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Re-live summer memories with a holiday photo book


March 20, 2024



Re-live summer memories with a holiday photo book
A summer holiday is a great chance to enjoy quality time with family and friends — or go on a peaceful solo getaway. But where does that time go? It can often feel like it’s over all too quickly. Once you’re back home, the memories seem to fade as quickly as your suntan! So, for those looking for that much-needed slice of nostalgia, we’ve got just the thing: a professionally printed holiday photo book.
Bringing summer memories alive with a holiday photo book
Sharing photos on social media can be a great way to reach a wide audience. But there’s something extra special about having a tangible keepsake that you can use as a means to relive your favourite summer holiday moments.

A holiday photo book makes the perfect coffee table book that can be opened whenever the holiday blues hit. On a grey day, you can transport yourself to a tropical isle. Photo books also give you the perfect opportunity to share your favourite holiday memories with loved ones.
How to take stunning holiday photos
These days it’s easier than ever to take high-quality photos on your smartphone. With so many apps, filters, and editing tools available, you can get a professional finish. However, capturing shots you’ll want to keep forever takes a little bit of forethought. 
The first thing to consider is the lighting — it can really make or break a photo. A silhouetted look can be really striking, but only if it’s what you’re trying to achieve. If you’re visiting a major sight or attraction, consider the time of day and where the sun will be to create an evenly lit photo or a sunset masterpiece. 
Rule of thirds
Have you heard of the rule of thirds? This classic photography technique suggests dividing your photo into three clear parts. Instead of placing your subject in the centre of the photo, try positioning them to the left or the right third, allowing the remaining area to be taken up by the backdrop. This off-centre positioning will often create a more interesting image for your holiday photo album.
Framing your photo
Your holiday photo book is all about the experiences you had away and the scenery you got to explore. So why not use the things around you to help create a stunning photo? Perhaps you’re camping on a mountaintop. Let nature be your eye-catching backdrop. 

Water is excellent for reflections, so take advantage of lakes, fountains or even puddles to add a bit of style to your photo. Be adventurous with your photographs, and try experimenting with different angles and distances. 
Jump in front of the camera!
Finally, make sure you take photos of the things that are important to you, as these will be the most memorable. This includes yourself, so make sure you’re getting in front of the camera as well as behind it! Taking a travel tripod is a great option if you want to avoid repeatedly asking strangers or your travel companion to take your photo. This way, you’ll also be able to line up your shot and get the framing exactly right.

Remember, variety is the spice of life, and having a diverse selection of shots will give you more scope when creating a post-holiday photo book. 
Choosing pictures to include in your holiday photo book
So, now you’re back from your adventure, how do you compose your travel photo book? It’s a good idea to choose a selection of photos that tell a story and bring the memories alive from the pages. 

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From candid shots, to mundane documentation.

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The 'Wow' shots
Including the ‘wow’ photos of key landmarks and scenery is a must-do for your album. After all, you wouldn’t go to Paris without taking a picture of the Eiffel Tower, would you? As well as capturing the popular attractions, it’s a great idea to include photos that depict the atmosphere of your destination. This will really help you to jump straight back into a time or place when you’re browsing through the album in years to come. 
Memorable moments
What part of the holiday really stood out to you? This might be a major attraction or it could be a smaller moment. Whether it’s a road with a funny name or a picture of a mesmerising street performer, you’ll keep the memory alive by slotting it into your holiday photo book. Sometimes it’s not the ‘must see’ things, but the things we discover for ourselves that carry the most meaning on a holiday.
Variety is key 
From panoramic viewpoints to shots of the great food you ate, a variety of photos will add to the rich tapestry of your trip. Of course, no holiday photo album is complete without plenty of snaps of your family and friends enjoying themselves on your summer adventure. To give your book variety and liveliness, it's best to inter-disperse these between your artistic shots of scenery and landmarks, keeping things interesting. 

Finally, decide on an order. Do you want your holiday to be retold in chronological order? Or would you rather curate an artistic selection that flows seamlessly together? 
Get creative with themes and layouts
Make your photo book an engaging collection you’ll want to look at again and again.

If your creative juices are flowing, you can make your own layout from scratch, with free reign over your photo book design. Our design tool allows you to choose from a wide selection of backgrounds for every page, with holiday themes, seasons, textures and patterns to choose from. You can also select different layout templates and add your own text to spice up the page. 

If you want to take things one step further and create a theme throughout your travel photo book, consider using your own photos as backgrounds. These should be uncomplicated shots without too much going on. Close-ups of nature and photos with large washes of colour work particularly well for this. 

For those who want a process that’s a little simpler, choose the ‘Layout and Autofill’ option, which will seamlessly create a layout of your favourite holiday snaps at the click of a button. These can be changed and moved around with ease, allowing you to add backgrounds and text until you’ve found the perfect look to bring your holiday photos back to life. 
Making your holiday photo book: Step by step
To get creating your travel photo book, head over to the myFUJIFILM photo book page. 
1. Choose your photo book
Here, you can choose the best type of photo book for you. Our Premium Photo Book lays flat, making it ideal for everyone to gather around and look together. For the minimalists, the Mini Photo Book option will suit, while our Square Photo Book will appeal to those who want to curate an Insta-style layout. Have you left things to the last minute and need a gift for the friend you went travelling with? Maybe you just can’t wait to see your holiday snaps. Either way, opt for our Instant Photo Book option, with an extra speedy delivery time. 
2. Upload and arrange your pictures
With your selection made, you’ll be able to choose things like size and finish, opting for either matt or gloss paper. Now the fun really starts — it’s time to upload your photos. Choose whether you want to arrange them manually or have them done for you, and begin playing around with your design. What backgrounds will you go for? And do you want to add text to remind yourself where your adventures took you? From simple location markers to a sentence that evokes the sights, smells and sounds of your destination, feel free to play around with phrasing.
3. Review your layout and head to checkout
It’s always good to double-check before sending any photo book to print. You can review the whole layout of your holiday photo album. And once you’re happy you can simply add the book to your shopping cart, where we’ll calculate the shipping for you.
4. Reminisce to your heart’s content
Before you know it, you’ll be reliving your holiday memories with your photo book in your hands.
Banish the holiday blues with photo books from myFUJIFILM
Once you’re home from your summer holiday and back to your routine, it’s easy for the post-holiday blues to start setting in. With a holiday photo book, you’ll have a physical reminder of your holiday that can provide an essential dose of nostalgia. Although the feeling of the warm sun on your face may seem like a distant memory, your photo book can help bring it right back.

Start designing your photo book now.