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Document 2024 with a 'photo a day' memory book


March 20, 2024



Document 2024 with a 'photo a day' memory book
Are you looking for a New Year activity that won't break the ban and provide the chance to unleash your creativity? Did our November 30-day challenge inspire you? Then, a 365 photo-a-day challenge will set the mood for 2024 and capture every special moment. If you’re prepared to take on the Mount Everest of photo tasks, this is the one to try. 
Keeping a daily photo journal is a fantastic way to document your progress as a photographer. But it’s also a brilliant way to practice mindfulness and capture life’s perfect little moments. Printing them in a memory photo book means you’ll have them forever. 
What is the ‘photo a day’ trend? 
If you hang out on TikTok, you’ll know the photo-a-day trend has been around for a while. Similar to the ‘one second everyday’ video trend, where you create a montage of your year, this is a more tangible way of making memories. Especially when you transform your images into a gorgeous memory photo book. 
Similar to a photo dump but a little more considered, these collections of seemingly random photos find beauty in the mundane. It only takes a couple of minutes a day to capture what you’re up to. It could be something funny that catches your eye. Or some treasure among the trash. Whatever takes your eye, from a pre-planned theme to a candid moment, says something about your day. 
Taking a photo a day sounds simple. And you can choose to shoot the same scene every day or document your fitness journey. You might take a picture of a new image every day or hone your mastery of different techniques. The options are endless, and the results are totally up to you. Challenge yourself to see the familiar from a different perspective — how many ways can you photograph a flower or shoot a landscape?  
365-day photo challenges are also a fantastic way to boost your creativity. Maybe there are phone filters you’re dying to try. Or photographic techniques you’d like to master. Now’s the time to get your creative juices flowing and start snapping.  
Why embark on a photo-a-day challenge?  
There are numerous benefits to creating a photo-a-day book. You'll definitely become a better photographer. You'll find yourself capturing moments that you might otherwise have missed. And taking time out of your day to focus on nature or the world around you can be a great stress reliever. 
Still need convincing? Then, make the most of your challenge for these compelling reasons. 
Capture memories 
The trouble with memories is that they’re gone in the blink of an eye. We’re always missing out on those special moments in our busy lives. Take the time to look around and capture those tiny, apparently insignificant moments that make the best memories. You’ll be glad you did.  
Improve your photography skills
Practice is the best way to master any skill. So, taking the time to shoot a picture daily is bound to improve your photography skills.  You'll find that you start looking at your subject in new ways and noticing tiny details you didn't before. And seeing your images evolve as you develop as a photographer is exciting. 
Try new techniques
Your project doesn't have to be theme-based. In fact, your photo-a-day challenge could be all about different photography techniques. Long exposures, bokeh effect shots, and wide-angle panoramas are just some of the various processes you can try. Best of all, you can return to them later in your challenge to see how much your photos have evolved. 
Why add your daily pictures to a photo book?  
Photo journaling is one of the best ways to capture your daily life in all its glory. And once the challenge is over, preserving your shots in a photo book makes sense. A photo-a-day book makes a fabulous memento by making your memories tangible. 
Of course, 365 photos are plenty to highlight. So start organising them weekly and monthly while your challenge is ongoing. You'll also need to consider the final layout, which will substantially impact the number of pages you require. As a guide, our Standard Photo Books have a maximum of 150 pages. For example, you could arrange a week’s worth of images over two pages. That leaves space for you to add captions or record your thoughts. 
We recommend that you opt for a large-format Premium Photo Book. Measuring 39cm x 29cm, it shows your images off to perfection on beautiful Fujifilm paper.  

