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Newborn photography tips – create a keepsake you'll treasure forever


March 20, 2024



Newborn photography tips – create a keepsake you'll treasure forever
Ah, the arrival of a newborn. Whether it’s your first foray into parenthood or your family is expanding, welcoming a new little one is the start of a magical (albeit whirlwind) journey. The first few months are precious, and if you’re looking for a way to capture those wonderful early memories, a newborn photoshoot can be a great place to start.

From sending prints to loved ones to creating a baby photo memory book to look back on in years to come, photography is the perfect way to record this incredible time. But how can you best capture images that showcase your baby’s unique character? Read on for our newborn photography tips and create a keepsake you can treasure forever.
How soon should you do newborn photos?
Traditional newborn photoshoots tend to feature little ones aged 7 to 21 days but the truth is, there’s no limit on when you can take photos of your baby. In many cases, photographers suggest this age for two reasons — firstly, it’s when your baby is completely fresh and new, a time you’ll never get back. And secondly, your little one is likely to be asleep for the photoshoot. In contrast, older babies may be more likely to wriggle and cry. 

Of course, capturing memories of your baby’s early life is beneficial at all ages so you can set up a photoshoot whenever best suits you and your child. You could also go a different route and put together a personalised photo book documenting your baby’s first year — the perfect first birthday gift.
Newborn photography tips
Are you wondering how to get the best photos of your tiny baby? From getting the perfect lighting to exploring different points of focus, here are some expert tips to help you capture beautiful family images.
Work out the best time to take photos
Every baby is different and will have their own routine, so it’s helpful to work out when your child will be most calm and comfortable. You might want to try taking photos after their mid-morning nap or after feeding if this is when they seem most content and happy. 

As we’ve mentioned, newborns tend to sleep — a lot. And on the whole, this is when you’ll get the best photos! Awakened newborn babies can lead to blurry shots, cross-eyed photos and, of course, a crying baby (which may not be as pleasurable to remember). 
Make the most of natural light
In a similar way, choosing the time of day you take your photos can be helpful. During the day, you’ll be able to access more natural light, which can yield better photography results. 

You can, of course, take photos in the evening, but bear in mind you’ll need a good source of light.
Create soft shadows
Once you have a good light source — be it natural light from a window or a lamp — you can angle your baby’s head towards the light. This creates soft shadows and adds depth to your portraits.
Set up your camera before trying to take photos
Another tip for baby photography is to make sure you have all your camera equipment set up before you approach the little one. Otherwise, you may find you’re just about to take a snap and your baby has switched from gentle cooing to a sudden tantrum!  
Work at eye level
To get the most poignant pictures, take photos at your baby’s eye level. Whether they’re resting against someone’s shoulder or they’ve been positioned snuggly on a cushion, this is a great way to create stunning, macro-like close-ups. 
Experiment with the focus point
Portraits of your newborn baby’s face are beautiful, but you might also want to think about taking photos of their tiny hands or feet. Perhaps you want to focus on a personalised bib or handmade socks. Trying out different points of focus and softening the background can help you achieve fantastic results.
Newborn photoshoot ideas and inspiration
Setting up a newborn photoshoot can be a lovely way for all the family to bond. Putting some time aside to create photos you’ll treasure forever is a heartwarming experience for you and your child. Plus, the pictures you get can make lovely wall art displays — particularly when enlarged on one of our Premium Canvas prints. 

Alternatively, why not add the images from your newborn photoshoot to a personalised calendar? The ideal Christmas gift for grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other family members, it makes a lovely keepsake. 

If you’re wondering where to start, here’s some inspiration. 
Classic simplicity
If you want to focus on the relationship between you and your baby, it can be nice to keep things simple. Soft, neutral colours can help create a sense of tranquillity — perfect for your snoozing cherub. You can incorporate low-key newborn photography props like a cosy blanket, swaddle, or delicate headband. This gives you the chance to capture the pure essence of your baby.

