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Elevate your photography with our 30-day November challenge


March 20, 2024



Elevate your photography with our 30-day November challenge
Are you ready to try some new photography techniques? November is just around the corner, and it's the perfect time to dive into our 30-day November Photography Challenge.

Whether you're a seasoned photographer or just starting out, this challenge is a fantastic way to spark your creativity and hone your skills. Every day, for the next thirty days, we'll offer you a new theme, technique or subject. Think outside the box — there's no right or wrong here. From rich late-autumn hues to cosy indoor vibes, let November's unique charm inspire you. 

While tripods and varied lenses are all well and good, they’re not necessary to take part in our November photo challenge — all you need is your camera or smartphone and a healthy dose of curiosity. 

You can use this photo challenge as a learning exercise but you also never know what wonderful results you might come up with. Perhaps you’ll create a winter landscape to display on a stunning canvas print. Or maybe you’ll snap a picture of your dog frolicking among the frost — the perfect image for a snug photo blanket or to jazz up your morning coffee mug.

(Missed the 1st of November? Don’t worry — you can still get involved with our photography challenge and roll into December!)
Why embark on a photography challenge?
Like any art form, photography takes practice. And by making a concerted effort to take a photo every day for a whole month, you’ll build a positive habit and get into a steady routine.

And, of course, practice makes perfect. Shooting different subjects and scenes every day sharpens your photography skills faster than you'd think. You'll be able to experiment with angles, lighting, and compositions that you might not have tried otherwise.

A photography challenge is great for beginners in this sense, but it’s also helpful if you’ve found yourself in a bit of a photo rut. A daily theme pushes you to think creatively, getting those cogs turning. The more you practice, the more you’ll start to see art in the everyday, too.

So, why not give it a go? Challenge yourself, find new inspiration, and maybe discover a new angle to your photography passion.
The MyFujifilm November Photography challenge
Our 30-day photo challenge is designed to provide you with a variety of prompts so you can explore and experiment as much as you like. But we’ve also tried to include seasonal ideas to help you make the most of November’s weather, lighting, and scenery. 

Remember, there’s no specific outcome you need to aim for each day — just see where your creativity takes you. We’ve included a range of photography techniques, from exploring exposure to putting the rule of thirds into action. Why not print your photos? Put a photography challenge photo book together to showcase your progression and see how your skills have grown over the 30 days.
Day 1: The self-portrait 
Kickstart your challenge with a self-portrait — be it a selfie or a timed portrait. Try to express your mood and personality through your photo. It's your story, your way.
Day 2: Go monochrome
Day 2 is time to strip away the colours — so shoot in black and white today. Focus on textures, contrasts, and shapes. Monochrome can transform the mood of any scene, so let's see what mood you capture.
Day 3: Apply the rule of thirds
Today, let's focus on one of photography's golden rules: the rule of thirds. Divide your viewfinder into a grid of nine equal segments. Place your main subject off-centre, along the lines or intersections. This technique creates a more balanced, natural, and interesting shot. 
Day 4: Get reflective
Reflections are everywhere — mirrors, water, passing by a shop window. They can create symmetry, depth, and a bit of mystery, making them the ideal subject for a photo challenge. Give it a go and see how reflections change or enhance your image.
Day 5: Capture sunrise 
Wrap up warm for an early start and catch the November sunrise. This month offers unique hues and a soft, diffused light as the sun peeks over the horizon. It's worth braving the crisp morning air for those stunning, serene moments.
Day 6: Showcase sunset 
Likewise, the autumn evening skies bring a palette of warm, rich colours that transform the ordinary into something extraordinary. See how the diminishing light affects your photo.
Day 7: Set up a silhouette 
Now is the perfect time to play with light and shadow to create a silhouette. This technique brings drama, mystery, and a strong contrast to your photos. Find an interesting shape — either at home or in the natural world — and backlight it to watch the magic happen.
Day 8: Embrace ice and water
November's chill brings a new character to water – be it morning frost, icy streams, or dew-speckled spider webs. Embrace these elements in your shots and see how the low, soft light of late-autumn mornings can make ice and water glisten uniquely.

