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What’s the best paper for photo printing?


March 20, 2024



What’s the best paper for photo printing?
Beautiful photo prints can transform your home. But capturing a moment isn't only about the image. Your photo printing paper can elevate any snap and make it truly memorable. Filling your walls with fabulous prints is one thing. But creating images that last means knowing how the perfect paper can enhance any photograph.

In this guide, we’ll look at the photo printing papers available to discover the perfect fit for your project. There’s something tactile and compelling about handling physical photos or displaying them in beautiful frames. Imagine curating your own exhibition of personal art or creating photo books for treasured mementoes. They’re eternal keepsakes that delight friends and family or elevate your interiors. So choosing the right photo printing paper can make the difference between a print that’s average or amazing.

Want to free your favourite photos from the confines of your phone or laptop? Turn them into physical prints that bring your images to life.
What types of photo printing paper finishes are available?
Photo printing paper lets you get creative with your snaps, transforming them from candid shots to art. We offer glossy or matte photo paper finishes to make vibrant colours pop or enhance moody contrasts. And our signature Fujifilm Original Photo paper creates moods and textures for exquisite results.

Choosing photo printing paper is all about enhancing the visual appeal of your images. Think vintage retro for childhood snaps. A soft pearly sheen for a beloved grandparent. Matte black and white for art prints worthy of a gallery. Below we break down the pros and cons of each style of photo printing paper and how it works for your images. 
Gloss photo paper
Want vibrant colours and extra depth for your prints? Glossy photo paper is a stylish choice that brings a different level of sharpness and detail to your images. So if you want to make an eye-catching impression with an effortlessly premium modern finish, glossy paper is a fantastic choice.
But beware of framing your prints behind glass. That high gloss finish can cause unwanted reflection and glare. And gloss prints can be a real fingerprint magnet when displayed in an album.
Lustre photo paper
Images printed on our lustre photo paper don't have the sharpness and shine of gloss paper. But that flatter finish is an excellent choice when you want your images to create a mood. And the lower contrast levels draw attention to the composition in a way that attracts the eye. As a result, matte prints deliver a classic look that can be very appealing. Particularly if you love black-and-white images. 

If you’re creating a gallery wall, matte prints give a sophisticated, glare-free finish. 
Pearlescent photo paper
If you love the definition of gloss prints and the ambience of matte, then pearlescent photo printing paper is a good choice. This style of photo printing paper strikes the perfect balance between the subtlety of matte and the vibrancy of gloss, with subtle contrast and shine. 

The lustrous texture of our pearlescent photo printing paper finish gives a sophisticated result. We recommend its subtle sheen and texture for formal portraits or wedding photos. Or any prints that deserve an elegant, premium finish.

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Satin photo paper
There's a reason why satin photo printing paper is so popular. Satin prints balance the vibrant colours of gloss images with the subtle shading of matte and the texture of pearlescent paper. For exhibition-worthy photos, satin photo printing paper delivers low-glare, highly professional results. 
Fujifilm original photo paper: What are your options? 
There’s a pleasing permanence to holding an image in your hand. And with our signature photo paper, you can create bespoke results that make your photos sing. Just order our Not So Standard Prints, and we’ll print them on high-quality Fujifilm original paper as standard. 

So what are the advantages of our Fujifilm photo paper prints? If you love dynamic colour photos, our photo prints guarantee brilliant colour contrast with sparkling white and deep black. Colours are long-lived and amazingly bright, with consistent tone whether you order one image or one hundred.
Memorable photobooks
Create the perfect album with lie-flat papers that let you see every detail of a full two-page photo spread. Ideal for photo books and albums to treasure.

These premium-quality papers can be finished in gloss or lustre, depending on your preferred aesthetic.
What photo printing paper is available at MyFUJIFILM? 
When you trust us with your precious photos, you trust Fujifilm print technology. Our Not So Standard Prints, Premium Photo Books and more rely on high-quality photo printing paper for an incredible finish. So unlock the full potential of your digital photos and browse MyFUJIFILM for prints, greeting cards, wall art and more today.