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9 Ways to display photos at your anniversary party


March 20, 2024



9 Ways to display photos at your anniversary party
One year, 10 years, or 50 — no matter how long you and your significant other have been together, an anniversary party is a beautiful way to celebrate your relationship. And what better way to share your love story with your nearest and dearest than through photos? Put yourselves in the spotlight and let your guests adore your memories. 

Need a little nudge to get your party decor creativity flowing? From bunting timelines to photo centrepiece displays, let our photo decoration ideas inspire you. 
Anniversary photo decoration ideas
Your first selfie together. A stunning portrait from your wedding day. That romantic holiday snap with the hairstyle you adored at the time but can’t help but laugh at now... As time has passed, you and your partner have been on a journey. Perhaps it’s been smooth or maybe there have been bumps in the road. Either way, these moments captured on film offer a glimpse into your life together. This anniversary, add a unique and personal element to your party decoration with our photography-inspired ideas.
1. A classic photo book or album
For those looking for a more subtle way to display romantic photos, why not opt for an anniversary photo book or album? Dig up favourite images from throughout the years and present them in a gorgeous book to pass around. Alternatively, you could set it up at a table, just like a wedding guest book.

Opt for a sleek digital photo book or collate an album or scrapbook with photo prints. This photo display is elegant, timeless, and sure to get a few guests blubbing!

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2. Whimsical photo bunting
Do you want to weave your favourite photos into your party decor a bit more? For a classy yet whimsical approach, consider bunting. Ideal for those who enjoy a bit of crafting, making your own bunting really adds a unique touch to any event. And when it comes to your anniversary, the more unique and personalised, the better. 

You can either go for a traditional bunting aesthetic, using paper or fabric triangles and then add some photo prints. Use mini pegs to clip photo prints in place between each flag. The beauty is that you can choose or create bunting to match the other decor aspects of your party. 

Alternatively, you could skip the flags and simply attach images to twine, string or ribbon. Or why not add a bit of twinkle by clipping your pictures to fairy lights? 

Go for a mix-and-match combination of best-loved photos — posed, candid, sophisticated, silly — or create more of an order. You could make a relationship timeline. Add in the dates of each photo for extra nostalgia. 

Any style of photo print will work. However, if you want to create a sense of uniformity, aim for photos in the same size. Our retro prints feature an elegant white border, reminiscent of old-school photos. Choose a glossy or matte finish and enjoy instant vintage charm.
3. Photo centrepieces
Will your anniversary feature a sit-down meal? Add a custom touch to your table decor with photo centrepieces. This could be as simple as a photo print displayed on a miniature easel or as elaborate as your imagination allows. Display your prints in mason jars laden with lights. Or create custom photo cards complete with a fun fact about you or your partner. 

As for the images you choose for each table, why not go for a theme? Are you keen on dressing up or Halloween? Perhaps you have a decade’s worth of photos from spooky costume parties, one for each table. Alternatively, think about major milestones. One table could include a photo from the day your spouse met your parents, while another showcases the magical day your child was born. Consider what matters most to the two of you, and use this as inspiration.
4. A photo tree
Another striking way to create a photo centrepiece is to put together a ‘tree’ of images. Find decorative trees from your local craft shop and hang framed photos from it. These can be as petite or as large as you like. 

Is your anniversary soiree taking place outside? If so, try a literal photo tree. A showstopping alternative to a classic party photo gallery, this is sure to bring a fairytale element to any event. By mixing and matching vintage photo frames, you can create a beautiful rustic display. A combination of oval, square, and rectangular frames works particularly well. 

Once you have your framed photos, simply attach them to the branches of a sturdy tree with ribbons. To add depth and interest to the display, try a different length of ribbon for each frame. 
5. On your tableware 
Photo placemats and coasters offer a fun — and practical — way to personalise your anniversary party tableware. Give your guests a chuckle with a silly selfie you and your partner took at another friend’s wedding. Or transport them to a tropical island with landscapes from your honeymoon. (Perhaps it was a soggy mini moon camping — just as special in its own right).

Not only will these photo centrepieces give an insight into your relationship journey, but they’ll also keep your tablecloths clean. Win-win. 
6. A rustic photo wall
We’ve looked at a nature-inspired alternative to a photo wall, but there’s certainly nothing wrong with a classic party photo gallery. Give it a rustic twist by displaying photos from over the years on pallets or cork boards.

After the party, you can collect your photo prints and pop them into an album. Every time you look at them, they’ll remind you both of your lifetime together and of that special celebration.
7. Shacolla wall display
If you’re going for a more contemporary party vibe, try a Shacolla photo gallery. These handy adhesive prints are fuss-free and mess-free.

Perfect for photo displays for all kinds of parties, our Shacolla prints are available in a range of sizes. They also add a 3D effect, making an eye-catching statement. What’s more, they’re reusable, meaning you can stick them to a wall and peel them off without causing any damage. 

Display your Shacolla prints in any configuration that means a lot to you and your partner. That could be your initials, the date of your wedding or first date, or a significant symbol. And, of course, you can’t go wrong with a classic love heart. We have some free, printable templates to help you get the best results from your Shacolla layout. 
8. Posters and enlargements
Maybe you have one image that really sums up your relationship. Again, this could be from your wedding day or another special occasion. Or perhaps it’s a family photo. It might be the two of you with your children or pets. And maybe it’s a selfie of you in your favourite place, be it the beach, a mountaintop or your best-loved restaurant. Either way, put it at the heart of your anniversary celebration with a poster or photo enlargement. 

If you opt for a poster, you could create a collage for a quick and easy anniversary party photo gallery you can reuse as wall decor at home.
9. Personalised party favours
Your anniversary party is about you two as a couple. But it’s also about your friends, family, and loved ones. You might want to thank them for their constant support over the course of your relationships, for the laughs you’ve shared on group outings, and the role they’ve played in your life together. 

Party favours are a great way to demonstrate your gratitude. When choosing anniversary party favours, it’s helpful to keep them small and personalised. Magnets are a fun choice, though you could always keep it simple and elegant with photo thank-you cards, too.

You could select a photo and prepare your magnets or cards ahead of the event to hand out. Alternatively, it might be nice to take a new photo at your anniversary party and keep the new memories flowing. Gather all the people who mean the most to you and take a photo. After the party, you can surprise your guests with a little keepsake in the post. 
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