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Showcase your heritage with a family history photo book


March 20, 2024



Showcase your heritage with a family history photo book
Your family history tells a unique story. Memories and images weave together into a rich heritage you’ll want to capture for future generations. So why not turn those old family photos into a family history photo book?  
Delving back into your past is a fantastic way to discover who you are. Who knows what secrets and surprises are waiting to be found in your family tree? And creating a family history book is a beautiful way to honour your heritage. It’s a wonderful gift for a special birthday or anniversary. Or to mark a cross-generation family reunion. 
An exceptional photo book requires meticulous planning. Are you lucky enough to have a stash of Victorian family photos? Or is your treasure trove of family pictures gathering dust? A stunning genealogy or memory book is a fabulous way to catalogue and preserve them.  
We know researching, organising, and scanning can feel daunting. That’s why we’re here to give you a helping hand with this exciting and impactful project. So keep reading for inspiration to create your family history photo book. 
What is the best format for a family history photo book? 
Before settling on a format, consider the quantity of photos and information you want to include. Are you creating a single unique book for a special occasion? Or several books to commemorate a family gathering?  
We recommend you keep the design simple so your family pictures have a chance to shine. A square format is a good choice when you want to highlight individual photos on each page. Opt for lay-flat pages for seamless images if you’re featuring hero images like large family groups.  
Fortunately, our layout software makes it straightforward to create stunning pages. So why not let your family history sing with a photo memory book?
The best photo book sizes and formats to showcase family history 
Generally, the correct book size depends on the amount of information you decide to include. For example, an instant book contains 20 pages, while our premium formats run to 72 pages. Being organised and having a clear idea of the finished result will help you choose the best size and layout to do your old family photos justice. 
Our premium photo books are available in sizes up to 39x29cm with up to 72 lay-flat pages, with a choice of gloss or lustre FUJIFILM Original Paper. Your old family photos are sure to be displayed to their best advantage. And the hardback binding will create an instant keepsake. 
Small square books make great mementoes for a family occasion — you could even create a library of different memory books for family members. Looking for a quick present for a casual family gathering? You can receive your instant photo book in as little as two days. Alternatively, why not choose a large format family history photo book for a special presentation? 
What kind of traditional photo album works best for a family memory book? 
A family history photo book is a modern and dynamic way of showcasing your family pictures. Unlike a traditional photo album, your photos are captured on high-quality photo paper for incredible results. You can add quotes and stories to create a complete family history. And if you have rare or damaged Victorian family photos, you can scan them before conserving the originals. 
However, if you’d prefer a traditional-style album, it’s a nice idea to choose a design with old-fashioned charm. It's probably wise to steer clear of paperback covers that may not stand the test of time. Hardcover albums with lay-flat pages are a fantastic choice to showcase your family history.  
If you love the look and feel of album prints, try our retro photo prints. They’ll capture your images for eternity with a fabulous vintage look. 
How do I organise and scan old family photos? 
Before you start your project, organisation is key. First, it’s time to revisit old memories. We all have boxes of dusty old photos that need some TLC. And the easiest way to show old family photos some love is to digitise them.  
You could jump in and start scanning. But organising your images into themes makes you less likely to end up with a digital mess.  
- Group your images by people or theme: Group photos by family relationships or events like weddings and birthdays. Next, organise each pile in date order (this may need some guesswork!). Then, when you scan, it’s easy to save files by dates, occasions or family relationships. 

- Remove duplicates: Separate out identical photos so you don't end up with copies. If you have two similar images, pick the sharpest, clearest one. 

- Be selective: It’s tempting to digitise everything and select later. But it can be tough to weed out what you want from thousands of files. Instead, look for candid shots that capture life’s memorable moments and tell your family history. 
When it comes to scanning, you can do it yourself or pay for your snaps to be digitised professionally. The latter is a good choice if you have fragile Victorian family photos that require special handling.     If you want to handle the job yourself, you’ll need a flatbed scanner or your phone or tablet. Flatbed scanners are a good choice if you have larger photos to digitise. You can generally scan with one touch before using imaging software to clean or colourise your family photos.     Can’t remove a photo from a frame without damaging it? A phone or tablet makes short work of capturing your snaps in situ. Want to add exciting context to your family history book?  A mobile scanner is also helpful for snapping handwritten letters or newspaper cuttings. 
How to create your family history photo book 
Once you've organised your family photos and text, it’s time to start creating your photo book. The first step is uploading. So click the Create Now button and add the images you want to use.  

Want to take the guesswork out of your design? Choose a layout which can be auto-filled from your photo album. It’s easy to personalise each page by tweaking the layout or adding text. Always proofread to avoid any embarrassing mistakes or misspellings. 
Are you looking for more control over your photo memory book project? Then, choose a blank canvas for total customisation. It’s still a breeze to drag and drop different elements into your design. 

Once you’ve uploaded your old family photos and chosen your layout, it’s time to get creative: 
- Layout: For multiple photo layouts, stick to a maximum of 3-4 images per page. Or focus on one candid or beautiful shot, adding an anecdote or the name and date. Use our predefined layouts or create your own to get your desired look. 
- Let your hero shots shine: The beauty of lay-flat layouts is that you can let one amazing image shine. Pick your hero shots with care. Then, use consistent margins and white space for a professional finish. 

- Chronology: Organising your photos chronologically is the easiest way to tell your family history. And if that gets too complex, create a book for each family line. 
- Create a visual mix: Fabulous visuals take your family photo book to the next level. Add newspapers, letters, programmes, tickets and diaries to make history come to life. Creating visual interest adds priceless context to your images. 
- Add stories, jokes and recipes: Catchphrases, funny stories and favourite family recipes. Go beyond old family photos to tell the real story of the people you love. Want to showcase what’s unique about your family? Highlight their quirks, hobbies and sense of humour. 
- Beautiful backgrounds: Some family photos speak for themselves. But it’s simple to add a background image that makes your images pop off the page. Borders and other embellishments can all help to set the tone. Try matching your graphics to the age of the photos to create a neat visual design history. 

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Layout and design ideas
 By now, you should have plenty of ideas for creating your family history photo book. Choosing a compelling theme can help you focus those ideas into a fantastic end product. These are our favourite ways to organise a photo memory book for the ages: 
Family tree
It's an obvious way to organise your family history. Yet, creating a family tree is still a fabulous way to structure your book. First, sequence your images chronologically. Then, add dates, names and family relationships to tell the story of your family heritage.  
Your timeline
Are you looking for a fantastic gift for a significant anniversary or birthday? Throw the spotlight on a loved one's history from birth to the present day. It's a meaningful way to tell their story in a way they'll treasure.   
Feature story 
Did a relative keep a fascinating diary? Did your ancestors find their name in the papers? Then, take their story as the starting point for your exploration of family history. Your photo book can help capture a significant moment for the ages. So connect their past to your family’s present with compelling text and images. 
Display your family history with a photo book from MyFUJIFILM 
A family history photo book is a gift for the ages. It’s sure to be appreciated by every member of your family. And with a premium photo book from MyFUJIFILM, it’s sure to be cherished for generations to come.