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Picture this! Our top recommendations for personalised gifts


March 20, 2024



Picture this! Our top recommendations for personalised gifts
With an endless array of personalised gifts available online, deciding which ones to choose for your friends and family is more of a challenge than you might’ve anticipated. 

Here’s a little inspiration to get you started. 
Why personalised photo gifts are perfect for all occasions
As you brainstorm ideas on what to get your nearest and dearest, it helps to stop and think about what actually makes a good gift. Something sentimental? Something they’ll actually use - be it for practical or decorative purposes? Or something you’ve clearly put a lot of thought into?

Personalised photo gifts tick all of these boxes, so it’s no wonder they prove so popular for birthdays, Christmases and other occasions all through the year. 

They go down just as well with partners as they do parents, not to mention friends and colleagues. And there’s so many ways you can make these gifts completely one of a kind - a feature that always scores highly.
Choosing the ideal photos for your personalised gifts
The first step to creating your personalised photo gift is compiling an assortment of photos to potentially use. It’s an enjoyable process as you get to reminisce on all the memories yourself, but you might need a hand whittling down the shortlist. 

By considering your preferred products alongside your favourite photos, it should be easier to find a winning combination. These are the best kinds of images to use for our best selling items.
The best images for a photo mug
Buying them a novelty mug, you have an opportunity to get them smiling whenever they go to make themselves a drink. A personalised mug has the power to become a conversational starter in office coffee breaks, or a story they can share with guests. The most treasured ones will make them laugh.

Choose a photo that ties into an inside joke, or that was taken on a particularly funny day. The good times will be cemented even further into the history books as the mug becomes the crowning jewel in their cupboards.
Alternatively, cute photos of pets or the kids of the family are another great choice. With more chances to show these pictures off to those around them, they’ll be bursting with pride, and get to enjoy these photos more often themselves.
Photos to add to a custom calendar
Making your own calendar, you don’t have to be quite as selective. At a minimum, you’ll need to pick out 12 photos – and there’s always the chance to add more images for each month, so you can fit loads of your favourite shots into your creation. If you’re spoilt for choice, a personalised calendar could be the answer. 
Our recommendation for calendar photos is basing them on seasonality, so the recipient gets to look back on what they were doing in years gone by. It doesn’t have to be exact to the month — just roughly. Think poolside snaps throughout summer, back to school shots in September, and Christmas Day photos in December. As you browse through your archives, more ideas are bound to jump out at you.

Photo gifts

From candid shots, to mundane documentation.

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What are the best photo choices for blankets and cushions?
Now this is where you might want to embrace your artistic side a little more. That’s not to say you can’t pick a funny photo for a novelty custom cushion – but if you’re expecting them to proudly display it in their home, it’s better to take their personal style into account.
Consider the décor in their sitting room or bedroom, and try to mirror that a little. Are blue and green hues their chosen colour palette? A nice landscape shot from that walk you did together could work beautifully. If they loved the streets of the town you explored on holiday, why not make it monochrome for a subtle yet striking touch? Or if they have a more eclectic style, with pops of colour everywhere – maybe that shot of you all in fancy dress isn’t such a bad idea.
 Top tips for selecting personalised gift photos
You’ve got the personalisation covered - now there’s just a couple of more technical factors to consider. This will ensure the finished product is of the highest quality.
Portrait or landscape?
This will depend on the dimensions of your product of choice. With a mug, for example, a landscape photo will produce a more wrapped effect without cropping the image too much. 

Of course, cropping is always an option, so don’t feel too limited to one or the other - although it’s worth considering as you upload.
Get the right file type
JPEG images are the most universally compatible across different devices, sites and software, and chances are your file will be in this format already. It’s recommended you check this in case, and convert the image if not.
Think about photo resolution
A photo that looks great on your screen won’t necessarily print in the same quality - but an easy adjustment will do the trick.

For this, you’ll want to look at the DPI (or dots per inch) value. The number should be around 300. Any lower, and your image may come out blurry. You might want to go higher to be on the safe side, but 300 should suffice.
Surprise a loved one with a personalised photo gift from MyFUJIFILM
We’ve only scratched the surface of the many wonderful things you can do with personalised photo gifts. Here at MyFUJIFILM, we can also transfer your photos onto place mats, water bottles, wall art and so much more. 

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