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Day 9: Celebrate shadows 
Just like silhouettes, shadows can be as interesting as light — they add depth, contrast, and sometimes, a story of their own. How do shadows enhance or change your subject? You might like to see how shadows change and lengthen depending on light placement. Try lighting a subject from above or to the side; explore extended shadows across a wall; or see how the shadows of bare trees cast eerie shapes across the ground.
Day 10: Get up close with macro photography
Today, delve into the tiny wonders of the world with macro photography. Get up close to your subject. It could be a close-up of your pet, a zoomed-in image of your furniture, or a detailed shot of your hands. Discover the beauty in the details that usually go unnoticed.
Day 11: Focus in on nature's textures 
Take yesterday’s challenge one step further — focus on the textures around you in nature – the roughness of bark or the patterns on leaves, for example. Highlight these natural details and see how they bring depth to your image.
Day 12: Capture a flickering fire
Challenge your photography skills by capturing the essence of fire. Experiment with shutter speeds to freeze the lively dance of flames or to smooth them into a warm blur. Explore how the fire's glow alters the mood and texture of your surroundings. 
Day 13: Experiment with a high angle
Today's challenge is to shake up your perspective. Photography is not just about what you capture, but how you capture it. Try finding a high vantage point for a bird's-eye perspective and see how it unveils new details.
Day 14: Try a low angle
Now let’s look at low angle photography. Crouch low to the ground for an ant's-eye view and notice how the shift in viewpoint can create a sense of grandeur or, again, reveal hidden details. See how the foreground elements gain prominence and how the background interacts with them. 
Day 15: Appreciate architecture
From ancient buildings to modern skyscrapers, architecture tells a story. Explore lines, curves, details, or the prominence of your structures. By paying attention to composition, symmetry, and perspective, you can bring out the building’s character and story.
Day 16: Snap street life 
Immerse yourself in the hustle and bustle of street life. Capture candid moments, bustling markets, or quiet street corners. You might take a photo of a street performer, passers-by wrapped in coats and scarves, or crowds of commuters. 
Day 17: Look for patterns 
Patterns are everywhere — in nature, architecture, fabrics. Find and capture these repetitive forms. See how patterns can lead your eye and add intrigue to your photos.
Day 18: Record remarkable wildlife
November marks a seasonal transition, making it the perfect time to explore how different animals adapt. Hone your skills in patience and timing to photograph birds fluffing up against the chill, squirrels foraging for winter stores, or deer roaming frosty fields. 

Work on using the right shutter speed to freeze motion or create a sense of movement. It’s also important to pay attention to composition here — how does the animal interact with its environment?
Day 19: Perfect your portraiture
On Day 1, you took a self-portrait. Now, try taking a photo of a friend or family member. 

Engage with your subject to evoke natural expressions and emotions. Pay attention to the lighting and background to enhance your subject, focusing on capturing the essence and personality of the person in front of your lens. 
Day 20: Get speedy
Have you experimented with high-speed photography?  Try freezing a fast-moving subject, like a bursting balloon, a splash of water, or any other action shot. It's all about timing and using a fast shutter speed;  fast shutter photography is a great skill to develop.
Day 21: Have fun with the flash
Now that we’re into the third week of your November photography challenge, you’re hopefully getting into a rhythm with it.  The days are shorter now, so use an external flash or your camera’s flash creatively. Play with direct and bounce flash to learn how it affects your subject and background. This prompt will help you understand the play of light and shadow,  adding drama to your photos.
Day 22: Capture a panoramic scene
The expansive November skies and landscapes make for perfect panoramic shots. Stitch together multiple images to capture the breadth and beauty of late autumn's palette. Focus on maintaining consistent exposure with a steady hand or tripod. 

Once you’ve got your image, why not consider putting together a triptych, using high-quality canvas prints?
Day 23: Explore bokeh
Play with a shallow depth of field to create bokeh —those pleasing out-of-focus backgrounds with sparkling light points. This creative photography technique is great for portraits or for highlighting a single subject.
Day 24: Try a long exposure
Utilise the early nights of November to try long-exposure photography. Capture the movement of clouds, the flow of water, or starry night skies. Play with shutter speeds to blur motion, creating dreamy, ethereal images that convey time passing — long exposures can turn the mundane into the magical. 
Day 25: Go on a rural ramble
If you’re able to, head out into the countryside and photograph rural scenes — from farmhouses and fields to tractors and livestock. Look for scenes that tell a story of rural life, focusing on composition and the natural autumnal backdrop.
Day 26: Get warm and cosy
After yesterday’s excursion, it’s time to focus on indoor photography. Capture the essence of cosiness — a steaming cup of coffee, a well-read book, or a warmly lit corner of your home. Experiment with glowing, ambient lighting and composition to create inviting, warm scenes.
Day 27: Photograph food
November is a time of harvest and warm meals, so why not try your hand at food photography? Experiment with lighting and arrangement to make dishes look appetising and inviting. 

You could also try snapping seasonal produce — pumpkins, squashes, and other tasty vegetables can make lovely photos for personalised chopping boards and other pieces of kitchenware.
Day 28: Create a colour pop 
Previously, we looked at black and white photography. Now, let’s explore colour contrast in a different way — focus on a splash of colour against a muted background. Hunt for a vibrant subject in a dull setting or creatively edit a shot. It's all about making that colour 'pop'.
Day 29: Try it again
Today, choose your favourite technique from the past month and give it another go. What new elements can you uncover? You may be able to apply some other photography techniques you’ve learned, too.

Alternatively, for more of a challenge, repeat a prompt you found difficult. Have your new-found skills helped you get more from it? 
Day 30: Highlight holiday lights and decorations
By now, chances are that a few neighbours have got in the festive spirit. Perhaps your town or city has had its Christmas lights switch-on event. It’s the perfect opportunity to experiment with nighttime lighting — you could even play with bokeh (building on Day 23’s challenge) for a creative effect.
Showcase your photography skills with MyFujifilm
Congratulations on completing the MyFujifilm 30-day photography challenge this November! Hopefully, you’ve explored a range of photography skills and techniques that you can apply to your images in the future. There may have been elements you loved and techniques you weren’t so keen on — and that’s all part of developing your own unique photography style. 

If you’re looking to display your photos, consider prints, wall art, personalised gifts, and homeware. Showcase your new skills and create a beautiful exhibition of autumn and winter photographs with MyFujifilm.