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Turn memories into art with MyFUJIFILM's aluminium, acrylic, and canvas photo prints


March 20, 2024



Turn memories into art with MyFUJIFILM's aluminium, acrylic, and canvas photo prints
Turning memories into art is a priceless way to capture a moment — from portraits of your family growing up to snaps from your wedding day or an image of a favourite holiday destination.  As well as helping you reminisce over favourite memories, custom wall art offers an easy way to elevate your decor. And with canvas, acrylic, and aluminium photo prints you can create a sophisticated and professional display with a truly personal touch.

So don’t let your photos languish on your phone or hard drive. Turn them into tangible and beautiful works of art instead. Read on for our tips on transforming your memories into wall art. We’ll compare the different materials and the types of images that suit them best. 
Making art: Why you should consider aluminium, acrylic, and canvas photo prints
Photo wall art includes any large format image on aluminium, canvas or acrylic. It's a unique way to elevate your snaps from the everyday to the extraordinary. Anyone can put a photo in a frame. But photo art takes your images and captures those fantastic moments in a way that adds drama to any room.

Best of all, you can choose a print to suit your style. Canvas wall art is an elegant way to capture those moments of happiness and passion. Acrylic adds a touch of luxury to that perfect portrait. And sleek aluminium prints are effortlessly modern. And did we mention that wall art makes a fantastic gift?

Any high-resolution photo can be turned into wall art. But ditch the studio-posed portraits and select those candid, informal moments for maximum impact. A relaxed snap with a best friend or your cutest cat photo will work well. And unless you're looking for a certain mood, ensure your images are well-lit. 

For the best results, follow your instincts. Choose images you love and that create an emotional connection. Generally, acrylic photo prints work well with colourful, high-contrast images. The print process creates a vibrancy and polish that really pops. Meanwhile, aluminium photo prints have a metallic finish with faithful colour reproduction. We promise you'll love the finish of these effortlessly modern prints. For classic sophistication, however, the subtle finish of canvas is hard to beat.
Ready-to-hang aluminium prints
Our ready-to-hang aluminium photo prints have a built-in metal subframe, making home or office decor a breeze. But there are so many other great reasons to choose an aluminium substrate for your favourite photos. 

The printing process for an aluminium print creates a highly stable image, ideal for large-scale wall art. We think these prints are perfect for use in light-filled spaces, where indirect sunlight enhances the subtle finish.

Your image will be printed on high-quality Fujifilm Original Photo paper. The matte surface and exceptional colour gamut ensure your photos have a highly professional, painterly quality. So your colour or black-and-white images look sharp and vibrant wherever they're displayed. 

For aluminium panel prints, the bolder the image, the better. High-contrast photos, including bold landscapes, wildlife shots and striking portraits, look amazing when printed on metal. 
Additionally, our aluminium panel prints are deceptively lightweight. As a result, they're effortless to hang anywhere with the kit supplied.
How long do aluminium prints last?
We use Silver Halide (C-type) photo paper for our aluminium photo prints. With some exposure to direct sunlight, these prints can last for a minimum of 75 years. Our prints are also laminated, helping protect your images from moisture and scratches as well as those pesky UV rays.
What are acrylic photo prints?
Acrylic photo prints are a beautiful and durable choice. Using premium Fujifilm paper, they have a unique, almost three-dimensional quality. So if you have professional quality images you want to turn into wall art, acrylic is a fabulous choice. 

High-contrast acrylic prints are an ideal choice for your vibrant colour images. But don’t discount using your favourite black-and-white shots with this substrate. Images with plenty of negative space and high contrast really pop when printed on acrylic. We also recommend acrylic for highly detailed images. The smooth finish lets every texture speak for itself. 

Our sleek acrylic photo prints work particularly well in contemporary homes. The finish is ideal for a statement piece in a light-flooded space. And acrylic is a premium choice for professional portraits, adding a tough protective layer.  

Each acrylic photo print is supplied with a metal subframe and wall fixings, so your print is ready to hang. From a single eye-catching statement print to a breathtaking gallery wall, acrylic prints are a dazzling choice.

Photo gifts

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Explore our canvas prints 
Canvas photo prints are a classic choice. And they're incredibly popular for a good reason. Any photo gains an extra appeal when printed on canvas. 

First and foremost, the textured finish gives your photos an elegant and intimate appeal. The image is printed on canvas using water-based inks and then stretched around a frame. The result is sophisticated wall art that suits every style of decor.

Canvas prints work exceptionally well with high-resolution images, including intimate portraits and detail shots. Here's a quick tip to ensure your photos won't look washed out when printed. Take the canvas size — for example, 20" x 24" — then add two zeros to find the appropriate image resolution. In this case, an image of 2000px x 2400px would work well. 
Classic canvas
Any subject looks gorgeous printed on classic premium canvas. The material conveys an artistic quality that gives the image character and depth. Informal portraits, close-up shots and candid images all benefit from the soft and subtle look of canvas. Imagine immortalising an up-close picture of your bridesmaid bouquet or baby's hand in yours.

Canvas is also an excellent fit for business. Canvas prints are cost-effective and high-quality. Start with canvas prints of your logo in your office or business space. It's an affordable shortcut to raising brand awareness.
Display your favourite photos with wall art from MyFUJIFILM
There's something special about turning your digital images into tangible works of art. About immortalising memories and bringing your travels home with you. Those are powerful reasons to turn those smartphone and camera photos into desirable photo prints. So get inspired with our collection of canvas, acrylic and aluminium photo prints and shop at MyFUJIFILM today.