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Get ready for winter with cosy personalised homeware


March 20, 2024



Get ready for winter with cosy personalised homeware
It's the season to stay indoors and get comfy. What could be nicer after a long autumn hike than snuggling up with a pumpkin spice latte? Or redecorating for winter with fabulous wall art?  
A photo mug or personalised blanket is a great gift as the weather turns colder. Why not create a warm and cosy retreat with personalised homeware for a simple home upgrade? Or prepare for frosty mornings and chilly evenings with a custom photo blanket.  
Winter is the time to load up on coy personalised homeware. So here’s how to layer up and feel snug this season. 
Why add a personal touch to your homeware?  
Over the winter, we spend more time at home than ever. So, adding a personal touch to your decor makes your home feel comfortable and welcoming. 
Our memories are precious. And we use photos to capture the times when we feel happiest and most alive. Those moments might be fleeting, but you can capture that positivity in a photo wall. You'll make your space truly meaningful when you add a personalised touch to your decor. 
Home is where the heart is — but it's even cosier when you personalise the space. Adding photos helps to make stronger memories and connections. And creating those feelings of well-being can help us cope when times get tough. Seeing images of friends, family, and pets can boost our mood — even on the most miserable winter day. 
Layer up with a custom photo blanket 
When it’s cold outside, everybody needs a cosy blanket. And what better way to snuggle up on a winter’s day than a supersoft Photo Blanket? 
A personalised blanket is a beautiful heirloom and a unique way to showcase your favourite memories — it also makes a thoughtful gift. Warm and comforting, it's the most tangible way to share a special moment with someone you love. Plus, it's versatile enough to live on your bed or drape across a favourite chair or sofa.  
Best of all, you don't have to choose just one image. The size of a photo blanket makes it the ideal canvas for one unique shot or a collage of unforgettable moments. You'll love your photo blanket because it's a memory you can touch. 
What’s the best material for a photo blanket? 
Our personalised photo blankets are made from polar fleece. So, each one is indulgently soft and cosy, with a supersoft downy backing. Perfect for cuddling under on those long winter nights. 
Your photo is printed on one side and backed with plain white fleece. As a result, this versatile blanket will fit in with any decor. 
What picture resolution do you need for a photo blanket?
The larger the blanket, the greater the picture resolution you’ll need. Otherwise, the reduced photo quality could produce an undesirable result. 
Aim for an image with a minimum of 2000 x 1600 pixels. The best way to find out whether your picture is the correct resolution is to upload it to your project. If the quality is poor, we’ll display a low-resolution warning, and you can resize or select another photo. 
For the best results, use sharp, high-quality images. Ensure your photos are well-lit, and adjust the resolution to at least 3 megapixels.
Get comfy with personalised cushions
What could be more welcoming than diving onto a sofa full of luxury cushions? There’s nothing quite like this accessory to add colour, pattern and texture to your interiors. We love the way cushions elevate any room. So why not personalise them with stunning personal images?    Our custom Photo Cushions create an instant focal point. So, if your landlord won't let you change the walls, change your soft furnishings instead. Or lounge surrounded by once-in-a-lifetime memories. There's no better way to capture a special moment. 
It couldn't be easier to create your personalised cushion. Just upload your chosen photos, and enjoy the finished result on a beautiful textured canvas. Our photo cushions are backed with a neutral faux suede for added luxury. The result is a unique gift that shows your love and gratitude. 
No matter if you want to brighten up your place or capture a thoughtful image forever. A custom photo cushion is the perfect way to bring warmth to your home this winter. So start digging through your summer holiday camera roll for the ideal way to add some sunshine.
Can you wash photo cushions? 
Your photo cushions require minimal care to keep them looking their best. We recommend hand washing and line drying to keep the colours sharp. 
Enjoy a warm drink from a photo mug 
A photo mug is the MVP of personalised homewares—a perfect gift for birthdays, Secret Santas or any occasion. There's no event that isn't better with a personalised mug.  
But your mug really comes into its own in Pumpkin Spice Latte season. Maybe you love to make your own or you prefer to whip up a hot chocolate with lashings of whipped cream. Imagine wrapping your hands around an outsize mug of sugar, spice, and everything nice. It's a great way to get through the winter and a fun way to think ahead to the sunnier times to come. Whatever your winter warmer, you'll want to drink it from your very own photo mug.   
Our 17oz Latte Mug is the hero if you crave a PSL this winter. Prefer a proper mug of tea? Our Large 15oz Mug is perfect for warming your hands on a cold day in the garden. Looking for a fabulous stocking filler? Our Magic Mug changes before your eyes so you can surprise someone with memories of last summer's holiday or that day trip to the beach. Or disguise a cheeky photo and watch their face as the plain black mug reveals its secret. 
You can customise your mug with a single photo or a montage. Our project-building software makes deciding on a design a breeze. Make your photo mug part of your winter survival kit. Add your favourite chocolates and a photo blanket, and hunker down. Because when it’s cold outside, nothing’s better than sipping your favourite beverage. And with a fabulous photo, those sweet and funny memories will come flooding back. 

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What’s the best size for a photo mug 
All our mugs feature a top-to-bottom image. So you'll have the maximum area for showing off a single image. If you're creating a photo montage, why not try our large personalised mugs? There's plenty of space to capture those candid moments and plenty of memories. 
Dream of warmer climes with beautiful artwork 
Wall art creates a beautiful focal art in any room. And if you can’t get away to sunnier climes this winter, why not bring them into your home? Personalised photo wall art adds light and colour to any room. And you’ll have the constant memory of those endless summer days to enjoy. 
From childhood memories of building sandcastles to a sophisticated Caribbean break. We all have potent memories of the beach and it has a special place in our hearts through the long, dark winter. Those uplifting vistas; the unforgettable beach-side memories; the vitamin D hit of sunshine — these all combine to create wall art to cherish.  
Summer photos invoke positive moods. In turn, they promote well-being. Decorating our homes with our favourite summer scenes is a natural mood enhancer. Sunlight and colour create an innate sense of uplift that instantly makes us happier. 
Create a photo wall with gorgeous Framed Prints. Or highlight one outstanding image with a Premium Canvas Print. For a fabulous hit of happy memories, try vivid Shacolla Prints. These individual photos won't damage your walls. And they're a fun way to show off your holiday snaps until next year.   
Sun-kissed white sands and tranquil turquoise waters capture our dreams of warmer climes. It's those memories that really brighten our day. So why not check through your camera roll for an image that creates the perfect summer visual for your home? 
Cook up a warming feast with personalised kitchenware 
Your kitchen is the heart of the home and the perfect place to hang out in winter. Suffused with delicious smells, you’ll want to cook up a warming feast or two — make it all the more special with personalised kitchenware.  
Add cooking creativity with a custom Chopping Board or remember that hilarious family holiday with a set of Photo Coasters. Personalised kitchenware will make you smile whenever you chop, prep and serve. 
Get cosy this winter with MyFUJIFILM 
Snug blankets, comfy cushions and indulgent hot drinks. If you’re looking to get cosy this winter, shop MyFUJIFILM. Spoil your loved ones with the perfect cold-weather gift or treat yourself with a personalised blanket and oversized photo mug. Just add a picture of sunnier climes, and you’re all set to weather the worst until spring rolls around.