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What is Shacolla? How to create beautiful wall collages


March 20, 2024



What is Shacolla? How to create beautiful wall collages
When it comes to decorating your home, photographs often become the central focus. They capture memories, stories, and moments that you cherish. But what if there was a stylish, convenient way to display those photos without the commitment of nails or bulky frames? 

Enter Shacolla, a revolutionary and chic way to transform your walls using adhesive photo prints.
Introducing Shacolla: A revolution in photo display
Traditional photo frames have long held the spotlight as the go-to method for showcasing photographic memories. But with Shacolla, a Fujifilm original concept, these affordable photo prints challenge this convention by offering a refreshing alternative that is both functional and great to look at. Shacolla embraces the concept of "no frame photo display," transforming your wall into an artistic canvas that breathes life into your cherished moments.

Think of Shacolla as photo stickers, but with a sleek, polished finish that looks as if the photos have seamlessly blended with your wall. These prints are perfect if you’re looking to spruce up your space with minimal fuss (and with a price tag that won’t break the bank either). 
Who is best suited for Shacolla?
Whilst Shacolla can be the perfect photo gift for anyone (in our opinion), they are especially suited for those living in temporary accommodation and rentals. We understand that it’s not always possible to hoist canvases and large framed prints to the walls using nails or screws, but that doesn’t mean that you have to settle for bare walls. It’s important to make your accommodation feel like a home, even if you’re only there for a fixed term. 
Temporary accommodation
Sometimes, your circumstances might take you into temporary accommodation. You could be staying in a temporary apartment or flat during relocation whilst you look for a more permanent place to live, you could be in crisis accommodation while your permanent residence is being tended to (such as flooding or pest control), or you’re simply in a transitional phase and are staying in a short-term let while you figure out your next move. 

This can often be the case if you’re a recent graduate and are looking for your first job. While it may seem pointless upon first glance, making these spaces your home, even temporarily, can provide a sense of stability and reduce the feeling of living in a state of lux that can sometimes go hand in hand with temporary accommodation situations.
Student living
Characterised by its temporary nature, student living is a transient experience from university halls to rented shared accommodation as students progress through their academic journey. Whilst the student experience is temporary, it’s often life-changing. Surrounding oneself with Shacolla pictures of family and friends, and mementos of significant experiences, not only adds character to the space but also establishes a sense of belonging. 

In the midst of demanding coursework and the challenges of adapting to new environments, these personalised spaces become sanctuaries of individuality and solace. Shacolla is so easy to put up and remove when you need to, and you can add more photos to your collection as you start to capture more memories with your new friends. A great way to showcase your Shacolla is with our nostalgic INSTAX camera prints, perfect for snapping photos before a night out, and capturing those candid ‘getting ready’ moments.
Rented accomodation
A standout feature of shacolla is its adaptability to rented accommodations. Since no nails or heavy fixtures are needed, you don't need to worry about potential damages to walls. When you’re renting, it can be tricky to navigate your landlord’s allowances, and the last thing you want is to have your deposit forfeited, or extra costs for damage to the walls that could’ve been avoided with Shacolla.  Renting shouldn’t have to feel temporary, and however unsettling your circumstances might be sometimes, adding a touch of your own personality to the walls can really make your space feel like home. Whether you're in a dorm room, apartment, or rented house, Shacolla ensures your security deposit remains untouched, all while allowing your creative spirit to flourish.
Benefits of using Shacolla
Aside from being visually appealing, Shacolla has a number of benefits to add value to your space, and the great thing about Shacolla is that it’s totally up to you when it comes to the display arrangement.
Easy to apply
Shacolla's adhesive back makes it simple to stick your photo prints on any smooth surface. Say goodbye to hammers, nails, and complicated mounting hardware. Simply arrange your Shacolla prints how you wish, and stick them up on the wall, and if you’re not happy - just rearrange them with no trouble at all. 
No damage
Ideal for those living in rented accommodations, Shacolla leaves no residue or marks on your walls. Even command strips, known for keeping walls scratch-free, are not a completely failsafe option when it comes to sticking photos on your walls. That’s why Shacolla’s adhesive back is perfect for sticking on walls, it’s so easy to attach to the wall and remove again. 
Flexible designs
Ideal for those living in rented accommodations, Shacolla leaves no residue or marks on your walls. Even command strips, known for keeping walls scratch-free, are not a completely failsafe option when it comes to sticking photos on your walls. That’s why Shacolla’s adhesive back is perfect for sticking on walls, it’s so easy to attach to the wall and remove again. 
Without the need for frames or mounting kits, shacolla provides a cost-effective way to display photos without frames. It’s also a great way to add a personal touch to your decor without needing to know anything about DIY, or fiddly spirit-levels.
Perfect with INSTAX
The Shacolla range pairs beautifully with photos taken using Instax cameras, making it easy to showcase your instant memories in an artsy fashion. You can add your printed Instax photos to your existing Shacolla prints, adding a small dose of retro nostalgia alongside your display.

Photo gifts

From candid shots, to mundane documentation.

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Ideas and inspiration: Creating unique displays with Shacolla
Now that you’re familiar with the concept of Shacolla, let’s dive into ways you can use these adhesive photo prints to create stunning wall collages.
Storyline collage
Organise your photos chronologically, crafting a visual narrative of a special trip, event, or year.
Thematic display
Group photos based on themes – it could be nature shots, portraits, or even a colour scheme.
Random assembly
Sometimes, spontaneity creates the best designs. Stick your photo stickers in a seemingly random pattern for a casual yet captivating display.
Heart-shaped collage
Showcase your love stories or family photos in a heart-shaped pattern, creating a focal point in your room.
Vertical streak
Use a narrow wall space by arranging your Shacolla prints vertically, leading the viewer's eye upwards.
Tips for a successful Shacolla collage
While Shacolla is incredibly user-friendly, here are a few tips to ensure your wall collage looks professional and stays put:
Clean surface
Ensure the wall or surface where you're applying Shacolla is clean and dry. This enhances adhesion and longevity.
Plan ahead
Before sticking the photos, lay them out on the floor to get a sense of the final look. You can even use painter’s tape to mark positions on the wall and take a picture for reference.
Smooth application 
When applying the photo sticker, start from one end and smooth it outwards to prevent air bubbles.
Mix & match
Don’t limit yourself to photos. Intersperse with postcards, art prints, or any other pieces of flat memorabilia.
Keep it updated 
The beauty of Shacolla is its flexibility. Swap out photos, rearrange, or add new memories as you go.
Shacolla prints with MyFUJIFILM
If you’re looking to add a bit of your own character to your space with minimal fuss, bring your memories to life with Shacolla. From smaller 4”x4” prints to larger 8”x12” prints - there’s something for everyone. 

The perfect gift for students, browse our Shacolla range today.