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Sunsets and silhouettes: MyFUJIFILM's summer photography tips


March 20, 2024



Sunsets and silhouettes: MyFUJIFILM's summer photography tips
The British summertime serves up a scoop of ample lighting, evocative sunsets, and deliciously long evenings. All of these add up to create a photographer’s paradise. From vibrant mornings and sultry silhouettes to fun afternoons on the beach, summer offers endless photography opportunities. But where to start? Read on for tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your summer snaps.
Make the most of summer photography with MyFUJIFILM
At MyFUJIFILM, we bring high energy and a sense of adventure to your photography journey. So let's dive into practical tips that will enhance your summer photography skills and capture the essence of this vibrant season in no time.
1. Embrace the golden hour
During the golden hour, the soft, warm light adds a touch of magic to your summer photos. Wake up early or stay out late to catch the sun as it touches the horizon, and the gentle hues of sunrise or sunset will transform ordinary scenes into extraordinary moments. Experiment with different compositions and subjects, from serene seascapes to charming city streets. The golden glow will add a new dimension.

Sunset photography also makes the perfect wall art — whether that’s on a classic canvas or contemporary aluminium print.
2. Get playful with reflections
Whether it's a shimmering lake, a tranquil pool, or even a polished glass surface, reflections add depth and visual interest to your images. And summer is the ideal time to incorporate these into your photos.

Play with angles and perspectives to capture mirror-like effects or unique reflections. In the summertime, you’ll find that a lot of nature’s existing landscapes will do all the hard work — you just have to be ready with your camera.
3. Capture vibrant summer colours
Celebrate the lively hues of nature by incorporating them into your summer photo compositions. Seek out colourful flowers in full bloom, bustling farmers' markets brimming with fresh produce, or lively street festivals filled with joyful revellers. 

If you’re planning to print your photos, remember to choose high-quality ink and paper.

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4. Seek adventure in unexpected places
Summer is the perfect time to embark on photography adventures. Look beyond the obvious locations and seek out hidden gems in your surroundings, and explore quaint alleyways, colourful murals, or vibrant urban landscapes. Uncover the beauty of forgotten spaces and let your lens capture the stories that lie within. 
5. Find joy in candid moments
No matter where you spend your summer holiday, let it be filled with joyous moments and spontaneous laughter. Keep your camera handy to capture candid snaps of friends and family enjoying the carefree spirit of summer. Whether it's a child building sandcastles, a couple sharing a loving embrace, or friends frolicking in the ocean, going for unposed photos is the ideal way to immortalise genuine emotions and create lasting memories.
6. Play with shadows and patterns
Longer days in the summer months bring the chance to explore intriguing shadows and patterns that can add depth and visual interest to your photographs. Try experimenting with the interplay between light and shadow — from the dappled shade of a leafy tree to the geometric patterns created by architectural structures. Look for fascinating textures and shapes that emerge when sunlight interacts with various objects. 

There’s something particularly special about a sunset silhouette. Contrast the vibrant oranges, pinks, and purples of a midsummer sunset with a focal point in shadow. That might be a hill or cityscape, a lone tree, or a lighthouse out at sea. 
7. Capture the essence of summer festivities
Summer is a time of festivals, fairs, and outdoor celebrations. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere and capture the energy and excitement of these events. From colourful parades to lively concerts and bustling food markets, summer festivities offer a multitude of photographic opportunities. It’s time to embrace the festive spirit and document the unique moments that define this joyous season.
8. Explore macro photography
There’s a wealth of hidden beauty that exists within the miniature world, particularly in the summer. From delicate leaves to intricate insect life, there’s a whole universe of flora and fauna it’s easy to overlook. 

Explore macro photography and make the most of those tiny details. Get up close and personal with the vibrant petals of a flower, the delicate wings of a butterfly, or the glistening droplets on a blade of grass. 
Discover the beauty of summer textures
Texture is a fantastic way to elevate your photography. And, although texture variety is around us all year, it can become more apparent in the lighter summer months. Why not photograph the weathered bark of a tree in your neighbourhood or try to capture the grainy essence of your favourite beach?  Combining a textured subject with careful use of contrast and colour, you can create eye-catching landscapes and portraits to display.
10. Chase the summer storms
Summer storms bring a unique energy and drama to the atmosphere, providing a captivating subject for your photography. When dark clouds gather and lightning strikes, grab your camera and capture the raw power of nature. Experiment with long exposures to capture the streaks of lightning illuminating the sky or cascading raindrops.

On your summer photography spree, it can also be fun to embrace the unpredictability of a storm and let it infuse your photos with a sense of exhilaration for both you and the viewers of your image.
11. Unleash your inner storyteller
The best photos tell a story. Harness the essence of a summer day by documenting the unfolding narrative around you. From the simple joy of a child's ice cream cone to the adventures of a group of friends on a road trip, let your photographs weave a visual tale that evokes emotions and creates connections. Look for small details that carry significance and embrace the role of a visual storyteller. (Just remember to always ask permission before you take photos of your subjects).
12. Create ethereal summer portraits
We’ve discussed landscapes a lot. But summer provides the perfect backdrop for dreamy and ethereal portraits. 

You can always utilise the soft, natural light of the golden hour and combine it with flowing fabrics or delicate flowers to add a touch of whimsy to your portraits. Encourage your subjects to embrace the carefree spirit of summer and capture their genuine expressions and emotions.
13. Capture the tranquillity of summer mornings
While the world is still waking up, seize the serenity and tranquillity of summer mornings through your photography. Wake up early, venture to a peaceful spot, and witness the world as it slowly comes to life. It’s a great way to capture the soft mist dancing above a calm lake or the first rays of sunlight gently caressing a field of wildflowers. Be grateful for these quiet moments and let them inspire a sense of calm and contemplation in your photographs.
Summer photography: Useful things to remember 
Whilst you’re soaking up the sun and trying your hand at sunset photography, it’s important to remember that your craft is a learning experience to be enjoyed. 

The summertime offers a great deal of opportunity to create some memorable images. But it doesn’t have to be perfect the first time around. Embrace making mistakes, and if you’re at the very start of your photography journey, start with the basics.
1. Simplify your camera settings
Don't get overwhelmed by complex camera settings. Start by photographing in automatic mode and gradually explore the manual options as you become more comfortable. Remember, the goal is to enjoy the process and capture beautiful moments, so let your camera handle the technicalities while you focus on unleashing your creativity.
2. Capture in RAW
For maximum flexibility and control over your photos, consider shooting in RAW format. RAW files retain more image data, allowing you to fine-tune exposure, colours, and details during post-processing. This way, you can unleash your artistic vision and bring out the full potential of your summer captures.
3. Edit with care
When it comes to post-processing, less is often more. Enhance the natural beauty of your summer photos by making subtle adjustments to contrast, saturation, and sharpness. Avoid excessive filters or heavy-handed edits that can detract from the authenticity of the moment. Remember, your goal is to capture the essence of summer, not to create unrealistic scenes.
Summer photography prints with MyFUJIFILM
This summer, embrace the magic of the golden hour, capture the beauty of landscapes, and experiment with silhouettes to create stunning visual narratives. Most of all, enjoy the process and let your creativity soar.

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