Take a photo of your little one snuggled up against your partner’s shoulder or position them in a comfortable sleeping position.
Embracing nature
Another option is to head outdoors for a natural and rustic feel. Photograph your baby surrounded by flowers, in a basket with leaves, or nestled in a patch of tall grass. Here, you can put our newborn photography tips into practice and harness natural light for a soft, ethereal look.
If you have other children, a baby photoshoot is an excellent chance for them to bond with their new sibling. Take photos of your older child holding your youngest or watching with wonderment over the top of the crib. It can be nice to let your child take the lead and decide how they want to be photographed.
Another key family member is your pet! Try getting some snaps of your cat, dog, or other furry friend interacting with your baby — it’s sure to create some heart-melting moments. 
Was your child born around Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day or another holiday? What better way to theme your newborn photoshoot than to incorporate seasonal elements? From dressing your October baby as the cutest little pumpkin to letting fairy lights and diyas sparkle around your Diwali child, bring a touch of festivity to your pictures.
Family hobbies
Are there any activities that mean a lot to you and your family? A great way to personalise your photoshoot is to showcase family hobbies and pastimes. This might involve taking a photo of your newborn nestled beside a guitar or gardening trug. Perhaps you’re an active family and want your newborn photoshoot to take place out in a woodland or up a mountain. 

Photo gifts

From candid shots, to mundane documentation.

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Setting up and running a newborn baby photoshoot
However you decide to approach your newborn photography, there are some key factors to remember to make sure your little one is safe, warm, and comfortable.

- Keep things quiet: We’ve already looked at making sure you find the perfect time for your baby but it’s also important to try and find a quiet location. If possible, make sure your camera is silent so no beeps or clicks startle your newborn.

- Make sure the temperature is right: Whether you’re taking photos in the depths of winter or the height of summer, make sure your baby is comfortable. Try to set an ambient temperature before starting your photoshoot. Swaddles, blankets, and hats can keep them toasty when it’s cold and you may find it best to go nappy-only if the weather is very hot.

- Safety first: You may see newborn photoshoots where the baby is in adorable poses — perhaps resting their chin on their hands, for instance. However, very young babies don’t have control over their limbs and can’t hold their heads up so it’s vital that you only go for natural, comfortable (but most of all safe) poses. In many cases, professional photographers harness a bit of editing magic to achieve those traditional ‘angelic’ poses.

- Create a clear, clutter-free space: No matter what sort of theme you go for when planning your baby photoshoot, it’s a good idea to make sure your photography space is nice and clear. You might like to set up a fabric backdrop or move some furniture to the side so you have a good space to work in. You don’t want that TV remote sneaking in and ruining your shot!
Sharing your pictures in a baby photo book 
Once you’ve taken some beautiful pictures of your newborn baby, you have a whole host of options for displaying them. If you want to keep things classic yet contemporary, a baby photo book is a simple and elegant way to showcase your little one in all their cuteness.

Our Mini Photo Books make wonderful gifts for family members. Upload a selection of your best snaps and send them to your loved ones or hand them out at Christmas. These pocket-sized albums are easy to put together using our handy platform and feature high-quality glossy or matte FUJIFILM Original paper. Are you planning a newborn photoshoot when your baby is super young? These mini books are also ideal as baby announcement gifts.

Alternatively, for a keepsake you can look back on fondly and share with your child as they grow up, opt for one of our Premium Photo Books. With a variety of sizes to choose from, these lay-flat books can hold plenty of images (including across double pages), plus you can enjoy a gorgeous personalised hard cover. 
Create memories to treasure forever with MyFUJIFILM
The first few weeks and months of your baby’s life are enchanting. By setting up a newborn photoshoot or simply taking pictures throughout the day, you can capture a real snapshot of your family life during this unique stage. 

Transform your images into beautiful wall art, photo books and gifts so you can look back on those memories and share them with your child as they grow up. Take a look at the photo gifts we have on offer and create one-of-a-kind keepsakes to appreciate forever.