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Top tips for creating a delightful personalised photo mug


March 20, 2024



Top tips for creating a delightful personalised photo mug
There’s nothing cosier than curling up with a mug filled with your favourite hot drink, and what’s a better gift than a Personalised Photo Mug? Not only is it versatile, but it’s also got that added personal touch that elevates the thoughtfulness of a simple gift. 

But the last thing you want is for the photos on your mug to look pixelated, or to have too much empty space. So if you’re thinking about gifting a Personalised Photo Mug made for a family member or a friend, you may be wondering how to get the most out of your creation. 
1. Photo quality
Image quality is perhaps the most important aspect of creating your Personalised Photo Mug, as it’s such a vital part of making your gift personalised. 

As a general rule, 12 megapixels guarantees a good-looking 8x10 photo print, so whilst the photos on your personalised mug are bound to be much smaller, photos of this quality are sure to produce beautiful results. For ceramic mugs, we also recommend that the minimum resolution of your photos is 1050x2400 (you can check this by looking at your image’s properties). On an Android, you can do this within the Google Photos app, and if you have an iPhone, you can do this by swiping up on an image to reveal its information. On a website you can simply right-click to ‘inspect’ the image properties, before downloading it - just make sure it’s royalty-free or you own the copyright.

Choose clear, bright photos for your Personalised Photo Mug as this will make a huge difference to the appearance of the finished result. Try to use the same (or similar) quality of photos across your photo mug to help maintain consistency. 

Here at myFUJIFILM, we can guarantee high-quality photo gifts, but we won’t make any edits to your photos. You can use our editing tool that’s available during the upload process to make sure that everything looks perfect before sending it off for creation. 
2. Positioning of your photos
The layout of your photos is key to creating a cohesive look for your personalised photo mug. It can also tell a short story or convey a theme for your special someone. 

It’s important to remember that when you’re shuffling your collage, notice which photos are on the side of your mug. For right-handed giftees, the photos they will see the most are the ones nearest the handle on the left side of the mug, and for left-handed sippers, it’s the opposite. 

You should take extra care to make these photos as thoughtful and impactful as possible, as they are the ones your giftee will likely see the most. You may even wish to include a larger photo with smaller photos around it, often called a ‘hero photo’ — the centrepiece of your photo collection. 
3. Consider the mug shape and size
Personalised mugs come in various shapes and sizes, and your photo choice should align with your ideal design concept. 
Personalised White Photo Mug
The classic Personalised White Photo Mug is a timeless choice. It typically holds around 11 ounces (325ml) of liquid and is characterised by its straight sides and C-shaped handle. Standard mugs are versatile and can display your chosen photo with clarity.
Personalised Latte Mug
Latte mugs, also known as tall mugs, have a more contemporary look. They are taller and slimmer than standard mugs, offering a larger canvas for your photo and allowing for more creative design options. Portrait photos work especially well on a Latte Mug due to their height.  
Large Personalised Photo Mug
Slightly larger than your average mug, our 15 oz Large Personalised Photo Mug is the perfect gift for the well-seasoned coffee or tea drinker. The best thing about this mug is that you can wrap an entire photo around it, without any borders, and it’s a great canvas for photo collages. 
Custom Ceramic Mug
Select from vibrant red, blue, yellow, or crisp white inner colours for these 11 oz Custom Ceramic Mugs. The coloured inner classic design offers the same space as a Personalised White Photo Mug, with an extra dash of colour, as you enjoy your morning brew or navigate a busy workday.
11 oz Magic Mug
Craft your unique 11 oz Stoneware Magic Mug as a special gift. Initially appearing as a plain black mug, the magic unfolds as your image gradually emerges from the bottom to the top, adding a fun and exciting element of personalisation. 
4. Think about the subject matter
When it comes to personalised mugs, the subject matter of your photo plays a crucial role. Consider what you or your giftee will enjoy looking at each time they indulge in a hot beverage.
A beloved pet's photo can bring joy and warmth to your giftee’s daily routine as it represents the emotional connection, comfort, and support these furry companions offer. It can also help them relive fond memories of shared moments.

Photo gifts

From candid shots, to mundane documentation.

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Pictures of breathtaking landscapes, such as serene beaches or majestic mountains, can transport your giftee to their favourite places, offering a sense of calm and nostalgia. 
Family photos
Capturing the essence of family bonds by including photos of loved ones on a personalised mug will remind your giftee of the love and connection present within their family. 
5. Background and text
By adding a background colour and dropping in some text to accompany your images, you can imbue your gift with an extra touch of thoughtfulness. You could use text for names, birthdays, notable dates, quotes, or even inside jokes on your mug for an extra dose of personalisation.

Make sure you choose a suitable background colour or pattern that complements your photo selection, and keep in mind that the background should not overpower the main image. When adding text, use readable fonts and select colours that contrast well with the background.

Our online ‘Create Now’ feature allows you to completely personalise your mug. You can select your photos, your style of mug, colour, layout, and whether you’d like to add any text before sending it off for creation. 
6. Review your mug design
Reviewing your personalised photo mug design before finalising your purchase is crucial to avoid any stress of refunds and returns. 

Since alterations are not possible once the design is sent to us, this step ensures that the mug’s design reflects your vision accurately. Taking the time to carefully assess details like photo placement, text, and background choice guarantees that the final product will align with your giftee’s preferences.
Personalised photo mugs from MyFujifilm
If you’re looking to make the perfect Personalised Photo Mug for a special someone, whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, or just because — bring your memories to life with myFUJIFILM.

With our online tool, simply select your favourite images, arrange them into your chosen layout,and voila! There you have it. A thoughtful, creative photo gift ready to be delivered straight to your giftee’s door. 

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