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Merry, bright and personalised: Spread festive joy with personalised Christmas gifts


March 20, 2024



Merry, bright and personalised: Spread festive joy with personalised Christmas gifts
There’s nothing quite like opening up a gift and finding something that was made with you in mind. Even better, you could be the one on the gifting end — and what’s more suited to the occasion than a specially selected personalised Christmas gift? In fact, one in four would rather receive something small but heartfelt than something expensive.

At MyFujifilm, we’re lucky to offer our customers a range of customisable photo gifts, so you can share a smile with the whole family this Christmas. From cosy blankets to snuggle into after a scrummy Christmas pud to heartfelt notebooks for the bookworm in your life, you’ll find something for everyone in this list of Christmas photo gift ideas.
What makes a personalised Christmas gift so special?
Personalised Christmas gifts, especially those containing family photos and memories, have an incredibly unique charm. They take on an extra layer of significance; they’re not just presents, but one-of-a-kind stories told through the photographs of your loved ones.

By choosing a personalised gift at Christmas, you’re showing that you’ve put time and effort into making something truly special for the recipient. After all, they offer a personal touch that off-the-shelf items simply can’t match.

With this thoughtful element in mind, it’s natural that a customised photo gift can evoke strong emotions. Whether it’s to commemorate a loved one who cannot be present or to celebrate a new addition to the family, personalised gifts have the power to evoke fond memories and emotions. Ultimately, this makes them much more valuable than any other physical item.
What are the benefits of giving personalised photo gifts?
As well as offering a heartfelt alternative to traditional Christmas presents, personalised photo gifts have another huge advantage — and that is their versatility. With the wide range of personalised photo gifts available at MyFujifilm, you can create something special for anyone you know. 

With classy photo books and vintage photo prints to personalised chopping boards and latte mugs, you can gift something that you know the recipient will love.
Christmas photo gifts from MyFujifilm
Christmas is a time for giving, so make sure you give something meaningful this festive season. These unique presents, infused with personal memories and moments, are a way for you to spread festive cheer and strengthen your connections with loved ones.  Let’s take a look at our range of personalised photo gifts to make your festive season truly memorable.
1. Personalised photo blanket
Why not elevate your gift-giving skills this Christmas with our Personalised Photo Blanket? A heart and feet-warming addition to our range of Christmas personalised gifts. Imagine the delight of your loved ones as they unwrap a super soft blanket adorned with one of their favourite photos, transforming a cosy essential into a memorable keepsake. The perfect gift to open on a chilly Christmas morning as the family gathers around.

With a full-printed front, you can showcase your chosen image in stunning detail, while the plain white reverse seamlessly blends with any home décor and colour scheme. It truly stands out among our Christmas photo gifts as a beautiful and practical choice, perfect for those seeking gift ideas that combine comfort with personal touch.
2. Magic photo mug
Let’s make one thing clear from the get-go — this isn’t just any mug. Instead, awaken curiosity and wonder, bringing a touch of enchantment to your loved one’s festive hot beverage. This magic mug appears to be a simple, solid black mug at first. But, as you pour in a hot drink, a magical transformation occurs: your chosen image will begin to reveal itself, creating a unique and smile-inducing surprise for everyone in the room. What’s more, this dynamic change unfolds from the bottom of the mug to the top, amplifying the joy of the reveal. 

With its innovative design, this mug ensures the chosen image wraps around until it ends approximately 21mm from the sides of the handle. Not only is this magic mug perfect for gifting, but it also makes for a memorable personal keepsake, offering a creative and interactive way to cherish special moments. 
3. Personalised photo book
Since their creation, photo books have stood out as the ideal choice for personalised gifts, offering a unique and heartfelt way to preserve and share memories. At MyFujifilm, our photo books are more than just standard Christmas photo gifts; they are a tangible way to connect you and your loved ones to your most cherished memories. Whether it's reliving the joy of an iconic wedding day, celebrating the highs and lows of new parenthood, or revisiting a once-in-a-lifetime holiday, a personalised photo book turns these memories into a beautiful, enduring keepsake.

With our photo book printing service, you'll find a variety of options to suit every personality. From the quaint charm of our Mini Photo Books, perfect for a bookshelf display, to the elegance of Premium Photo Books making the ideal coffee table photo book, there’s truly something for everyone. Our range extends to Instant Photo Books, too, with 20 pages to fill with your cherished memories, available in an array of mellow pastel colours like Beige, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Yellow, Quartz, and Pearl. Why not pick your loved one’s favourite colour for an extra personalised touch?

The quality of our photo book printing ensures that every memory is showcased in the best light, with options ranging from glossy finishes and smooth lustre to soft covers and durable hardbacks. Creating photo books couldn’t be easier. Simply select from our range, upload your photos, and embark on an easy journey to creating a personalised, real-life gallery of memories. You can also use our photo book maker to select fonts and write unique captions and quotes — the creative options are endless.
4.Photo notebook
Introducing the Personalised Photo Notebook — a versatile and thoughtful choice of Christmas personalised gift that can cater to the needs of the whole family.

For children brimming with curiosity, these notebooks can become enchanting storybooks and sketch pads, adorned with their favourite characters or family photos. Students, seeking both motivation and organisation, will find these notebooks ideal for setting goals, jotting down homework, or keeping lecture notes — especially when personalised with inspirational quotes or images that reflect their academic journey.

For loved ones who are embarking on (or are in the middle of) creative projects, these notebooks serve as an invaluable companion, perfect for tracking progress, jotting down ideas, or sketching designs. This personalised notebook also has a hard cover with a matt laminated finish, ensuring durability and providing a premium feel. What’s more, the 150 lined pages of 80gsm paper inside offer ample space for writing, planning, and brainstorming so the recipient can let their imagination run wild across the pages.

For children, the notebook could feature images from a memorable family holiday or their favourite animals. For students, a motivational collage of their goals or photos from a significant academic achievement, such as a graduation or an awards ceremony. And for creative minds, the cover could showcase their own artwork or photos of their inspirations. It’s easier than ever to add your images with the customisation tool.

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5. Personalised photo placemats
If you’re looking to add a unique and personal touch to your Christmas dinner, look no further than these joyous photo placemats. Serving as excellent conversation starters, each photo placemat has the ability to share an iconic moment or memory of every family member present around the dinner table.

Imagine the joy and laughter at Christmas dinner as each guest discovers a placemat featuring a funny or memorable photo of themselves or a shared family moment. These could range from candid holiday snaps to delightful group photos from previous Christmas celebrations. The idea of using a funny photo of everyone present at the dinner setting not only personalises the experience but also adds an element of fun and surprise, enhancing the festive spirit. A beautiful reminder of the moments that matter most.

Each placemat, with a high gloss finish and sleek black edge, looks stylish and sophisticated, ensuring that your table setting is as impressive as it is personal. The cork backing is a practical addition, protecting your precious tabletop surfaces while showcasing your favourite photo memories. 

Available in sets of one or four, they make a versatile Christmas photo gift idea, ideal for families looking to capture and share their stories in a unique and engaging way.
Capture your memories with MyFujifilm this Christmas
With the upcoming festive period now at the forefront of our minds, it’s important to remember that Christmas is not just about the gifts we give, but the memories we share with our loved ones. 

From cosy photo blankets and magical mugs to heartwarming photo books and charming placemats, there’s something special for everyone in your life. These personalised photo gifts are more than novelty items. They're personal stories, laughs, and moments frozen in time. And we all know that there will be plenty more of those to come!

Make Christmas personal this year and create a photo gift today.