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Surprise the bride with a hen party memory book


March 20, 2024



Surprise the bride with a hen party memory book
Whether it’s a weekend of glamping and crafts or a night out on the town, a hen party is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. For a bride-to-be, a hen party is a chance to spend quality time with best friends. But it’s also an opportunity for the bridal party to get to know one another and create fun memories. And what better way to capture those memories than with a hen party photo album?

If you want to surprise the bride, a hen party memory book is a tangible gift to look back on for years to come. Need a bit of inspiration? Here are a few ways you can whip up a hen do scrapbook or photo book to make your bestie’s event even more special.
What is a hen party memory book?
Realistically, a hen party memory book can be whatever you make of it. You could create a traditional photo album filled with photos from the hen do. Or you could plan ahead and get all the hens to send photos of special times with the bride, and then add pictures from the event itself. 

Another option is to take lots of fun photos at the hen party and then put together a photo book to share with the bride at a later date. This could make a lovely gift for the morning of the wedding and it gives the bride a chance to relive those memories while getting ready for the big day.

However you choose to display your hen party photos, it’s a nice idea to add thoughtful messages from all the hens, too.

So, where to start? Here are a few ways you can put your hen party photo album together.
Gathering photos ahead of the event 
Taking photos at the hen party can be a great way to capture the event — but it can also be nice to add some images of shared experiences prior to the party. Perhaps you’ve known the bride since you were tiny and have some adorable photos of your friendship throughout childhood. (Of course, you have to add some embarrassing pictures from those awkward teenage years, too). 

Or maybe some hens who are newer to the friendship group but have still shared some great moments with the bride. Adding some snaps from across the years can not only add depth to your photo book or album but it can also bring context and extra smiles. 

If you choose to add some pre-hen-party photos, make sure you collate them in plenty of time. You could collect digital photos to add to a photo book or get them printed for a hen party scrapbook. Alternatively, if there are some older images already printed, you can pop them straight into an album. 

Do you have old physical photos you want to add to a digital photo book? Don’t worry, we have a whole guide on how to scan old photos to create a photo book.
Taking pictures at the hen party
Photography is the perfect way to immortalise the hen party itself. From getting all dressed up and toasting to the bride to dancing the night away, take photos throughout the event. You may wish to appoint a dedicated photographer or simply encourage all the hens to snap as they go.  If you’re planning a hen party scrapbook, using an instant camera like one of our Instax models is a handy idea. Perfect for catching spontaneous moments, these instant prints add a tactile element to your memory book. They also bring a sense of unparalleled nostalgia to the whole event. 
Putting a hen party photo challenge together
If you’re looking for a bit more structure for your photo-taking, why not put a photo challenge together? It can make a fun activity that’s perfect for filling in time between meals, workshops or other timed events. 
Set up a photo scavenger hunt
Ahead of time, plan some photo goals. This could be spotting certain landmarks, taking a photo of a groom lookalike or taking pictures of the bride’s favourite cafes and restaurants. The best photo scavenger hunts are tailored to the bride, so think about her interests when planning the hen do trail. 

On the day, split the hens into teams and see who comes up with the best snaps. Another option is to set a timer and see which team ticks off all the photos in the list in the fastest time. 

If you’re going for digital photos to print later, it can be helpful to set up a message thread to share the files. Alternatively, if you’re using instant cameras, provide each team with a folder to keep the pictures safe. That way, you can add them to your hen party photo album without any smudges or creases.
Take a trip down memory lane
This is a fun photo challenge that can tie in the nostalgia of old photographs. Split your hens into teams again, and provide them with an old photo. The aim is to recreate the photo as accurately or as amusingly as possible. The bride can decide who wins. 
Incorporate hen party photo props
What’s a hen party without photo props? Whether you opt for veils and sashes, silly hats, or cut-out frames, incorporating props can be a great way to bring a touch of fun to your hen party images. 

You could set up a dedicated photo booth — ideal if you’re holding the event in a single location — or take your props out and about with you. Strike a pose and see which photos are the funniest.

Photo gifts

From candid shots, to mundane documentation.

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Picture the fiance’s stag or hen do
Similar to a scavenger hunt, this photo challenge encourages the hens to explore and get creative.

- Split the hens into teams and provide each team with a miniature version of the bride’s partner. Poseable artist mannequins work well but you could also choose a small teddy or doll!

- Add a photo of the fiance’s face (and some accessories for extra flair). 

- The aim of the game is for each team to decide what they think the groom or fiance might be up to on their own stag or hen do and take photos of the posed partner doll to create a sequence of events — will they be having a pint in their favourite pub? Maybe they’re off skiing in the Alps or surfing in Cornwall. 

- You might want to give the teams a time limit or ask them to take a set amount of photos. Either way, it’s then up to the bride to decide which team is likely to be most accurate — or which sequence of photos is the most entertaining.
Adding personalised messages
However you decide to incorporate your photos, adding personalised messages adds a heartfelt element to any hen party memory book. 

If you’re going for a scrapbook or traditional photo album, encourage each hen party member to create a handwritten message.

For printed photo books, each hen can text or email their message. You can then add the text to your photo book with our easy-to-use software. For more details on putting your photo book together, take a look at Harriet Langsbury’s step-by-step guide.
How to arrange your hen party photos
Once you have all your photos and messages, it’s time to put your hen party memory book together. Whether you go for a traditional album or scrapbook, or a printed photo book, you can have fun with your layout and design. 
For a nice straightforward layout, you might want to place your photos chronologically. This can include older photos as well as those from the hen party itself. Of course, within this, you still have creative license over your page designs, colour schemes, and how many photos you add to each page. 

A chronological photo book is a lovely way to showcase the journey of the hen party.
An eclectic mix
Alternatively, there’s nothing stopping you from adding your photos in a more eclectic way. See which images fit on the page and add an element of artistic irregularity to the mix. It can make for a fun look back!
By person
Another layout idea is to give each hen their own dedicated page. Here, you can add a photo of them and the bride, along with their message and perhaps a few nostalgic images, too. 

If you choose this type of layout, it can be nice to get a group photo for the front cover. 
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