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Family photography: 7 Tips for taking photos of your clan


March 20, 2024



Family photography: 7 Tips for taking photos of your clan
Family portraits are unique. They capture the beating heart and living, breathing vibe of your clan. They're perfect for big get-togethers and intimate occasions. But how can you take truly inspiring family photos? The kind of images that draw admiring glances when you hang them on the wall? 
Each family photoshoot captures unique family ties and cherished relationships. And those images can help us reinforce those bonds. It’s the reason you’ll want to find laughter and emotion in every shot. Here’s how to take exceptional family pictures that endure through the generations.  
Family photography tips to help you capture beautiful memories  
First things first. When you’re taking family photographs, try looking through fresh eyes. The home and surroundings you grew up in might not seem photogenic. But remember how they were infused with magic growing up, and you’ll start taking unique images. 
Family photography lets us capture those extraordinary moments. You can catch every second from bump to baby or their first steps into their own photo storybook. And when you look back in time and wonder how they got so big, you'll have incredible memories to share with love. 
So, how can you make a start? You don't need fancy lighting setup to capture those candid shots. Train your eye to observe what's happening and be ready to click. These family photography tips will help you take enduring snaps like a pro. 
Capture both special occasions and every day
Don't just look for special moments. Instead, be on the lookout for the quirky, fun and unusual all around. Keep snapping, and then review your pictures. Family portrait photography is all about revealing the unexpected in the everyday. So, there's bound to be at least one beautiful image that you'll want to keep forever.  
Even when it comes to capturing special occasions, stay relaxed. Let kids be carefree and playful. Look for the informal moments of connection and intimacy. Capturing faces full of love and laughter creates genuinely emotional shots. And those are the ones you and your family will treasure.  
Photograph from your child’s level 
Getting great images is all about perspective — after all, you wouldn't photograph an adult from a ladder. By getting down to a child's eye view, you can have more of an insight into your little one’s world. And that's where you'll take the most natural and charming pictures. So get down to their level and let them run and play for striking, candid shots. 
Think about your lighting  
Whenever you can, photograph using natural light. And that usually means a window. The soft light creates beautiful photos that really pop. Try positioning your family group at 45 or 90 degrees to the light source. This change of angle creates an attractive interplay of light and shadow.  
The time of day will also affect the quality of the light. Try to avoid the harsh contrasts of the midday sun. Instead, take your shots in the morning to make the most of the daylight. Or try snapping at sunset. At this time of day, the quality of light is soft and golden. Remember, the bigger the contrast, the more dramatic the shot. 
Utilise a tripod  
A tripod is a fantastic way to capture family photos without the guesswork. Invest in one that will hold your camera securely. Next, adjust your settings before you get your family together. Then, click for that perfect shot.    Don’t have a tripod? Any flat and stable surface will do. Just remember that the height will dictate the composition of your shot.  
Be active
Want to add dynamic movement to your family photoshoots? It’s time to get everyone involved. Instead of lining everyone up to say ‘cheese’, use fun activities that express their personality: 
- Organise a game of tag  
- Get everyone on the trampoline 
- Play with the family pet  
- Throw smaller children up in the air (and catch them afterwards!)  
- Run towards the camera  
- Organise a jumping shot 
- Stage a tickle fight  
- Act out your favourite superheroes 
- Fly a kite 
- Blow some bubbles 
Then, be prepared to capture the unexpected.  
Add a basket of props and use simple cues like “strike a pose!” to capture everyone’s silly side. Your finished photos will have a natural, candid quality that everyone will love. 
Get everyone involved  
Remember to capture those unique family relationships. So, capture smaller groups alongside a large family group to allow those connections and relationships to shine. It's a great way to capture the special bond between grandparents and grandchildren or favourite cousins.  
Start with smaller family groups. Encourage your subjects to get as goofy as they like with props or activities. The more relaxed and informal the family photo poses, the better. Then, gradually involve everyone in one large family group. Keep your shots casual and candid to capture the nuance of every family tie. That way, you'll have a fantastic collection of images to choose from.  
Enjoy the experience 
Life is made up of fleeting, memorable moments. And the worst thing you can do is let the camera get in the way. So relax and have fun, and forget it's there. The lens is just a means to capture future memories. So let things happen naturally, and get ready to capture the moment. You'll be rewarded with incredible images to last a lifetime.  
How to set up a fun family photoshoot  
Do you want to get great results? Your family photoshoot starts with meticulous preparation. You'll want to enjoy your time together without worrying about angles, lenses and lighting.  
 1. Location 
Choose somewhere that means something to the family, like the beach, a theme park or even your back garden. If you're taking photos at home, tidy up then check your site lines so your shots are uncluttered. 
2. Preparation
The best family photo ideas come from spontaneity. But you'll need to be prepared to capture every shot. Sort out all the details a day or so beforehand so you can relax on the day. Play with different settings, and be prepared to use portrait mode for great results. 
3. Props
Take hats, scarves, flowers, toys or other props with you. Or ask the rest of the family to bring a meaningful object they’d like included in the shot.  
4. Music 
Music can evoke all kinds of feelings and emotions. The perfect soundtrack will lift the mood or get everyone in the right mindset. Then, stand by to capture some candid shots. 
5. Get creative 
Why not let the kids call the shots? Children are known for their creativity, so let them run wild with your smartphone and see what they capture.   
Family photo display ideas
Capturing a magical moment is one thing. Now, you'll want to share it with the world. Fortunately, you can display your family portrait photography in some truly memorable ways. Keep it classic with a framed print, or cover your fridge with mini prints - however you show off your family photo poses, you'll create lasting memories.  
Photo prints
There’s no better keepsake than a print version of your family pictures. Prints are a tangible reminder of a moment captured in time. So why not go vintage with a fabulous retro print? If you don’t want to damage the walls, a Shacolla display lets you showcase your memories effortlessly.  
Individual prints lend themselves to gallery walls. So why not go one step further and create a family tree? It's a beautiful way to group photos around a theme. And you can get genuinely artistic with the interlinking branches for an outstanding feature. 

