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Photo albums: Have they gone out of fashion?


March 20, 2024



Photo albums: Have they gone out of fashion?
Flicking through photo albums is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. Whether you’re looking back at childhood pictures or reminiscing over your wedding day, there’s something special about immortalising your happiest memories. However, smartphones and social media mean that we now keep and view many photos through a screen.
Is printing photos still worth it? Does anyone use photo albums any more? Have photo albums gone out of fashion? Yes, yes and absolutely not! 
From tradition to tech: The evolution of photo albums 
People have always found ways to capture memories and tell stories, long before photographs even existed. You only need to think back to early cave drawings or painted portraits to know that taking snapshots of life has always been popular.
When cameras became widely accessible, taking and printing photos became a brilliant way to preserve important moments. Do you remember flicking through family photo albums as a child? How about presenting your best friends with a handmade memory photo book? For many of us, looking at photographs has been a tradition since we were young.  
Now, digital albums have gained popularity. Technology has changed how we view pictures, from storing them on a computer to creating collages on social media. It’s never been easier to snap, edit and upload a photo for your friends and family to look at. 
That’s not to say that physical photo albums have gone out of fashion. In fact, technology has even helped this tradition along. Today, you can turn digital albums into glossy, personalised photo books with just a few clicks.  
Digital vs. physical photo prints: the great debate
It’s no exaggeration to say that you can use tech to do just about anything. This includes snapping photos whenever you spot something you’d like to remember. 
It’s quick and simple to create albums on your phone or computer, but should you view them on a screen or opt for physical photo prints? Is there anything better than holding your fondest memories in your hands?
In the great debate of digital vs. physical photo prints, here’s where we stand.

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The benefits of digital photo albums
With technology playing such a huge role in many of our lives, it’s no surprise that lots of people enjoy making digital photo albums. Here are some of their key benefits.  
Creating them is simple
You can create digital albums easily with a smartphone or camera. Whether you’re uploading a selfie to social media or adding photos to an online folder, it only takes a few moments to post your favourite snaps. 
You can share them easily
There’s nothing like thumbing through your family photo albums with your loved ones and a cup of tea, but what if they don’t live locally? With digital albums, you can share updates with friends and family across the world – whether it’s a photo of a new arrival or pictures from a party they couldn’t attend. 
Space isn't an issue
Are you running out of storage at home? Digital albums are a space-saving alternative, allowing you to store thousands of photos online. 
The benefits of photo albums and photo books 
Holding a collection of photos in your hands is extra special, from handmade scrapbooks to professionally printed albums. What is it that makes them such a must-have?
They’re more timeless than technology 
You can’t always rely on technology, but you can always pull your photo albums off the shelf to flick through and appreciate. If you lose your phone, break your camera or get locked out of your social media accounts, traditional albums have you covered.  
What’s more, photo albums are timeless. Technology will inevitably move on and digital photo sharing as we know it might become outdated — but your albums will always have a place.
You can create more memories 
Flicking through a memory photo book is much more interactive than looking at a screen. As such, viewing pictures of your happy memories can be an experience of its own.
Why not reminisce over your first few dates during an anniversary meal or give the kids a chance to turn each page of your family photo albums. Photographs feel even more meaningful when you can appreciate them together. 
They're the perfect gift
Nothing says “I love you” like curating a picture album. Viewing your photos on a screen doesn’t always have the same impact, whereas a physical book can capture the experience more closely. 

What’s more, not everyone uses smartphones, cameras or computers. If you’d like to create a gift for someone who hasn’t gone digital, then a book of photo prints is a thoughtful choice. 
Is there room for both? 
Can digital and physical photo albums work side by side? Of course! Life is bursting with experiences, so there’s no limit to the photos you can take and the albums you can create. 
Combining tradition and technology can also be practical. Why not store your photos digitally until you decide which you’d like to turn into a memory photo book? How about gifting a printed album to a newly married couple and sharing a digital version with their guests? The options are endless.

Remember that you can turn your digital prints into all sorts of unique photo gifts, alongside books and albums. From mugs to beach towels, you can personalise a range of wonderful keepsakes.
Find the perfect albums for your prints
With so many options, you’re bound to find a great photo album to showcase your prints. Nevertheless, there are some considerations to make before you choose one. 
Handmade vs. professionally printed
If you want to get stuck in, you could print your photos and make a handmade scrapbook. Alternatively, you could upload your photos to MyFUJIFILM and print an album professionally. Our online service allows you to customise your page layouts and add captions, so you can make sure your book is just as personalised as a handcrafted option. 
Mini vs. regular sized
Would you like a mini book with a curated selection of photos, perfectly sized to sit on your coffee table? Or do you have a larger book in mind to display a wider range of images? If you’d like to add captions and other decorative elements, remember that these might take up more space on the page. With myFUJIFILM, you can order our premium photo books in a range of sizes, including a rather generous A3 format.
One photo per page vs. a collage 
Another design factor to consider is how many photos you’d like to display per page. Some of our styles allow you to create collages, so you can tell a story with a range of pictures. Depending on your preferences, you can typically also choose between landscape and portrait options and glossy and matt paper. 
Create your own memory photo book 
Creating a memory photo book can be a fun and meaningful process, whether you get creative with scrapbooking or you choose to print your keepsake. Either way, you’ll spend time browsing all your best-loved photos and choosing the ones that make you smile the most. 
Alongside a range of high-quality photo books for you to personalise, we also have a selection of guides for creating an album you’ll cherish for years to come. For instance, if you’d like to make a wedding album or baby photo book, check out our blog for some expert tips.  
Memory photo books and albums with MyFUJIFILM
Turn your happiest memories into a photo book you can hold, give to your loved ones or look at whenever you want with MyFUJIFILM. With a wide range of styles to choose from, we’ve got everything you need to create and customise a stunning memory photo book. Ready to get started? Curate a one-of-a-kind photo book today.