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Turning one: how to photograph your baby’s first birthday


May 1, 2024



Turning one: how to photograph your baby’s first birthday
There’s nothing quite as special as your little one’s first birthday. Your baby’s first year of life includes a variety of changes and developments, so you’ll naturally want to capture everything in all its emotional glory. From their first wobbly crawl to their emerging pearly whites, photography offers a way to capture and memorialise these moments.

If your baby is turning one soon, here’s how you can photograph it and display those precious memories in photo books, wall art, and more. You’ll be able to look back on this special day for years to come.
Why is it important to photograph your growing baby?
As much as parents hate to think about it, little ones won’t stay little forever. Maybe in our hearts, but it’s integral to capture their development, especially in their first years.

At the beginning of their lives, each day brings a new change, a new milestone, and a fresh spark of personality. That's why photographing your growing baby is so crucial — so you can capture all of these wonderful moments, and watch them grow up before your eyes.
Photoshoot ideas for your baby’s first birthday
Capture the joy, and their budding personality, and memorialise the special moments of the day with these creative and fun photoshoot ideas.
1. Smash the cake
Let your little one have their cake, and eat it, too! Set up a small cake in a decorated and safe area and let your baby go wild. 

Capture their expressions as they see their cake for the first time, and watch them taste, play, and maybe even smash the cake with their wonderfully chubby fists. Don't forget to choose a colourful, easy-to-clean backdrop and a mat to catch any crumbs. 

Wouldn’t this fun picture make the perfect front cover for a first birthday photo book.
2. Balloon bonanza
Fill the room with baby-safe balloons, and capture your little ones' fascination and joy as they play among the floating balloons. The bright colours will make for vibrant photos, perfect for displaying as posters or wall art.
3. Themed dress up 
Dress your baby in a comfy costume related to a theme they love, like animals, fairies, superheroes, or their favourite kids’ TV show. Decorate the setting to match the theme for an immersive and adorable photoshoot which they’ll look back at with giggles and laughter.
4. Outdoor adventures
Take advantage of natural light and your baby’s favourite local settings — like a park or beach. Capture your baby exploring the grass, sand, or leaves, providing a beautiful, serene backdrop. This could make a wonderful canvas print to display in your baby’s nursery or bedroom.
Family portrait 
Commemorate your baby’s first year with a classic family portrait. Include parents, siblings, and even pets. It’s a beautiful way to show the love and support surrounding your baby — something they can look back on fondly as they grow older.
6. Bubble play
Bubbles are magical to little ones, and it’s always fun to watch them try and comprehend what they’re seeing. Capture your baby's amazement and playful attempts to catch or pop the bubbles. You can do this inside, but bubbles are also great to photograph in outside natural lighting.
7. Host a teddy bear picnic
Set up a picnic with your baby's favourite stuffed animal and toys. This cute setting is perfect for capturing your baby in a playful, imaginative scenario.
8. Milestone timeline
If you’re up for exercising a spot of extra creativity, create a timeline using photo posters from each month of your baby's first year. Then, take a photo of your baby with this timeline in the background, showcasing their growth over the year.
9. Quality toy time
Capture your baby playing with their favourite toy. This not only makes for a cute photo opportunity but also preserves the memory of their creative and unlimited imagination.
10. Storybook scene
Create a setting from a beloved storybook or fairy tale. Dress your baby as a character from the story, and use props and decorations to bring the scene to life. In fact, you could even create your own children’s storybook!
How to make your baby feel comfortable when photographing
Photographing a baby can be a difficult task — and on their birthday especially, you’ll want to make sure that they feel as safe and relaxed as possible. Nobody wants a screaming baby, and it’s not as simple as telling them to shush and smile for the camera.

To help your little one ease into their photoshoot, we’d always recommend that you choose a familiar location — whether this is indoors or outdoors. It’s also helpful to time your photoshoot around your baby’s routine, so you can avoid times when they’re usually a bit cranky or sleepy.

Stay calm and positive, as babies are clever creatures and tend to pick up on the emotions of those around them. This will ultimately help them feel more secure. Take regular breaks for cuddles, nappy changes and feeding, and try to be as efficient as possible when taking your photographs.

Remember that it’s okay if you feel a little stressed. There can be loads of external pressures and expectations surrounding your baby’s first birthday — but it’s important that you do what’s right for your family. Maybe invite a few other family members around for the photoshoot in case you need a little breather, and always know that you can delay the photoshoot for another time if need be.
The benefits of personalised gifts photo gifts
Personalised photo gifts for a baby's first birthday are extremely special. These gifts in particular hold sentimental value and capture the essence of this joyous milestone in their lives. As well as making delightful mementoes for your little one to look back on, photo gifts can be a great way to keep family members updated on your child’s progress as they grow up.
Memorable keepsakes
The first year of a baby’s life is full of rapid changes and milestones. Personalised photo gifts freeze these precious moments in time, creating keepsakes that can be adored for years to come. Whether it’s a framed print for their bedroom or a custom mug that lasts a lifetime, you can rest assured that the little one will grow up with the gift always being around.
Decorative and functional
Personalised photo gifts can be both beautiful and useful. Items like custom photo calendars and cushions or blankets serve a practical purpose while also adding a personal touch to your home décor. 
Story-sharing opportunities
Photo books offer amazing story-sharing opportunities. With plenty of room for a variety of pictures covering your baby’s first year, you can also add captions and text using our photo book creator to add extra context and a storyline to your images.

Picture your child in a few years, asking you to recall all of the wonderful photographs and memories you’ve captured — that’s definitely an experience to look forward to.

Photo gifts

From candid shots, to mundane documentation.

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Family bonding time
Photo gifts can also act as a bonding activity for family members. They can reminisce about the moments captured and share stories, fostering a sense of connection and belonging. 

This is especially true for gifts such as personalised photo notebooks and placemats. Whether you’re reminiscing over memories at dinner in 10 years time or jotting down funny stories and tidbits in the notebook adorned with their smiley baby face, these gifts last way beyond their time.
Celebrate your baby’s special day with MyFujifilm
Through the lens of a camera, you’ll always capture more than just images. Instead, you’ll find moments of joy and discovery. In this way, photo gifts become a bridge to the past that tells the story of your little one’s first year.

As you reflect on these captured moments, why not turn them into beautiful, personalised photo gifts? Create a birthday photo book, a custom calendar, or even a framed print to decorate your home. They’re not only beautiful keepsakes but an opportunity for timeless stories to share with your child as they grow.

Capture the magic, preserve the memories, and create personalised gifts that tell the story of an incredible first year of life with MyFujifilm.