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Get crafty: 6 creative photo projects for a rainy day


March 20, 2024



Get crafty: 6 creative photo projects for a rainy day
The sound of rain is heaven to some people. But, to others, it means pacing your living room, feeling bored or worse - being stuck inside with the kids. Well, we have good news — you can finally pull out that box of photos stored under the bed and creatively share your memories. Keep reading for photo craft ideas on a rainy day.
Make a photo keepsake book
Realistically, a hen party memory book can be whatever you make of it. You could create a traditional photo album filled with photos from the hen do. Or you could plan ahead and get all the hens to send photos of special times with the bride, and then add pictures from the event itself. 

Another option is to take lots of fun photos at the hen party and then put together a photo book to share with the bride at a later date. This could make a lovely gift for the morning of the wedding and it gives the bride a chance to relive those memories while getting ready for the big day.

However you choose to display your hen party photos, it’s a nice idea to add thoughtful messages from all the hens, too.

So, where to start? Here are a few ways you can put your hen party photo album together.
How to make a photo keepsake book
A photo keepsake book captures moments of joy in one place. But knowing where to begin is tricky. Follow our simple steps below to get started.
Step 1. Grab your photos
Shake all your old photos from that family gathering or graduation party out of the box. Then, take a look at what you have to work with. It’s best to do this over a large, clear space, like a table or living room floor, so that you can see everything. If your photos are digital, select the ones you want and add them to a folder. You can upload them to myFUJIFILM to create physical copies. Our photo printing keeps the vibrancy of your keepsake pictures for a beautiful, creative photo project.
Step 2. Arrange into sections
The next step is deciding the layout of your keepsake book. One idea is to put your photos in chronological order. For instance, if you’re designing a book that records a specific year, you could start with pictures celebrating New Year’s Eve. Go from there, creating a timeline to show the year’s progression.

Another way is to separate photos into themes. If you make a wedding keepsake book, try organising it according to subevents. These could include the engagement party, the ceremony, your drunk uncle on the dance floor, and your honeymoon.
Step 3. Placehold photos
Placeholding in a keepsake book means putting your photos where you want them to go before permanently sticking them down. It’s a handy way to arrange your photos and make them aesthetically pleasing before the final decision. You can use blue tack or masking tape to tack them in place temporarily.
Step 4. Add other design elements
Are you creating a photo album with printed images? Before you stick down the photo, you may want to include mementoes. For instance, the stub of a theatre ticket, parts of birthday cards, or a handwritten note. You can also experiment with penwork, like writing section headings or drawing borders.
Step 5. Stick it all down
The last part is the most satisfying and makes the planning worthwhile. It’s time to whip out the glue. Fix your memories onto the page with a glue stick, PVA or a glue gun. However, be mindful that glue guns can get hot. You can also use glue dots or have fun securing the corners with washi tape for a homemade, vintage style.

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A classic photo scrapbook
A classic photo scrapbook is what you imagine when you discover a box of old photo albums in the attic. Pages of captured moments, arranged to create a trip down memory lane, with a scrawled note saying, ‘Grandma in 1982.’

The benefit of a traditional photo scrapbook is it doesn’t need a theme or to centre around a  specific event. Instead, it is a curation of whatever photographs you have or want to include.

Add interest to a classic scrapbook by including textures like tissue paper or coloured cards. Reminisce by writing personal anecdotes and dates of the photos,  including who is in each picture for future reference.

If you want a classic photo book but don’t have the time or patience, browse our Personalised Photo Books.
Concertina photo book
A concertina, also known as an accordion photo book, is made from pieces of linked card, forming a zigzag shape. Imagine opening an accordion instrument — this photo book works the same way. You unfold the joined-up cards to show photos stuck to each page. It’s a budget-friendly and space-saving way to keep loose photos in one place or curate as a DIY gift.
How to make a concertina photo book
We have free resources that you can use to make a concertina book. If you’re a visual learner, take a look at our video guide. Or, alternatively, follow the simple step-by-step guide below.

Step 1. Download our free printable backgrounds and cut off the white edges.

Step 2. Fold every background piece in half lengthways.

Step 3. Snip the sections in half by cutting down the middle creases.

Step 4. Fold each separate piece in half.

Step 5. Link the pieces to create a zig-zag shape, then glue them together.

Step 6. Glue the front and back cover down.

Step 7. Add in your photos, and you’re done.
Photo snowglobe
A photo snow globe is a personalised way to cherish memories, particularly during the festive season. You can give them as gifts or keep them as decor to brighten your home.
How to make a photo snowglobe
Making a photo snow globe may sound complicated, but you’d be surprised how easy and quick they are to make. You will need:

- A watertight glass jar

- Your chosen photo

- A laminator

- Water 

- Glitter

- A hot glue gun

- Extra decor
Step 1. Cut out your chosen photo
Select the photograph and cut out the person and/or objects you want to include in the snow globe. For instance, why not get the little ones involved — they can make one for their grandparents.
Step 2. Laminate the photo
The next thing you need to do is make the photo waterproof. Place your images through a laminator. Then, cut around the image, leaving a laminated outline to keep the seal watertight.
Step 3. Glue gun your image and decor to the lid of the jar
Grab a hot glue gun (a glue stick isn’t up to the job!) and stick your photo onto the lid of the jar. A mason jar works well because it creates a watertight seal. You can also include your unique touch by glueing on decor—for example, plastic fir trees or candy canes for Christmas.
Step 4. Add glitter
Once the glue has dried, it’s time for the best part — glitter! Shake in whatever colour glitter you like. But remember, there is too much of a good thing; an overload of glitter could obscure your photos.
Step 5. Fill with water and seal
Glitter in? Good. Fill your jar with water and tightly screw on the lid. Gently turn the jar upside down (lid on the bottom) and shake for a magical photo snow globe.
Top tips for photo crafts
To bring your craft photo ideas to life, we recommend a few things to consider before starting your photo projects:

- Use high-quality photo prints — Crisp, clear photo printing gives your photo projects a professional and vibrant finish.

- Choose the right sticking material — Glue dots, glue guns, and washi tape keep your photos solidly stuck down to stand the test of time.

- Use sharp scissors — You don’t want to warp the edges of photos with blunt scissors, so ensure they are sharp to cut through printed photographs.
Create beautiful photo crafts with MyFUJIFILM
You don’t need to climb the walls if you’re stuck inside on a rainy day. Photo crafts couldn’t be easier with MyFUJIFILM. So, why not get creative and try these six inspirational ideas to look back at your memories and celebrate good times?