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Pocket-sized photo gifts that are perfect for Christmas stockings


March 20, 2024



Pocket-sized photo gifts that are perfect for Christmas stockings
Christmas is rapidly approaching (yes, again). Where did the year go? Probably into school runs, meeting deadlines and endless cups of coffee. And now it’s time to think about the year's biggest celebration. But there’s one problem. Those stocking fillers are tripping you up again. 

You don’t want to give plastic bits of junk for Christmas stocking gifts. Or the predictable satsuma and walnuts. You need Christmas stocking gifts that are personal, creative and light up your loved one's eyes. 

So, if you’re stuck on Christmas personalised gifts, stick around — we’ve got some iconic Christmas photo gift ideas to celebrate the season. 
Why photo gifts make perfect Christmas stocking fillers
Small Christmas gifts, like photos, make ideal Christmas stocking fillers for a number of reasons. They are:

- Sustainable - No tiny taster lip balms or plastic toys that break after two seconds. Instead, Christmas photo gifts are reusable and long-lasting.

- Memorable - Name one stocking filler you got last Christmas that wasn’t chocolate coins. It’s hard, isn’t it? Small photo gifts are treasures that your loved ones will remember (or even use) for years to come.

- Personal - The best Christmas presents are individual and unique. The person has nothing else like it, and it speaks to them - perhaps igniting a memory and showing that you genuinely care.

- Creative - Scrolling the internet for Christmas presents can get boring, and there’s zero creativity involved. Use your imagination and enjoy your time selecting images for Christmas photo gifts. You might as well make an evening of it and grab a glass of Mulled wine.

- Unique - Stand out from the crowd of supermarket red wine and chocolate with Christmas photo gifts. It’s an opportunity to bring something high-quality and different to the season.
How to make Christmas stockings memorable with personalised gifts
Not every stocking has to be stuffed with chocolate and sweets (although they’re always welcome). Instead, curate a treasure trove of memories with these Christmas personalised gifts.
Warm up winter days with a personalised mug
Everyone has their favourite mug. One that they reach for in the cupboard time and time again.  And they’re often personal, aesthetically pleasing and nostalgic. Give a loved one all of those things in one with a MyFujifilm photo mug.  Choose from our range below:
Personalised White Photo Mug
Become the designer and select a photo stoneware mug for coffee fanatics or tea enthusiasts. Choose your favourite photo, and we’ll heat transfer the image from top to bottom - no grainy pixels in sight. You can also pick the Large Personalised Photo Mug for people who need a constant hot drink supply.
Custom Ceramic Mug Printing
Upgrade your personalised stoneware mug by choosing a red, blue, yellow or white inner colour. It’s an excellent way to give your Christmas gift a unique and thoughtful touch.
Magic Mug
Surprise your loved one with an unusual Magic Mug. The mug in classic black looks simple and understated. That is, until you pour in hot water. Watch the black melt away to reveal a favourite memory in photo form.
Personalised Latte Mug
When it comes to coffee lovers, our Personalised Latte Mug is a winner. Its large size is ideal when your family or friend needs a pick-me-up in the morning or during an afternoon slump.
How to take captivating wildlife photos in winter
Do you enjoy getting out and about for winter walks? With fewer leaves on the trees, it can be a great opportunity to spot birds and other wildlife you might not see at other times of the year — and these can make fantastic photos. Alternatively, what could be more heartwarming than seeing your dog frolic in the snow or your cat snuggled up near the fireplace?

How can you get the most out of your winter animal photos? If you’re searching for wildlife, it can be helpful to take your camera out in the snow — that way you can spot footprints and tracks.
Stainless Steel Water Bottle
If you have someone who prefers the outdoors, select a vibrant photo for a Stainless Steel Water Bottle. The 500ml bottle has a white background to make your feature image stand out. But it doesn’t just look good. It has a smooth rim and a double wall design — ideal for insulating hot and cold drinks. 
Give the gift of fewer water stains with a photo coaster
The white rings of doom — every proud furniture owner’s nightmare. What if you could be the solution to their problem?

