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5 Photo decor items to personalise your home


March 20, 2024



5 Photo decor items to personalise your home
It's the personal touches that make your home feel like you. Rentals can feel bland or impersonal and your new home may still reflect the previous occupants' taste. But a carefully chosen personalised photo canvas or photo blanket can instantly add warmth to your space. 

Here's how to use personalised photo wall decor and furnishings to make your house a dream home.
How photo wall art and decorations can make a house feel like a home
Everyone wants to put their stamp on a new home. And sometimes, it's the little details that make the difference. All it takes is a new front door colour, a fluffy rug to tickle your toes, or your favourite photos hanging on the wall.

Photo decoration is one of the easiest ways to make a house a home. They're an inexpensive way to personalise your space, even if you're renting. After all, nothing says "this is me" like photo wall decor that captures all life's best — and funniest — moments.
Nothing cheers up blank walls more quickly than art you love. And using photo decoration means every piece has a personal meaning. You could be curling up with your favourite cat on a photo cushion or capturing your kid's art as a personalised photo canvas. Adding a unique touch to your decor means you’ll soon feel at home.
5 Photo decorations to add that personal touch
Need some help knowing where to start? Or are you looking for some home deco inspiration? Our top five photo wall decor items will quickly transform any blank canvas into your space.
1. Appreciate a classic personalised photo canvas
A personalised photo canvas is a stylish and contemporary way to show off your memories. You can hang a single canvas or create a stunning gallery wall. Either way, you're stamping your personality on a space. And if you use reusable hanging strips, your photo wall decor can travel with you to your next home.
2. Keep cosy with a snug photo blanket
While wall decor is a lovely way to incorporate family photos into your home, it’s not the only option. Of course, a snug and versatile blanket is a beautiful addition to any home — especially for curling up under for a winter movie night. But including a holiday photo or pet snap takes it to another level. A photo blanket instantly dresses up a chair or sofa. It's the perfect personal cover-up for a chilly evening indoors or out. And it immediately turns your bed into a happy place. 
3. Get comfy with a personalised photo cushion
As we’ve seen, decorating with photos needn’t stop at your walls. A personalised photo cushion adds a homey touch to any interior. Reflect a unique memory or capture the perfect portrait and relax in style. Photo cushions are a great way to customise your home decor for an instantly cosy vibe. Why not pair it with your photo blanket for nostalgic comfort every time you snuggle up on the sofa?
4. Stay organised with a photo calendar 
When you’re new to a neighbourhood, you need to stay organised. And personalised photo calendars keep you up to speed with all your important dates. You'll always know when the bins should go out or when the new school term starts. Keep important moments close with a desk calendar. Or put a smile on everyone's face with a wall-hanging style. Every month reflects a treasured moment as you enjoy your new home.
5. Make the kitchen the heart of your home with personalised kitchenware 
It's true — the kitchen is the beating heart of any home. So make the place where you eat, socialise and play a true reflection of your personality. Personalised kitchenware brings magic to every cup of coffee or meal prep. And photo coasters and placemats make every mealtime a trip through perfect holidays and candid moments.

Photo gifts

From candid shots, to mundane documentation.

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What type of photos should you choose to display?
Most of us have substantial camera rolls on our phones, so choosing the right photos to display can seem daunting.

Why not start by creating a favourites folder where you keep your best pictures? Then organise by themes like holidays, fun stuff or portraits. These carefully curated collections are the basis for eye-catching themed displays. Now you're ready to start curating the images you want to display. 
Festive wrapping paper for your family and friends
Syncing your photos to the style of your room creates an impressive display. So if your space is bright and airy, use fresh hues and colour saturation to match. Make sure to group edit photos that will be displayed together for consistency. This is also a great way to visualise how your images will appear on your wall. Alternatively, for a fabulous vintage look, order retro prints of your favourite landscapes and holiday memories. 
Colour match with your decor
Matching the colours in your photos to your decor is an effortless way to make a design statement. Look for complimentary tones or patterns, and tweak with a photo editor.
Mix monochrome with statement frames
Black and white images look super stylish. And they unify your photo wall decor when matched with an eclectic collection of frames. Alternatively, use monochrome frames with vibrant colour prints for a similar effect. This design trick is particularly effective with posed and unposed family portraits.
Mix posed and candid shots
Formal posed images are beautiful and capture a moment. But if you’re bored with generic portraits, take a tip from Philippe Halsman’s Jump photos. Get everyone moving. Then catch your friends and family mid-jump — or splash or kick — for fun and dynamic shots that jump off the wall.
Go bold
Oversized prints, posters or a personalised photo canvas print are designed to be seen. So choose your best shots and immortalise them at scale. Keep in mind where your photo wall decor will be displayed. Then aim for balance with a classic image like a family group. Remember, canvas prints are an enduring way to preserve those memorable heirloom images.
Follow your instincts
Sometimes, the best images jump out at you. That unforgettable sunset. Cocktails on the beach. A smile or a glance that says something special. Images that speak directly to your emotions will create the connections you need for personalised photo art. 
Tips for displaying photos 
Love photo wall decor but hate making holes in your walls? The classic hack is to use picture-hanging strips. Here are several clever ways you can get creative with your displays:
- Use an easel to display stunning slim canvas prints.

- Paint your walls with magnetic paint and back your photos with magnet strips.

- Hang your images from a rope strung across your wall - use pegs or bulldog clips to hold them securely in place.

- Invest in a ladder shelf and display framed photos on every step.
Displaying photo art in a rental property can be a nightmare. But not with Shacolla prints. These innovative mini-prints transform your home in seconds. And you can re-position them time and again without having to use nails in the wall. They’re ideal for creating fabulous personalised photo wall art without causing any damage — especially if you like to regularly refresh your interior decor and move furniture around.
Personalised wall art and home decor from MyFUJIFILM 
Your camera roll says everything about who you are. So creating personalised photo wall decor is a quick and enjoyable way to make any space your own. From creative Shacolla prints to beautiful home and kitchenware, shop MyFUJIFILM and make your house your home.