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How to add flair to every event with a photo display board


March 20, 2024



How to add flair to every event with a photo display board
Many of us are so used to taking snaps on our smartphones at events, but why not make beloved photo prints the main centrepiece? Enter the photo display board, offering an evocative and creative solution. 

These photo boards transcend the ordinary photo-viewing experience, transforming digital pixels into tangible tales. With a photo display board, your memories aren’t confined by the barriers of frames. Instead, they tell stories, transporting us back to moments frozen in time. By using these photo displays at all manner of events, you’re sharing way more than images with your attendees. It’s a chance to share a story, creating a narrative with your images.
Why are photo display boards a great option for events?
It’s hard to dismiss a photo display board when you come across one at an event. After all, they’re beautiful, and they evoke curiosity. Think back to the feeling of leafing through old photo albums, the joy of reliving moments captured in glossy or lustre finishes, the unique stories behind each snapshot. 

Now, imagine that tactile and emotional experience amplified, shared with an audience, whether it be friends, family, or colleagues. It creates an atmosphere that's both personal and collective. It's about experiencing the memories, just as much as witnessing them.
Craft your event to perfection with photo board ideas
The sheer versatility of a photo display board makes it a great fit for nearly any event, amplifying its mood and resonance. One of the most appealing things about a photo board is its ability to adapt to the environment. No matter the event at hand, you can almost guarantee that you’ll be able to create a photo display, perfectly suited to purpose.
Wedding photo boards are a great way to fill up space at your venue, while creating a symbolic centrepiece for your guests to adorn upon throughout the day. 
Labels and captions
Add labels or hand-written captions beneath, or next to, your photos. Give your attendees some extra context to your heartfelt images so they can share in your love story, whether this be dates, locations, or quotes.
Interactive elements
Make your wedding photo display board three-dimensional by incorporating envelopes and pockets with additional photos, love letters, or mementoes that you have shared as a happy couple.
Birthdays aren’t just about the presents — it’s about celebrating someone’s life journey. Capture the innocence of childhood, all the way to the wisdom of older age with a photo board.
Chronological displays
Begin with baby photos and move through the years, finishing with recent snapshots of your loved one. This is a wonderful way to visualise how someone has changed over the years, evoking nostalgia and happy memories for all.
Candid vs. posed
Include both spontaneous shots and formal pictures to capture different milestones in a person’s life. For instance, scatter a few vintage photo prints with a formal work photo to really paint a picture of their entire life.
In moments of farewell, a photo memory board offers solace to attendees. By compiling moments, from evocative black-and-white portraits to cherished group images, you can celebrate and honour your loved one’s life in all its facets.
Personal touches
To make your funeral photo board more personal for attendees, you can offer slips of paper for people to write their feelings and thoughts onto and pin to the photo board. After all, photographs bring out our deepest emotions, especially when someone we love has passed.
Unified colour palette
Opt for muted and monochromatic shots, or a singular colour scheme to give the board a non-distracting, cohesive look for the funeral or memorial.
Graduations are a culmination of years of effort. A photo display board is the perfect way to highlight academic achievements, friendships formed, and transformative experiences in a visual way for all to celebrate.
Academic timeline
Organise photos chronologically, starting with the early school days, progressing through the years to a final graduation shot. If your loved one was involved in extracurricular activities, you can also showcase these, too.
Graduation-themed embellishments
Add mini tassels, caps, and decorative diplomas to thematically match your graduation photo board to the event. You can also use the school, college or university’s colours as a theme for the board’s colour palette.
Corporate events
Corporate events don’t just have to be about business. Instead, why not revisit team milestones? From successful projects to team outings, showcase your work family in the way they deserve to be.
Achievement highlights
Dedicate sections of your photo board to major milestones, such as company anniversaries, award ceremonies, and successful projects. Utilise infographics and captions to provide context for others at the event.
Achievement highlights
Include your brand’s colours, logos, and typography to make your photo display board unique to your company, and for it to stand out prominently at the event.
School reunions
Time travel back to your school days with the help of a photo board — it’s sure to be a hit with all attendees, curious to see which vintage shots have made it onto the board. From the iconic school trip to mistake-riddled drama performances, evoke nostalgia with the right selection of photos.
Then and now
For a bit of fun, you can add a side-by-side then and now image of attendees. Or, why not make it a game of ‘Guess Who?’ and include baby pictures for people to guess throughout the event?
Interactive memories
Add pockets and envelopes to your photo display board including letters, concert tickets, badges or patches. This also allows space for attendees to add their own mementoes, creating an evolving school reunion photo board.

Photo gifts

From candid shots, to mundane documentation.

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How to present your photo board at an event
The mode of presentation can dramatically influence the perception and impact of your photo board for an event space. For instance, a decorative easel provides a dignified touch, allowing attendees to view photos without obstruction. 

You can also make your photo display board a prop or backdrop in your event. Just hang your photo board up, and people can pose in front of it, making wonderful snapshots all night long.

Alternatively, you can utilise the creative use of pins and strings to visually depict relationships, histories, or even timelines. This approach isn't just party decor but a narrative tool which adds an extra spark to your photo display board.

If you fancy making your photo board a collective effort, why not enrich your board by inviting attendees to bring their own photos and embellishments? It's collaborative, personal, and ensures that every voice or memory has its place at your event.
What type of photos should you use for your photo board?
A photo’s charm is partly its content and partly its presentation. As you can imagine, photo printing plays a pivotal role in how your photo board is perceived by guests.
Lustre photo prints
Recognised for their fine grain and stellar colour saturation, lustre photo prints can lend an exquisite, professional touch to your board. Perfect for professional events like funerals, weddings, or corporate events.
Glossy photo prints
Their inherent shine and vividness breathe life into colours, making every snapshot pop. Glossy photo prints would be perfect for a birthday party or school reunion event.
Photo posters 
Some memories deserve a grand stage. These are perfect for those larger-than-life moments that demand attention. Use photo posters to make a statement of a loved one’s life at a funeral, or a memorial.
Photo collage
Ideal for encapsulating diverse moments of a singular event, these are visual tales of their own, a mosaic of memories. Photo collage prints encapsulate the mix-match of memories and fun of university life, so why not put one together for your reunion event, or for a party with your old school friends?
Layout ideas for photo display boards
The layout of your photo memory board can significantly enhance its storytelling aspect. Here’s how to make your photo board much more than just a visual.
Integrate photos with quotes or song lyrics
Words add depth and context, and can resonate with the emotions of the captured moment.
Theme-based categorisation
Like holidays or achievements, lends visual coherence, making it easier for viewers to navigate the narrative.
Grouping photos by colour
Can be not just visually pleasing but emotionally evocative, depending on the hues chosen.
The past and present juxtaposition
This a powerful tool, allowing viewers to see growth, transformation, and progression at a single glance.
How to use your photo display board after an event
Once the event concludes, your photo board remains a treasure trove of memories. Remember — just because the event is over, this doesn’t mean you can’t find a use for your photo board! Consider it as part of your home décor, a daily reminder of your experiences and the joy of shared moments at your event.

In this way, your photo board can transcend its initial purpose as event decoration and instead become a chronicle of memories, accessible and ready to transport you back in time whenever you glance upon it.
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