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What are the best photos to print on canvas?


March 20, 2024



What are the best photos to print on canvas?
Imagine opening your front door, and instead of bare walls, you’re met with a mosaic of memories in photo form. A print photo on canvas is a unique and dynamic way to share life and instantly breathe warmth into a home. But you may have only seen canvas photos in fancy art shops or created by a high-flying photographer.

At MyFUJIFILM, we believe in making the profession accessible. So, if you’re interested in canvas images but have no idea where to start, you’ve come to the right place. This article shares our top photo canvas ideas to brighten any space and bring good times to life. We’ll also break down the best canvas size and photo resolution for a beautiful canvas print.
Photo canvas ideas: what wall art to display
Photo wall art is a unique and simple way to bring personality and dimension into your home. There are multiple types of wall art, including framed, acrylic, aluminium and premium canvas prints. Discover creative ways to display your photos, and check out a few photo canvas ideas below.
A favourite landscape or nature shot
Bring nature into your home with sweeping landscapes of rolling hills or serene autumn trees. These style images look striking on large landscape canvases. You can also opt for a medium canvas to showcase detail —for example, an action shot of a hummingbird.
Wedding photos
Weddings are special, once-in-a-lifetime events. But, the captured moments are often abandoned on a laptop, never to see the light of day. Cherish those memories by proudly displaying wedding images on our premium quality canvases. Arrange the photos to spark happiness, whether it’s a glorious sunset or intimate ceremony moments.
A loveable pet portrait
Share your love for your pets by adding heart-warming photos to your home. Cleo as a tiny kitten, your child playing with Great Dane Dave or a special snuggle with Nibbles the guinea pig. 

Choose our 8x10” or 10x8” canvas designs for a small space or display an eye-catching piece with a larger size. 
Family portraits
Do you have a camera roll full of family photos? The moment when you captured your sister falling into the sea? Your baby’s first birthday party or a family holiday in the sun? Instead of keeping them trapped on your phone or memory card, bring them to life on a canvas. You can also honour loved ones who have passed. Perhaps it’s your favourite image of you together or them pulling a cracker, wearing a paper Christmas hat. Choose photos that spark fond, happy emotions and turn your digital memories into portraits to remember good times.
Celebrate your achievements
It’s easy to become all consumed with what you’re doing right now and forget how far you’ve come. Memories of incredible moments like graduation, a milestone birthday or starting a family can quickly dwindle. You take a picture on the day, but it lies forgotten in the digital abscess. Or worse — on your 2009 Facebook account. 

A print photo on canvas can brighten your everyday life by showcasing your proudest achievements. They’re the perfect pick-me-up when you’re unmotivated and help you appreciate every accomplishment.
Abstract photography
Abstract images are often statement pieces of artwork that capture attention. Embrace their striking effect with a large, bold canvas to elevate the room. 

If you don’t have a stretch of wall to accommodate a big canvas, don’t fret. You can still make the piece eye-catching with smaller dimensions. Do this by placing it somewhere central. Then, draw out elements of the piece into your decor, such as using the same colours and shapes. You can also create a triptych (more on that below).
Go all out with a canvas triptych 
A triptych is a single photo divided across three separate canvases. The best triptychs are stand-alone images that come together to form a cohesive statement piece. Choose the same size printed canvas for a clean aesthetic. Alternatively, mix and match sizes and arrange them like puzzle pieces for an eclectic look.

Abstract pieces work well as a triptych, but you can select pictures in any art style. You may have an image of a cherry blossom tree and want to highlight its pink petals across three canvases. Or a black and white photo of you getting married in the rain. There are no limits, restrictions or rules when creating a triptych.
What’s the best size for a photo canvas?
There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ when choosing the best size canvas. Generally, it depends on how much space you have to play with and how you would like to style your image. For example, you could express your personal taste with a big and bold canvas or scale it down for an intimate and snug feel. It’s unique to everyone.

We have various Premium Canvas sizes, from small to large and dimensions that accommodate portrait, landscape or square images. Below, we’ve laid out a variety of measurements to help guide you when selecting your ideal canvas. If unsure of the dimensions, mark out the canvas size on the area using masking tape or a light pencil. 
Best size for a large space
If you have a large, bare stretch of wall to hang the canvas, opt for 16”-24” and above. This size creates an impactful centrepiece for your space. It leans towards an eye-catching, modern look - ideal if you prefer a minimalist or contemporary style. 

Keep in mind that a large canvas size can appear dominating or not suit your current decor. If this is the case, size down to create a personal touch that contributes rather than overbears the space.
Best size for a medium space
If the area doesn’t accommodate a large canvas or it’s too much for you, try scaling down. Medium-sized areas work well with 12x24” (or 24x12”) to 20x16” (or 16x20”). These dimensions are perfect for a hallway family photo collection or a kitchen that needs a hint of cosiness.
Best size for a small space
It’s frustrating when you live in a small space and want to add decor but struggle to find a canvas that fits. Perhaps you’re a student in a shoebox dorm room or working from home in a modest study. 

Wall canvas prints in sizes 8x12” to 16x12” are the solution, giving digital memories a home in limited spaces. It’s worth remembering that cramped areas easily look cluttered. So, stick with a few choice small canvases to keep your area calm and clean.

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What’s the best photo resolution for canvas wall art?
Good quality canvas prints need to have the correct resolution or pixels. The larger your canvas size, the higher resolution you’ll need. This is because when you stretch images, they become more pixelated. That means a snapshot on an iPhone could look blurry and low quality on a big canvas and better suit a smaller one. 

We advise a minimum resolution of 641 x 960 px. on a 16”x20” canvas print and below. Choose at least 1448 x 2170 px. for our maximum-size 20x30” canvas. Use anything in between for mid-sized canvases.
How to print a photo on canvas with MyFUJIFILM
You don’t need a degree in photography to create a canvas image with MyFUJIFILM. In fact, it couldn’t be more simple. Follow the steps below to create your premium canvas print. 
Step 1. Pick the size of your canvas
The first step is deciding what size canvas you would like. If unsure, scroll up and look at our section on ‘best size for a photo canvas.’  Usually, sizing depends on where you want to place the photo print and personal preference.
Step 2. Upload your unique images
Now you know what size canvas you need, it’s time to upload your photo. You can upload more than one image at a time, so don’t worry if you have multiple to choose from. Make sure they are high-quality, and double-check they are the ones you want.
Step 3. Transform your digital photo
You can leave the final step to us. We take your beautiful images and print them onto a premium canvas. We use water-based ink for a vivid, high-quality photo-to-canvas experience. Your artwork is then mounted onto a solid pine wood frame for a seamless finish.
Showcase your favourite images with photo canvas wall art from MyFUJIFILM
Wall art using a canvas print is an effortless and fun way to share your creativity. Choose your unique images and play around with different canvas sizes to showcase your memories. Don’t keep your photos in the dark. Bring them to light with MyFUJIFILM.