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Welcome to the world! Creative ways to announce your baby's birth


March 20, 2024



Welcome to the world! Creative ways to announce your baby's birth
Your long-awaited baby is finally here. But how do you share your happiness with the world? By getting creative with your new baby announcement, you'll welcome your new arrival in the best way possible — by expressing your family's style, wit and personality. 
Announcing your baby’s birth: digital or print?  
There's no right or wrong way to share your happy news. Email and social media can help get the word out quickly if you have far-flung friends and family. And, of course, those in the know get an exclusive sneak peek of the new arrival. 
Although a birth announcement card can’t match the immediacy of digital, it offers a more tangible and tactile experience. There’s nothing like a card or book to capture unforgettable memories in a way you’ll treasure forever. So let your imagination run wild and create a photo birth announcement that friends and family will love. 

There’s also nothing stopping you from doing both. Why not send loved ones an email or WhatsApp and deliver a print they can display in their living room?
What to include in a birth announcement 
You might already have an image you want to use, but what about your phrasing? Really, the choice of birth announcement wording is entirely up to you. There are no hard and fast rules about how you choose to share the news. But there are some key details it’s good to include in any birth announcement: 
Your baby’s name 
Start with your baby’s full name. You’re introducing your new arrival to the world, after all, so make sure it’s the first thing everyone sees. 
Family info 
Adding the parents' names and any brothers and sisters is traditional. But let your family info include what's personal to you. So you might want to add family pets, grandparents and anyone who's part of your extended clan.
Baby’s details
Obviously, you won't want to miss out on any of Baby's details. You can include date and time of birth, weight, height, eye colour, and other proud parent details. You could also mention your midwife and doctor or add funny anecdotes about the delivery. 
Creative ways to announce your baby’s birth 
Announcing your little one’s birth offers the perfect opportunity to get creative. You can keep your announcement classic, artistic and elegant. Or, if you want something less traditional, you could showcase your family's sense of humour with props, costumes, jokes, and pets. 

Ultimately, everyone wants to coo over your gorgeous new baby — so ensure their cute face is front and centre.

Now, what about the format?
Send out birth announcement photo cards 
Personalised new baby announcement cards are a moment captured forever. And you can customise everything from the font to the layout to suit your style. 
Are you welcoming twins? Double up with some classically cute "baby in a basket" photos with your bundles of joy side by side. And remember the rest of the family. Add an image with big brothers and sisters — or fur babies — welcoming the new arrival. 
Keep it sophisticated and minimal with your baby’s name, stats and, of course, a gorgeous photo. Or add some other flourishes to make your announcement memorable. And you don’t have to keep it pastel. If zingy colours and over-the-top visuals are more your style, welcome your baby with a pop of purple or zesty lime. 

Photo gifts

From candid shots, to mundane documentation.

Find out more
Showcase the journey with mini photo books  
Best friends and close family members will love following your baby’s journey into the world. So a new baby photo book makes a memorable keepsake or a perfect present for godparents. 
There’s no better way to introduce new grandparents to their grandchild than a premium photo book. The lay-flat pages allow you to create double-page spreads — ideal for showcasing twins or just putting your little one centre-stage. With clear and vibrant images, they're the perfect way to capture a special occasion. 
Do you have lots of friends and family members to contact? We love mini photo books. These pocket-sized albums throw the spotlight on your new arrival with page after page of adorable images to ooh and aah over. They’re great for popping in the post for relatives you may not see in person.

The best part is that our platform makes creating your new baby photo book incredibly easy. Add colours, patterned backgrounds and captions to your photos to express your joy. Or keep it chic and sleek with plenty of close-up shots. Remember, this is your special moment. So express how you feel in a way that’s right for your family. 
Send a cute Shacolla print 
Of course, everyone will want a photo of your little one. But if you want to go for something a little different to standard prints, why not treat your BFFs to one of our cute Shacolla designs?
These edge-to-edge prints use a 5mm rigid yet lightweight foam backing panel for a 3D effect. And they’re coated with a repositionable adhesive on the front and back, so you can stick them anywhere without damaging the walls.  
Our Shacolla prints are an easy and affordable way to display all your favourite family memories. So why not let your new baby announcement double up as instant wall art? 
Keep it classic with a  high-quality photo print 
There's something special about gifting a high-quality framed print of your new baby. It's a beautiful showcase for a professional photo of your little one. But your own naturally lit, informal pictures of your newborn make an incredibly personal gift, too.
Sleeping baby photos are always charming. Or keep it simple with a plain outfit and background that lets you capture some adorable moments. Alternatively,  encourage big brothers and sisters to capture some candid shots. To create something unique, try a family picture with a wide-angle lens. 
Finally, polish your favourite shots with your usual photo editing software. Then we'll capture the cuteness of your newborn in an enlarged photo or retro print. 
Phrasing ideas for your birth announcement  
Your birth announcement wording is all about capturing your style. So there’s no right or wrong way to do it. But here are a few ideas for phrasing that will work in most situations. 
If you prefer to make a formal announcement, use phrasing like: 
-  "We're delighted to announce." 
- "Join us as we joyfully welcome."  
Otherwise, keep it light and playful with phrases including: 
-  "We're over the moon." 
- “Look what we made!” 
If you’re using a theme, it’s usually easy to find birth announcement wording that fits: 
- Newspaper theme: “Extra! Extra! Read all about it!”
- Amazon parcel theme: “Special Prime delivery!” 
- Christmas theme: “Our best Christmas gift came early” 
- Halloween theme: "Say hello to our latest little pumpkin." 
- Summer theme: "Welcome to our littlest ray of sunshine." 
If you’re welcoming a new baby to your existing family: 
- "And then there were two (or three etc)." 
- "Our family is growing." 
- "Meet [sibling’s name]’s new sidekick." 
Or, if you’re saying hello to twins or triplets: 
- "Say hello to double/triple trouble." 
- "The best things in life come in twos (or threes)." 
- "All for one and one for all! Meet our three little Musketeers." 
You might be announcing  the birth of your premature baby: 
- "They just couldn't wait to get here." 
- "Mum was getting fed up being pregnant." 
Or you might want to give thanks for your newborn: 
- "Welcoming our miracle child." 
- “Giving thanks for the gift of [baby’s name]” 
Welcome your bundle of joy with MyFUJIFILM  
Whichever way you choose to welcome your ray of sunshine, let MyFUJIFILM help you capture the fun. Shop new baby photo books, birth announcement cards and cute newborn prints today.