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Capture precious memories with a ‘bump-to-baby’ pregnancy photo book


March 20, 2024



Capture precious memories with a ‘bump-to-baby’ pregnancy photo book
Congratulations! Pregnancy is a special time, whether it's your first baby or a new addition to your growing family. It's also never too soon to start keeping a pregnancy journal and documenting the journey from bump to baby. You'll want to snap everything from those first scans to cute maternity photos. Then capture every second in your pregnancy photo book. 
What is a bump-to-baby photo book? 
Pregnancy can be an exciting time. And keeping a pregnancy journal makes it extra memorable. So why not showcase your baby's development with a bump-to-baby book? It's a lasting memento of a fantastic nine months, captured through candid photos and treasured images.

How you theme your photo book is up to you. You might use a double-page spread for weekly pictures of your bump. Of course, you'll want to include your first ultrasound scans. Why not add social media screenshots or a countdown calendar? The only limit to what you add to your pregnancy photo book is your own narrative.

Documenting your pregnancy through bump-to-baby photos takes your pregnancy journal to another level. And your growing bump tells its own amazing story. Think of your pregnancy photo book as a record of every moment — all the highs, lows and funny moments. It’s a beautiful way to share with family and friends. And it’s an unforgettable keepsake to look back on. In years to come, you can show your son or daughter how you documented their journey into the world.
How to create a photographic pregnancy journal
The nine months between bump and baby can really fly. So plan your photographic pregnancy journal as soon as possible. You won't want to miss a second — from the moment you discovered you were expecting to Baby's first birthday.

Your first ultrasound scan is a great starting point. And you'll want to schedule a series of photos to showcase your expanding bump. Aim for a mix of posed and candid maternity shots to capture the experience fully.

Here’s how to create your pregnancy journal:

- Start from your positive test and note every milestone through the three trimesters. And remember to capture everyone's reactions to the news.

- Schedule a belly shoot every week, if possible. If not, aim for a monthly shoot wearing similar clothes and adopting the same pose.

- Keep a diary of funny anecdotes, feelings and memories to add to your photo book.

- Try and capture every moment — from your new-found glow to your partner’s face when you tell them a baby's on the way.
Pregnancy photo book themes and inspiration
The easiest way to organise your book is to order your photos chronologically. But this is one unique event that deserves extra care and attention. So we've curated our favourite themes and inspiration for recording the bump-to-baby journey. 
Pregnancy milestones
Why not organise your book around every milestone? From your positive test to your first scans. Your growing bump to the first kick. Your first craving to your baby shower or gender reveal.

There's so much you can incorporate into your pregnancy photo book. Other things to include could be:

- Your pregnancy announcement.

- Maternity photos that compare each stage of your pregnancy to your baby's fruit size, from a sesame seed to a pumpkin.

- Advice and wisdom you learn along the way.

- Your first pregnancy outfit.

- Your first clinic appointment or antenatal class.

- Portraits of your midwife or doula and birth partner
From monthly developmental milestones to hilarious moments, this book will bring every minute of your pregnancy experience flooding back.
A classic pregnancy journal
During pregnancy, you want to capture every moment of your baby's development. So try keeping a journal with photos that recall every emotion about your growing bump. Those everyday moments help you create a complete picture of your pregnancy year. Include that first craving for pickles and ice cream. Or how you felt telling your best friend about your new baby. 

Include photos of every family outing or celebration. Record your holidays and trips or other fun stuff. It's a great idea to add the story of your baby's name - and the alternatives that didn't work. And add plenty of snapshots from everyday life. Things that made you smile or captured a moment. Don't feel pressured to write. Add to your journal when you feel like it. And step by step, you'll create an unforgettable picture of that bump-to-baby year.

Photo gifts

From candid shots, to mundane documentation.

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Bump photo time-lapse 
It might seem like a cliche. But there's no better way to relive your pregnancy than through your bump photos.

Bump progression images are one of the cutest ways to record your pregnancy journey. Weekly shots provide the most detailed picture. But they can be challenging to schedule throughout your pregnancy. Instead, aim for monthly snapshots and see what happens.

For a clever time-lapse effect, wear the same clothes and strike the same pose every time. A friend or partner can take the picture. Or you can pose in front of a mirror and snap a photo yourself. There are no hard and fast rules. And you could mix it up with different outfits or poses. Remember, your baby bump journey is all about you and your little one. So don't be afraid to capture all your moods as your baby grows.

Our premium photo books with lay-flat pages are ideal for capturing a two-page spread of bump photos in all their glory!
Countdown to Baby
A countdown chronology is one of the most popular themes for bump-to-baby photo books. And getting started couldn't be easier.

Aim to pick a memorable moment from every month, including: 

- The moment you knew you were pregnant. An image of those two solid lines is the perfect way to start your pregnancy photo book.

- The first ultrasound. Try a selfie of you holding the images to preserve and archive this magical moment.

- Your pregnancy announcement. Add screenshots of the congratulations, funny responses and valuable advice you receive.

- Maternity photos. Aim for a mix of professionally posed shots and candid snaps.

- Your baby’s birth story, including their first photo.

 Set your images out with fun captions, like “T minus 30 weeks” or keep it simple with “8 weeks to go”...
Top tips for creating magical maternity photos
There’s a reason why the baby bump photo is a classic. It’s a beautiful way to showcase your pregnancy journey. You can keep the pose consistent, or you can have some fun. It’s your time to express yourself and your personality. And the best way to capture how fast your baby’s growing.

Here’s how to create magic in your maternity photos:

- Wear clothes that are loose and comfortable. Highlight your bump with a tank top. Or a loose shirt that can be knotted over the top as it grows. Keep your outfit simple to showcase the changes in your body.

- Make the most of natural light and pose by a window. For consistency, mark the spot for future shoots.

 - Aim to take your photos first thing in the morning or just before sunset. You'll find the light has a lovely soft, super-flattering quality.

- Add humour by posing with an object that mimics the baby’s stage of development, from a tennis ball to a watermelon.

To pamper yourself, why not schedule a professional photo shoot between 28 to 36 months? It’s the time when you’ve really got your glow on, so capture it forever.
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