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How to create a gallery wall above your staircase


February 23, 2024



How to create a gallery wall above your staircase
Are you looking to showcase your favourite photos? Try creating a staircase gallery wall. As well as giving your images pride of place, itโ€™s also a great way to add decor to an often overlooked area of the home. 

Hanging art on a sloping wall can be tricky. But whether youโ€™re opting for framed prints, canvas prints or even a set of collages, our foolproof staircase photo wall guide will ensure you're ready to create a montage of unforgettable moments. 
Gallery walls: The in-vogue way to make a statement on your staircase
Staircase walls are often neglected when it comes to hanging pictures. The unique sloping dimensions make creating a staircase gallery wall challenging โ€” but not impossible. Get it right, and you'll create an impressive display in your entrance hall. It's the perfect way to greet your guests or feel at home when you walk through the door.

Gallery walls are the in-vogue way to display everything that matters to you. Unforgettable journeys. Special family portraits. Treasured moments that matter. Staged portraits can be beautiful. However, a staircase gallery wall also works well when it showcases your best candid shots and creates an immediate emotional connection.

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From candid shots, to mundane documentation.

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Top tips for creating an eye-catching staircase photo wall
A staircase photo wall adds interest to an otherwise blank space. These tips should help you create an eye-catching feature that suits your staircase configuration.  
Plan your layout with paper templates
The secret to a successful staircase photo wall is to plan before you hang. As a result, you won't regret the layout later or be left with random holes in the wall. 

First, create your starting point. Make a mark 60" up the wall from the middle of each step with a pencil. Then join the dots together with removable tape to create your baseline.

Next, cut out paper templates to the size and shape of your frames. Then arrange them on the wall until you're happy with the look. Another bonus is that you can drill your screw holes through the paper and remove it later.
Double-hang your frames
If you hate wonky picture frames, you need this tip. Using two screws to hang your frames will keep your artwork firmly in place. It's a great tip if you have kids (or pets) that are likely to knock them off the wall.

Just remember to step back now and again to check your work. A change of perspective will keep your staircase photo wall looking good from every viewing angle.
Work with your staircase configuration 
No two staircases are the same. So don't overthink it. Use the photos that work best for you. If you need a little inspiration, try these four popular layout ideas.
1. Single focal point
A stylish statement print makes a fantastic focal point. It's an effective way to dress up a narrow staircase or make the most of a small space.
2. Grid
Symmetrical grids look effortlessly stylish. But using a selection of different-sized frames is a vibrant and fun way to showcase your photo collection. Arrange using a symmetrical grid format to keep the look from getting too busy.
3. Single line
Hang three large-format images on the same diagonal line. This layout creates a clean, chic look that maximises a smaller space. Why not go for elegant slim canvas prints?
3. Organic
Love the look of eclectic gallery photo walls? Organic layouts mix vertical and horizontal images and look great paired with a grid layout at the top of the stairs. Start by hanging the first frame at the middle lowest point. Then work outwards, aiming for balance and allowing 2 to 3" between each picture. 
Imaginative design ideas
Successfully planned your layout? Now let your imagination go wild. Here are just a few ideas for making your staircase photo wall pop.
Curate your content
Your favourite gallery walls could seem random. But look closely, and a common denominator ties them together. It could be a favourite colour that never fails to make you smile. Or inspirational quotes and images that capture your journey. Next, focus your collection on an anchor piece. A retro print of the first selfie you took as a couple. Your kids' artwork. Any image that creates a meaningful connection works best as a starting point.
Get creative with colour
Want instant balance in your layout? Love photographing all the greens in nature? Are your seascapes exhibition-ready? Clever use of colour is a fabulous way to create a gallery wall on your staircase. Brights bring instant energy, while pastels create a calm, airy feel. Or try a pop of bright accent colour with a neutral palette. Choose our enlargement prints to ensure every colour is vibrant and true to life. 
Showcase your wanderlust
Curating your staircase photo wall with a theme is incredibly popular. And a travel-inspired gallery wall shows off your best shots from memorable places. It's a living reminder of all those great trips and fun times. And it's a stunning way to embrace your wanderlust and spirit of adventure. 
Love your family tree
Love your family heritage? Then showcase it with a stunning display of portraits and candid snaps that show you care. Create a family tree mural on your staircase wall and hang images from the branches. Or make a feature heart to show you care with our handy Shacolla prints. 
Funky frames
 Matchy-matchy was so last year. Why not go for an eye-catching mix of vintage and modern frames? Don't be afraid to put your pet pooch next to a classic art print. Or mash up your vintage charity shop finds with modern monochrome frames. 
Symmetry VS rustic mismatching
A single row or classic grid looks effortlessly sleek and cohesive. But a rustic mismatch is an easy way to create cosiness in an underused space. Even numbers usually work better for grids and odd numbers for random arrangements. And feel free to change it up. For example, an organic staircase gallery wall looks great paired with a symmetrical grid on the landing or vice versa. Our landscape and portrait framed prints are an effortless way to achieve the look. 
More is more
Utilise those wide-open staircase spaces with a bold mix of pattern on pattern. More is definitely more when creating a maximalist staircase photo wall. So paint the wall a bold colour. Or hang your art prints against wild wallpaper. Think florals with geometrics or nature prints and abstracts with matching colours and hues. 
Opt for vintage styling
Retro black and white prints always look effortlessly stylish. And stunning monochrome poster prints open up your space when arranged in a formal grid. Alternatively, upload vintage images to create slim canvas prints with extra charm for a more eclectic look. Next, anchor your staircase gallery wall around one or two standout pieces. Then finish the look with wood, monochrome and gilt frames.  
Shake it up
Blending textures and mixed mediums is the key to creating a great staircase photo wall. So don't be afraid to add a vintage mirror or an old film poster. Mix up framed and unframed prints. Or try our superlight aluminium prints for extra pizzazz. Once you've assembled your images, start with paper templates and double-hang for extra wow. 
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