Photo gifts

From candid shots, to mundane documentation.

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Photo books 
Photo books are the perfect gift. So make sure every member of the family gets a personalised copy. Brightly coloured Instant books are ideal for teenagers. Young children will love following their own adventures in a Mini book that’s just the right size for little hands. And a Premium photo book on original FUJIFILM paper makes a magnificent heirloom for a wedding or anniversary gift. 
Wall art
Wall art and candid family photos are a match made in heaven. Try splitting a large group across a canvas triptych for a spectacular result. Otherwise, you could group several framed family photo prints around a stunning canvas wall art centrepiece.  
Acrylic photo prints replicate your memories in precision colour. Those unique family moments will sing with unparalleled sharpness and vibrancy. Otherwise, lightweight aluminium prints are precision crafted with a sleek metallic finish.  
Personalised blankets
Is there anything nicer than a photo you can hug? Treat everyone to a luxury fleece photo blanket as a forever reminder of your family photo day. These cosy keepsakes are a charming way to preserve your memories. 
A photo mug
Personalised mugs are ideal for showing someone you care, adding a memorable and unique touch to any occasion. Add your family pictures to one of our Personalised Photo Mugs — the perfect gift for grandparents and other members of your clan. Whenever they enjoy their favourite hot beverage, they'll remember those good times with a smile. 

Or, for something a little extra special, there’s our 11oz Magic Mug. At first glance, this might look like a plain black mug. But add hot water, and a mystical reveal of a perfect memory happens before your eyes. 
Record your family memories with MyFUJIFILM 
Recording your family memories is such a special thing to do. So why not show off your favourite family pictures in style? At MyFUJIFILM, we treat your treasured memories with the care they deserve. So why not cherish those moments with a unique photo gift?