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DIY recipe book – create your own recipe photo book with delicious favourites


March 20, 2024



DIY recipe book – create your own recipe photo book with delicious favourites
Is your kitchen littered with handwritten recipes passed down from your grandmother or pages torn out of magazines? Do you wish you had all your favourite recipes in one place? Family recipes can connect us to good memories. So creating your own photo cook book is a fantastic way to capture the magic of those delicious dishes. 
Why create a personalised recipe photo book?  
A personalised recipe book belongs on every keen cook’s bookshelf. Food brings us together. And a bespoke cookbook captures the sense of accomplishment of cooking the perfect meal. 
They say the family that cooks together stays together. Your own recipe photo book is a family cookbook designed to appeal across generations and create memories. Pulling together your favourite recipes and choosing the right photos is a great way to relive special family occasions. 
Here’s why your kitchen needs a photo cook book: 
Visual appeal
Imagine it. Your own cookbook with high-resolution photos and fantastic recipes. It's a perfect visual reminder of fun family dinners and unforgettable occasions with friends. 
What catches your eye when you open a cookbook for the first time? It's the mouthwatering pictures. So think of your photo cookbook as a way to showcase your best food-related photos. As well as inspiring you to cook up a storm, of course. 
All your favourites in one place 
If you're anything like most home chefs, you'll have favourite recipes all over the place. Scribbled on a scrap of paper or photocopied from a borrowed cookbook. Or perhaps you’A folder of recipes and videos online. But what if you could gather recipes for Aunty's apple pie and Dad's secret gravy together in one place?    Even if you cook a lot using recipes from websites or videos, there’s something about using a physical cookery book that has a tactile appeal. So why not scan those scraps of paper and start building your very own recipe photo book? 
No need to scroll  
So you're halfway through following a recipe on your phone. And then, you need to scroll down while your pan boils over.  
With a personalised photo cookbook there are no more kitchen accidents. The chances are you can simplify your favourite recipes to a two-page spread. And turning the page can often be quicker than scrolling in the heat of the kitchen. 
High-quality production  
Are you the kind of cook who has recipe books on their bedside table? Then why not replicate those high-quality production values in your own personalised recipe book? 
It's a fantastic project for any wanna-be chef. Get friends and family involved in gathering recipes, cooking, and clicking the results. Then upload and create your perfect cookbook printed on high-quality Fujifilm Original paper for spectacular results.  
Ideal gift for a budding chef  
There are plenty of appealing personalised kitchen gifts for budding chefs. But what could be better than starring in your first cookbook?  
Collect family favourite recipes that you know they love. Or gather recipes from their favourite cuisines. It's an excellent gift for a keen home cook or kids leaving home for the first time. And because your book is completely customisable, you can add plenty of helpful hints and tips. 
Images to include in your recipe book  
If you love to cook, chances are your camera roll is brimming with shots of your creations. Obviously, you'll want to include an image of the finished dish. But why not add candid clicks of the kids lending a hand? Or create composite shots featuring the raw ingredients. For a beginner-focused cookbook, add some step-by-step images to your recipe instructions. 
Are you a kitchen perfectionist? Organise a food styling session and shoot every dish the same. It creates a sense of narrative and replicates the high-end style of glossy cookery tomes. 
Here are a few pro-level tips to improve your food photography: 
- Always shoot from above, not at an angle. You can always crop later to make your dishes look good. 

- White cookware makes the best backdrop for your food. Then add interest with unexpected surfaces or vintage pots and crockery. 

- Plate up in odd numbers. It's an old trick, but somehow three muffins or roast potatoes always look better than two or four. 

- Keep everything backlit and avoid filters. If you want your food to have a professional sheen, brush with a bit of oil. It makes everything look rich and delicious. 

Photo gifts

From candid shots, to mundane documentation.

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Layout ideas for your photo cookbook  
Now you’re ready to cook up a recipe photo book. So it’s time to think about your layout. These are our favourite ways to organise your recipes for great results: 
Create your own A-Z of dinner by organising your favourite dishes alphabetically. You’ll find your favourites in a flash. And it’s easy to flip through all your favourite ingredients and dishes, from A for Apple to Z for Zarzuela. 
By meal type  
Are you often stuck for inspiration in the kitchen? Then organise your photo cookbook by meal type. Flipping through collections of breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes will inspire you to create something delicious. 
Full-page photos 
We eat with our eyes. So highlight your best mouthwatering shots with a full-page photo. There's a good reason why this layout is often used for high-end cookbooks. After all, nothing gets you drooling like a beautifully-styled shot of a delicious-looking dish. 
Eating seasonally is an enduring food trend. So why not organise your recipes for spring, summer, autumn and winter? A four seasons photo cookbook brings back perfect memories of fabulous beach barbecues and baking Christmas cookies.  
Or take it one step further and create a set of four seasonal books. You can gather everyone's favourite recipe for the first spring vegetables or the best winter warmers. And a complete set would make a thoughtful gift for your favourite food-loving friend. 
If you love clean lines and visual simplicity, go minimalist. Strip each recipe down to a series of simple steps. Shoot the raw ingredients and label them. Add an image of the final dish on white cookware against a plain background.  
It might sound stark, but a minimalist layout is anything but. And it’s perfect for beginners or time-poor cooks who need to get dinner on the table fast.  
Which photo book format is best for recipes? 
Any of our photo book layouts will work for your personalised recipe book. But given the choice, a premium photo book is the best format. 
First, your treasured recipes and culinary skill deserve the best. And our premium photo books don't disappoint. Images are clear and vibrant, looking good enough to eat. And lay-flat pages mean you won't lose pictures or text in the spine. So you can create impressive double-page layouts of your finest culinary delights. 
Or why not create an entire range of small-format recipe photo books? Our mini marvels pop with up to 80 fun-size pages. Perfect for filling with a collection of easy and delicious recipes. 
Create personalised recipe photo books with MyFUJIFILM  
Are you inspired to create your own personalised recipe book? It couldn't be easier at MyFUJIFILM. Just organise your recipes and photos and upload. Our helpful online templates, backgrounds, and text editor makes creating your customised recipe photo book a piece of cake.