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New Year’s Eve photoshoot ideas to welcome 2024


May 1, 2024



New Year’s Eve photoshoot ideas to welcome 2024
And once again it’s time to say goodbye to one year and hello to the next. With each New Year comes new opportunities, new goals, and new sources of inspiration for all of your creative needs. So, to close the year off right, our team at MyFujifilm have put together a few of our favourite New Year’s Eve photoshoot ideas — so you can end the year with a celebratory flash.
Why is New Year’s Eve the best time to take photographs?
While we’re strong believers that every opportunity is a good photo opportunity, there’s something undeniably spectacular about New Year’s Eve. Between the distant sparkles and the excited buzz of sightseers, it’s truly a wonderful moment to capture. But why do we believe it’s so special?
Capture once-in-a-lifetime moments
New Year’s Eve is always filled with a range of emotions. After all, it’s a very liminal moment in time, and it signifies a moment of transition. The transition from one year to the next raises a lot of thoughts, emotions, and uncertainty. You’ll only get to experience the year once in your lifetime, so it’s not surprising that many want to capture their end-of-year moments as they transition into the next one — full of possibilities and opportunities.
Test out your photography in new lighting conditions
New Year’s Eve is synonymous with flashing fireworks, low-light conditions, and a whole host of illuminations. Whether you’re a professional photographer or you just enjoy taking the occasional fancy snap, the New Year allows you to experiment with new settings and techniques. You could even try your hand at long-exposure photography. Who knows what you could capture?
Live in the moment with your loved ones
It’s very common to celebrate New Year’s Eve with those closest to you — whether it be a significant other, your family, a group of friends, or your four-legged companion. When you take photographs on New Year’s Eve, it’s an excellent opportunity to capture your most important relationships and moments, so you can remember them for years to come.
New Year’s Eve photography ideas
Grab your camera, don yourself with accessories, set up your tripod, and get ready for some of our favourite New Year photoshoot ideas — it’s time to make your New Year celebrations the best yet.
1. Reflective resolutions
Make your New Year’s resolutions the star of the show with this artsy photoshoot idea. Firstly, choose a well-lit environment and acquire a large mirror. Write down your New Year’s resolutions in non-permanent marker onto the face of your mirror — you can choose which colour!

Next, position your mirror to avoid any unwanted reflections, and try and maximise the available light you have. Whether you’re taking the photograph of someone else or you’re using your own phone to capture yourself, encourage the subject to interact with their resolutions so you can capture a moment of introspection and hope for the year ahead. 

This should create a personal story of the subject’s hopes and goals for the New Year, resulting in a powerful and meaningful piece of portrait photography.
2. Firework frenzy
Grab yourself a good camera that allows you to adjust settings manually. If you have a tripod — even better! We recommend using a tripod for a shot like this as it can keep your camera steady, which is essential for capturing fireworks in all their sparkly glory. Try and use a wide-angle lens if possible, as this will allow you to capture more of the sky and your surroundings. Set your camera to a low ISO to avoid grainy photos, and play around with your shutter speed to capture the light trail of the fireworks.  Decide whether you want other people in your photo, facing you, posing, or glancing upwards at the fireworks. Then, try to time your shots with the burst of the fireworks for the best effect.
3. Bokeh champagne toast
If you enjoy a glass of fizz or orange juice when toasting in the New Year, this photoshoot idea will capture the cosy ambience like no other. Gather your nearest and dearest with a beverage of their choice, and position yourselves in front of a backdrop of string lights. 

With your glasses in the foreground of the shot, use the gentle glow of the string lights to create a beautiful bokeh shot. To do this, set your camera to a wide aperture (the lowest f-number you can) to create a shallow depth of field. Ensure that your glasses are focused in the shot, making them a crisp subject of the photo.

Try experimenting with different angles and heights for variation, and if you’re in for a challenge, why not try to capture the moment when the glasses clink together? When post-processing, you can also adjust the brightness, contrast, and maybe add some extra warmth for a more festive, cosy feel.
4. Party prop bonanza
Everyone loves a photo booth — so why not create your own? Collect and gather a few props such as glasses, hats, signs and inflatables. The more variety the better! Next, designate a corner of your space to create a photo corner and set up a simple backdrop. This could be a wall, a curtain, or a few sparkly streamers and banners.

Once you’ve perfected your space, set up your camera on a tripod or position your smartphone or camera with an auto-timer. All that’s left for you to do is put up a sign so your guests know that they can pose the night away — a hassle-free way to capture hilarious moments of your nearest and dearest. 

When the New Year has come to a close, why not collate your shots into photo books or photo gifts? This way, you can send them out to your loved ones as a wonderful way to reminisce over the antics of the night. 
5. New Year’s sunrise
If you find yourself waking up early (or going to sleep a little too late) on New Year’s Day, this is a wonderful time for you to capture the first sunrise of the year.

No matter where you find yourself in the early hours of New Year’s Day, snap a photo of the sunrise to symbolise new beginnings and hope for the year ahead. A true contrast to the previous night’s festivities!

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Make your New Year memorable with MyFujifilm
As we bid farewell to the old and usher in the new, New Year's Eve presents an unparalleled canvas for photographers of all levels. From the deeply personal and introspective shots of reflective resolutions to the dynamic captures of firework frenzies, it’s up to you to capture this special occasion in whichever way you wish.

When the New Year commences, why not make something more out of your New Year’s Eve shots? From personalised blankets and notebooks to wall art and posters, you can extend your celebrations with every glance of your new photo gifts. 

Here’s to a wonderful New Year — we can’t wait to see what you capture!