Alternatively, you could create a series of Mini Photo Books. Each one could showcase a different month, creating beautiful bitesize memories to flick through and appreciate whenever you’re feeling nostalgic.
Stuck for ideas? Try these photo ideas 
Think of your photo-a-day challenge as a workout for your photography skills. So you could aim to capture a significant moment from your day. Or focus on a specific concept, like trees, shoes or cake. 
Before you start, make a note of accessible locations and themes you love. Don't stress out if your busy schedule means you have to snatch your photos on the fly. And feel free to repeat themes as you move through the year. Just make sure there are a few months between your images. 
Want to challenge yourself? Choose a random word for each day of the year and shoot a pic to match. Try taking photos alphabetically or theme them around family and friends. The best way to smash your photo-a-day challenge is to take images that mean something to you or capture a magic moment. 
Still stuck for ways to get started? Most photo challenges fail after three weeks, so here's how to smash through that barrier: 
Home sweet home 
Your home doesn’t need to be Instagrammable to take great photos. Just shoot what you love, from your favourite scented candle to your perfect book nook.  
Your furry friend  
Pets are instantly photogenic. And you could easily fill a photo book with cute cat or dog photos, so start snapping. 
Family love 
Fun at bathtime; a cuddle in the kitchen; play time in the garden — make every moment memorable when you snap it for a memory photo book. 
A self-portrait 
Love them or loathe them, selfies are a great way to take a snapshot of your emotions. Whatever your mood, don't forget to add a few self-portraits as you document your year. 
Time with friends
There's nothing better than getting together with your besties and having fun. So, grab a candid shot or two for your year photo book. It's a theme you can revisit on birthdays and holidays, too. 
Your favourite place

Photo gifts

From candid shots, to mundane documentation.

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Favourite places are so personal. And no matter how photogenic they are, they hold plenty of meaning. Try snapping them at different times of the day or in different seasons for the best results. 
Sunrise or sunset  
Sunrise gives you a fabulous glowy vibe. Golden Hour gives you shots with vibrant hues and tones. Both deserve a place in your ‘a photo a day’ book.   
A romantic connection 
A heart drawn in the sand. Your hand in theirs. A beaming smile — capture your romantic connection and give it pride of place in your project. 
A mode of transport  
Let your imagination run riot with shots of the sky from a plane or the landscape from a train. It's fun to play with different filters to get the sensation of speed, so pick your mode of transport and head off. 
A new dish
Are you a budding Masterchef, or do you love eating out? Then snap that new dish, good or bad, for posterity. 
A yoga pose
Do you know your downward-facing dog from your camel? Yoga pose pics will add a moment of reflection and calm to your photo book. 
An adorable door
It could be your own front door or a mysterious portal in an ancient building. If you’ve ever wondered what goes on behind a closed door, why not add a ‘doortrait’ to your project?
Seasonal decorations  
From the excitement on their faces when they find an Easter egg to opening their presents, nothing captures a memory better than happy holidays and seasonal decorations. 
Other ideas for your daily photo could include: 

- Your favourite pair of shoes 
- Your unmade bed 
- A selfie in your favourite outfit 
- A photo of old photos 
- Light reflecting off water 
- A roaring fire 
- Your desk at work 
- Something you're proud of (even if you didn’t make it) 
- The cover of your favourite book 
- A healthy houseplant 
How to create your memory photo book with MyFujifilm 
Creating your memory photo book couldn’t be easier with MyFujifilm. For best results, we recommend a premium lay-flat photo book that shows off your project to perfection.  
Start by organising your photos by day or month. You could add the exact date to each image or include a monthly calendar. Choose your very best pictures and keep editing to a minimum so the project's integrity has a chance to shine.  
Generally, your shots should be well-lit with natural light and sharp details. A minimum resolution of 300 dpi images works best for photo book reproduction. 
Once you’re happy with your snaps, upload them to the MyFujifilm editor. You’ll have the opportunity to choose a layout, add different backgrounds or include caption text. It’s so easy to use you’ll create incredible results in no time. And we have loads of creative ideas for themes if you need more inspiration. 
Once you're happy with the result, place your order, and we'll create your memory photo book masterpiece. You can save your project anytime, so you won't lose any progress while you make everything perfect. 
Celebrate and document 2024 with MyFujifilm  
If you’re already looking ahead to the New Year, make it fabulous with our “a photo a day” book challenge. In the meantime, why not create memory photo books to treasure in 2024 with MyFujifilm?