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Get creative with origami photo books


March 20, 2024



Get creative with origami photo books
We love classic photo books and albums. They offer a beautiful way to record special memories, preserving them for years to come. But sometimes, it’s nice to present your favourite images in a slightly different way — especially if you’re looking for a gift for a loved one. 

If you have a passion for paper crafts, an origami photo book could be the ideal presentation format for you. These photo books are petite, cute, and completely personalised. Whether you’re creating a photo gift for a friend or looking for a creative way to keep the kids occupied on a rainy afternoon, origami photo albums make a fun project. 

Whilst they look impressive, they’re deceptively simple to put together, too. Read on for your ultimate guide to creating an origami photo album.
What is an origami photo book?
An origami photo book fuses artistry with your favourite memories. It's all about the mesmerising art of folding paper (origami) blended with your most treasured photos. The result? A unique keepsake where your pictures are nestled within the intricate folds of origami designs — no glue, tape, or staples required. A great alternative to a scrapbook or traditional photo frame, these pocket-sized pages are not only fun to make but also offer a more unusual, creative way to present images.

If you haven’t tried origami before, it can be tricky to picture what a photo book will look like. We’ve put a handy video together to help you envision the end result. The video also gives you the step-by-step method. Scroll down to watch the tutorial or read on for a little more background on this fun craft.
Why create an origami photo album
Origami is a wonderful craft. Originating in Japan, the paper-folding art takes humble squares of paper and transforms them into 3D shapes — from the classic swan to sweet love hearts and quirky dinosaurs. You can also harness the art to make paper creations that have the surprising strength to hold photos. 

The process of origami itself is incredibly calming and mindful. It offers a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life and encourages you to be in the present. The rhythmic folding of paper and careful arrangement of cherished photographs provide a soothing creative outlet, promoting relaxation and mental clarity. But that’s not the only reason we think you should get involved with making origami photo books! 

Here are a couple of other origami-making benefits that we’re rather fond of:
Origami is truly personalised
What better way to show you care than by gifting a handmade origami photo book? Whether it's for a birthday, anniversary, or just as a heartfelt gesture, these unique creations add a personal touch that traditional gifts cannot match. 

Crafted with love, each fold and photograph tells a story, making your gift truly one-of-a-kind. The recipient will undoubtedly appreciate the effort and thoughtfulness put into creating a personalised treasure.

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Origami offers an affordable way to spark joy
Origami photo books aren't just about sentimentality – they're also light on the wallet! You don’t need many materials to create an origami photo book — just squares of paper and your chosen photo prints. 

We’re focusing on creating a mini photo book but once you have the origami technique, you can use larger pieces of paper and adapt your project to suit any size image. If you do go for our petite version, it can make a wonderful Christmas stocking filler — cheap to make, yet thoughtful and impressive. An origami photo album also makes a lovely anniversary gift, perfect for a one-year ‘paper’ anniversary.
How to make an origami photo book
Origami books are fun and quick to make. If you find the folds a little tricky in the first instance, don’t feel disheartened — practice makes perfect and you’ll soon be a paper-folding pro. 
What you'll need to create an origami photo book 
- A ruler
- Scissors
- Your photo prints (our square Retro Prints and 4”x4” Not-So-Standard Prints are the perfect shape and size but you can adapt other formats, too.)
- Paper — you can get ready-to-go origami paper or trim A4 paper to size. If you want some vibrant, patterned backgrounds, we’ve put some printable templates together. After printing,       simply trim away the white paper excess and you’ll have the ideal dimensions ready to fold.
Finishing touches
There are plenty of ways you can add a final flourish to your origami photo book. You could add a button and loop closure to keep your images cosily tucked away. Alternatively, you could fasten the book with a ribbon in your favourite colour. 

For an extra personalised touch, why not stick your favourite photo on the front or add a personalised message?
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Printed photo gifts are the ideal way to free your favourite snaps from the confines of your phone. Whether you’re planning a surprise for your partner or want to get creative with your upcoming Christmas presents, origami photo books can be a rewarding way to showcase special images and memories. 

With prints from MyFUJIFILM, you can make sure your origami photo albums shine with crisp, vibrant images. We use our signature 100% Original Photographic Paper for quality and longevity. Order your prints today and give origami photo book creation a try.