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6 Quirky photo gifts for loved ones


March 20, 2024



6 Quirky photo gifts for loved ones
Photographs provide meaningful keepsakes for any occasion. The most brilliant thing about photography is that your picture can last forever; when you create your image, you’re immortalising a special moment of time.

If you’d like to remind a friend or family member of a special memory you share together, why not create something unique by making your loved one a funny personalised photo gift? 
Personalised wrapping paper
If you already have a wonderful gift in mind, there’s no better way to customise your gift than with personalised wrapping paper — after all, it’s like two gifts in one.  Present your loved one with a gift that truly keeps on giving by wrapping it up in a unique design. You could use photos of their face, their pet, a funny picture, or a fond memory you’ve shared together. Printed on Premium Semi Gloss 100gsm paper, you can be assured that your funny photo gift will be securely wrapped. The high quality finish will only add to the excellence of your gift. If you have quite a large gift in mind, don’t worry, you’ll still be able to use our personalised wrapping paper. It’s available in 24”x16” or 36”x24” to suit a range of gift sizes.  
Personalised photo cushions
A personalised photo cushion is the perfect gift for anyone who loves to cosy down and enjoy their home’s interior. A personalised photo cushion is undoubtedly unique; you can guarantee that nobody else has a home accessory quite like it!

For more cosy personalised gifts, why not create your own personalised blanket and put together a gift set? Snug, stylish, and a little bit different, it’s sure to make an impression.

It’s a given that different homes have different aesthetics, but you won’t need to worry about that when the creative freedom is entirely in your hands. Whether you choose to personalise a cushion for yourself or as a housewarming gift, you can add colours and images that you feel compliment any space. 

Best of all, the reverse of the photo cushion is made from soft faux suede in ‘fawn’ - a balmy neutral colour to fit into any home’s interior design. The front face of the personalised photo cushion is made from heavyweight fabric for unparalleled quality and a canvas-like feel. What better material for a scenic holiday photo or a family portrait? 
Personalised towels
Want to remind a loved one that you’ll always be there for them? Whether they’re in the bathroom or packed in a swimming bag, a personalised towel should do the trick. With the front of the towel being made from 100% microfibre, your personalised towel is the perfect addition for a day at the beach, or for lounging on during a summer BBQ. 

Why not create a set of personalised towels for an upcoming holiday? Display your friends’ or family’s happy, smiling faces on the front of the towel and enjoy the moment as they parade around the pool with their funny personalised gift. 

Even better, your personalised towel is safe for machine washing and drying, so you shouldn’t have to worry about your pictured memories fading away.
Personalised notebooks
Everybody loves a notebook. From busy 9-5 office workers to children with wild imaginations, a notebook provides an outlet for lists, doodles, and countless other notable knick-knacks. A customised notebook is a great way to experience a memory every time they turn the matte front cover. 

If you have children, why not add their name and a picture of their favourite singer or TV character? Bring a smile to their face and encourage creativity with their own space to practise their drawing, writing, and doodling.

Our personalised notebooks are the perfect quirky gift for any loved one in your life - no matter their age or profession. With its compact A5 size, it’s easier than ever to take your notebook anywhere and everywhere with you. 

It’s a personal area to keep thoughts and memories, a place to write down your day-to-day to-do list, and a way to look back at your memorable moments in pen and paper. With 150 lined pages ready to be filled, the possibilities are truly endless.
What are the best photo choices for blankets and cushions?
Now this is where you might want to embrace your artistic side a little more. That’s not to say you can’t pick a funny photo for a novelty custom cushion – but if you’re expecting them to proudly display it in their home, it’s better to take their personal style into account.
Consider the décor in their sitting room or bedroom, and try to mirror that a little. Are blue and green hues their chosen colour palette? A nice landscape shot from that walk you did together could work beautifully. If they loved the streets of the town you explored on holiday, why not make it monochrome for a subtle yet striking touch? Or if they have a more eclectic style, with pops of colour everywhere – maybe that shot of you all in fancy dress isn’t such a bad idea.
Personalised chopping boards
If you have a renowned foodie in your life, a personalised chopping board is a creative, fun gift or keepsake to remind them of their tantalising hobby. 

Available in large (15”x11”) or small (11”x8”), a personalised chopping board gift could be a kitchen centrepiece or a practical tool to help them with food preparation.

Practical and eye-catching, our personalised chopping boards feature durable dye sublimation coating and four self-adhesive feet for extra stability and grip while they chop, dice, and slice away for their next tasty dish. 

Photo gifts

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How to make a funny photo gift
If the ideas above have inspired you to make a funny photo gift for someone you love, read on to find out how to create your personalised gift. It’s quick, it’s easy, and the results are completely unique. 
Step 1: Choose your personalised gift 
Our personalised gifts page has 20 products to choose from — all of which would make the perfect gift for any occasion. From personalised water bottles and magnets to placemats and personalised latte mugs, take your pick and simply click ‘Create Now’ to let the fun begin.
Step 2: Select your images
You’ll need at least one image for your fun personalised gift. If you select multiple, then you can arrange them in your desired order for a perfectly curated look.
Step 3: Edit and organise
Once you’ve selected your desired images, feel free to play around with the structure for your desired appearance. Try out different image combinations and sizes to see what works best.

If you find that an image has the wrong orientation, there’s no need to go back and edit your photo. Instead, use the crop and rotate option to adjust the image in a few clicks.

Use the sidebar to drag your photos and our pre-designed backgrounds, and layouts into the product’s design — it truly is that easy. You can even add text to your design for a heartfelt message, or add their name for a personal touch.
Step 4: Add to cart
Once you’ve created the most unique funny personalised gift, it’s time to add it to your cart. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to see a preview before you purchase to make sure that your design is everything you want it to be.
Fun personalised gifts for any occasion
Ordering a fun personalised gift is as easy as it’s ever been with MyFUJIFILM. Personalised presents are the best way to make your loved ones smile; after all, they’re special, unique, and truly one-of-a-kind. 

Bring a smile to somebody’s face and create something beautiful. Browse our range of personalised picture gifts today.