoot. October is the perfect time to play with light, so wrap up warm and use the setting sun to backlight you and your significant other against a backdrop of vibrant trees.

This type of portrait can make a lovely framed print or work well on ‘save the dates’ for engaged couples.
Family adventures
Raincoats, wellies, and fluffy hoods — October is the ideal month to don the autumn essentials. Warm enough that you can trample through the woods without too many layers but with a crisp breeze, it’s a great time for a family hike. 

So next time you take the little ones on a woodland walk, bring your camera along and take some photos of your family adventure. From jumping in puddles to climbing trees, you’ll be able to snap heartwarming photos of your nearest and dearest, surrounded by autumn’s stunning scenery.
Falling leaves 
To really capture the essence of the season, you could let autumn leaves take centre stage. Great fun for children and grown ups alike, throwing leaves up in the air not only feels freeing but also creates a great effect in photos. 

Rake up a big pile of leaves in your garden, get your friends or loved ones to grab a handful, and snap away as the gold, red, and green foliage falls around them. Wouldn’t a falling leaves photo make the perfect October addition to a personalised calendar?
Umbrellas in the rain
We all adore a sunny autumn day that balances sunshine with a fresh chill. But there’s no denying October’s tendency to bring a bit of drizzle. However, there’s no need to let that ruin your autumn photo shoot idea. Embrace the rain and try an umbrella photo shoot. 

This is a versatile way to capture October weather — you could set up your photo shoot in an urban setting, such as a city centre or go rural. Either way, taking photos of your loved ones with umbrellas, dancing in the rain, is a lovely way to make the most of the great British climate. Plus, closeups of raindrops on your umbrellas is a fantastic way to highlight autumn’s colours.
Tips for getting the most out of your October photography
October lends itself beautifully to autumn photography, meaning you can easily create incredible images. With that said, here are a few pieces of advice you can take on board to really elevate your seasonal photos.
Stock up on the right equipment
Whether you have a mirrorless camera or use your smartphone, it can be helpful to invest in a few handy items to make October photography a breeze. 

- A tripod will help keep your camera steady, especially in windy autumn conditions or on uneven ground. It also gives you the chance to be in the photos, too.

- Similarly, a remote control can ensure you capture selfies at just the right moment. So throw those leaves up in the air and snap from afar!

- Rain covers are always a good idea in unpredictable weather conditions.
Be prepared for weather changes
Speaking of unpredictable weather changes, October is full of them. And while this variety makes for interesting images, it’s important to make sure you’re prepared when photographing outside. Having suitable clothing can make all the difference to your comfort when creating your images.

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Make the most of natural light
We’ve looked at the magic of golden and blue hours, and these are the ultimate times to emphasise autumn’s warm hues in October. However, you can still get some wonderful results at other times of the day.

Indoors or outside, let natural lighting guide your photos, taking note of the sun’s position in the sky, any clouds, and the shadows they form.
Incorporate seasonal props
Even without a backdrop of golden leaves, it’s easy to create a seasonal feel with quintessential autumn items. Think: 

- Pumpkins, mushrooms, apples, and other seasonal produce

- Cosy blankets and jumpers

- Lanterns and twinkling lights

- Those all-important Halloween costumes
Play with different angles
October has such a lot of variety, you can explore it from different perspectives. You could, for example, shoot from a low angle to capture fallen leaves and the sky. Alternatively, take your photo from a higher angle to focus on the colourful ground below.
Allow for candid moments
Sometimes, the best shots are unplanned, capturing genuine laughter and interactions. So as the autumn scenery surrounds you, let these moments take the limelight. 
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As the height of autumn, October showcases the beauty of the season. Vibrant colours and varied landscapes offer the ideal backdrop for photography enthusiasts. Marking the transition from summer to winter, it’s the perfect time to make memories with those you love and showcase them through photos. 

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