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Make your gifts stand out with personalised photo wrapping paper


March 20, 2024



Make your gifts stand out with personalised photo wrapping paper
From birthday surprises to ‘just because’ gifts, there’s nothing like treating a loved one to the perfect present. Who doesn’t like to make their friends, family and colleagues smile? What’s more, with personalised photo wrapping paper, you can make sure the recipient loves their gift before they’ve even opened it. 
Your wrapping paper of choice doesn’t need to be an afterthought or something that goes straight into the bin. When you personalise it with photos and heartfelt messages, you’ll make sure that your loved one remembers their gift for years to come.
Here’s why creating your own photo wrapping paper is a fun, meaningful way to level up your gift-giving and our top tips for getting started. 
Photo wrapping paper: The finishing touch your gifts need
When it comes to sharing gifts, the thought you put in counts much more than what’s inside. Whether you buy a box of chocolates or create a photo book filled with cherished memories, your loved one is bound to feel special. But why not go the extra mile to show them how much consideration you’ve put into their day? 
Photo wrapping paper will take your gifts from great to one-of-a-kind. Maybe you’ll wrap your partner’s anniversary gift in pictures of your happiest times together. Perhaps you’ll surprise a family member by making their pet the star of the show. As soon as the recipient spots a gift decorated with personalised wrapping paper, they’ll know it’s been chosen especially for them. They’ll also know that you started planning the surprise in advance, which will make it feel all the more generous. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. 
If you like to embellish your gifts with bows and ribbons, then you’ll love the decorative touch that photo wrapping paper adds. You can get as creative as you like, from making collages to adding jokes and messages from the heart. These finishing touches will ensure that your gift stands out completely, even if it’s balanced on a pile of others.
How do you make personalised wrapping paper?
Creating personalised wrapping paper is much easier than it might sound. What’s more, you’ll have a great time picking out the best photos and adding artistic elements, like patterns and frames.
You don’t need to make the wrapping paper by hand if you don’t want to, although you certainly can if you have the time and patience. With online printing, it’s quick and easy to customise sheets of paper that are sleek, high-quality and more memorable than anything you’ll find in a shop or tucked away in your cupboards.
You can make your own personalised photo wrapping paper by following these simple steps.
1. Find a photo printing service, such as MyFUJIFILM, that can transform your favourite photos into wrapping paper. 

2. Decide how many sheets you need and how big they should be. This will depend on the size of your gift, so it’s worth measuring it beforehand.

3. Select the photos that you know will leave the recipient smiling. Will you choose just one image or create a collage with multiple?

4. Explore all the stylistic elements available to you. Why not experiment with different patterns and colour schemes? Don’t forget to add a message to let them know just how much they mean to you.

5. Order your wrapping paper and await its arrival. All that’s left to do now is wrap your gift and make sure it looks picture-perfect.
Still not sure what to surprise your loved one with? You’ll find a variety of quirky and sentimental photo gifts at myFUJIFILM — from personalised blankets to magnets and mugs.

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Gifting inspiration: Photo wrapping paper for every occasion
Gifts have the power to make us feel loved and appreciated. Maybe your best friend is reaching a milestone birthday or your closest colleague has been promoted to their dream job. Perhaps one of your family members is getting married or you’d like to thank a neighbour for watering your plants while you were on holiday. No matter the occasion, celebrating with a carefully chosen gift can speak volumes — even more so if it comes with eye catching personalised photo wrapping paper.

Looking for inspiration? Here are five imaginative ways to wrap a present to remember. 
Festive wrapping paper for your family and friends
When the festive season comes around, why not take a family portrait to wrap your gifts in? Whether you’re dressed up comically or smiling in the snow, printing a cheerful photo onto your wrapping paper is sure to make every gift command attention beneath the tree. Think of it as a modern version of the classic photo Christmas card. 
Baby portraits for milestone birthdays 
Milestone birthdays deserve an extra celebration or two, so consider going all out with personalised wrapping paper. For instance, you could commemorate a loved one’s 18th birthday by decorating their gifts with their cutest baby photos. And if there’s an embarrassing one of them throwing a tantrum, all the better. 
Romantic wrapping paper for the one you love
From anniversaries to Valentine’s Day, you have plenty of chances to show that special someone how you feel about them. Unique wrapping paper can help these occasions stand out even more, especially when it’s adorned with photos of your romantic memories. Have you still got your first selfie together? Perhaps you could add some pictures from romantic getaways or even your wedding day.
A pet portrait to say “thank you”
Need to thank a neighbour for taking care of your cats while you were away? Grateful to a close friend for looking after your dog for a weekend? Show your appreciation with a gift wrapped in adorable pet portraits. There won’t be any doubt who the present is really from!  
Company snaps for a colleague’s farewell gift 
Make sure your colleagues remember the good times at work even after they’ve moved on. Whether you’re saying farewell with a new desk calendar or a box of their favourite biscuits, wrap it up with a selection of snaps from their time in the role. There might even be a couple lurking from that memorable office party or staff away day.
Make your gifts memorable with photo wrapping paper from MyFUJIFILM 
At myFUJIFILM, we know that the best gifts are personalised. We’ve got everything you need to treat your friends and family to presents that have their names (and faces) all over them. Browse our full range of photo gifts or start designing your personalised photo wrapping paper here. Wrapping presents has never been so much fun!