Bring a digital memory to life with our Personalised Photo Coasters. Scan children’s artwork, create a handwritten message or pick out your favourite image. The photo coaster’s high gloss finish, cork underside, and sleek, black edging is a stylish stocking filler that’s both practical and personal.
Brighten up a fridge with photo magnets
Transform your loved ones' fridge into a photo gallery with our premium-quality photo magnets. Upload a snapshot of their beloved pet, a family holiday, the grandchildren or a special occasion. Then, leave it to us. 

We transfer your prints onto 4”x 4” frames to decorate magnetic surfaces. Every time your family or friend reaches for the milk, they’ll experience a collection of happy memories.
Create a cascade of memories with mini photo books
Visualise a loved one's face as they open their stocking. Instead of pulling out a set of inspirational quotes (again), they are overjoyed with a Mini Photo Book. It’s the perfect unexpected and personalised Christmas gift.

Fill the pocket-friendly present with 80 pages of dynamic snapshots. These creative books feature a wrap-around image on the cover with a title of your choice. Here are a few photo book ideas:
You & me
Gather your favourite images of you and the person you’re gifting the mini book. Upload the photos and receive a professional book so they can flick through memories of you together.
Even though the day is special, wedding photos often stay in garages or attics. So, curate a booklet of the event for your loved one to reminisce.
A year summary 
The hum-drum of life can make the year feel like one long and unbroken timeline. But amongst that blur are spontaneous nights out, a family trip, birthdays and visiting friends. Pinpoint these moments to remind someone what an eventful year it’s been.
If someone has recently had a big birthday, give them a memento to remember it. Include images of them blowing out candles, hugging friends and opening presents.

Photo gifts

From candid shots, to mundane documentation.

Find out more
Travel and holidays
It doesn’t matter if you travelled the world or stayed in a countryside house in Cornwall — every memory matters. Transport your loved one back to mountain hikes, botanical gardens or rainy beach visits in one book.
Dedicate a book to the family, showing outings and photos from when you were children to fully-fledged adults. It’s such a thoughtful gift that you might be lucky and spark a tear or two.
Make a personalised notebook for journal lovers
There is nothing better than the slight creak of a hardcover and the comforting paper smell of a new journal. Treat a loved one to a hard-backed A5 Personalised Photo Notebook with a matte finish. 

Simply choose a cover image, whether that’s nature, a special occasion, holidays or a fond memory. You can also edit the notebook's title. Here are a few suggestions:

- Gratitude journal: Writing moments of gratitude lights up the pleasure part of the brain, instantly boosting a person’s mood. So, give friends and family a space to capture moments of joy.

- Diary: Gift a loved one with a journal for the upcoming year. They can write about their thoughts, feelings and unforgettable moments. 

- My Goals: Some people love a place to record their daily, weekly, monthly or yearly goals. This type of journal suits anyone ambitious or wanting to improve their life.

- Anxiety journal: Journalling is relaxing for the mind and helps reduce anxiety. It’s a place to dump niggling thoughts and worries and write about feelings in a safe space. You can also use it to problem-solve situations and make healthier life choices.

- Self-care journal: All too often, life rushes by, and you never get a chance to slow down. A self-care notebook allows someone to reflect on how they’re doing and what they need to look after themselves.

- Brain dump: Some people desire a place to write freely without any restrictions. That includes worries, appointments, thoughts, feelings and goals. So, give them a notebook to jot down whatever comes to mind.
Capture special moments with framed prints
The classic instant camera no longer resides in every household. Instead, memories stay locked on the computer. Every now and then, you come across a photo and think, ‘I must print that.’ But you never do. And your family and friends are the same. So, do it for them and frame good times.

MyFujifilm has an array of white, black and oak photo frames with different dimensions in portrait and landscape. All you need to do is choose the image, upload it, and select the frame. We’ll do the rest for you so you can gift something memorable this Christmas.
Add an extra layer of personalisation with photo wrapping paper
Go the extra mile and wrap your Christmas stocking gifts in memorable moments with Customised Photo Wrapping Paper.

Create a collage, select your favourite print or choose a photo of your face (now, who wouldn’t want that?). Our premium quality paper showcases digital images with vibrant colours to make your presents pop. 
It’s the small things that matter — make Christmas special with petite photo gifts from MyFujifilm
Ditch the dull Christmas stocking fillers and find something unique. Choose from our high-quality range of photo mugs, coasters, mini books, fridge magnets and journals. And add more than a satsuma this Christmas with MyFujifilm.