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8 Creative ways to show off your favourite photos


March 11, 2024



8 Creative ways to show off your favourite photos
It’s easier than ever to capture moments and keep a little piece of them forever. After all, our smartphones are always on hand to snap and upload to social media. But as you fill your digital storage with an abundance of photos, it’s only natural that the majority barely see the light of day, untouched in the archives for years to come.

By transitioning your favourite photos from digital to physical form, you’ll be more likely to appreciate them time and time again. Plus, anyone you invite into your home will get to enjoy them, too. So why not make a real feature of your best-loved images? Maybe it’s your wedding portrait or a stunning landscape you’re super proud of. Either way, display these photos in an eye-catching way and let them shine.
How to display your favourite photos
With so many different ways to display your photos, you can tap into your creative side as much as you do with the photography itself. Here’s a little inspiration to get you started.
1. Make a statement with a canvas triptych
Rather than search high and low for canvas wall art that doesn’t quite fit with your vision, why not create your own? Whether it’s a travel memory, family photo or more of an abstract shot, custom canvas prints could be the statement wall art your space is missing.

And creating a triptych gives your photo display a whole new dynamic. Triptychs feature three separate canvases that line up to create one captivating image. Displayed front and centre in your home, your triptych wall art will certainly get the attention it deserves. 

And at MyFUJIFILM, we use water-based ink on our canvases to make sure the colours are as vibrant as can be. We also print on high-quality canvas to enhance the textural appeal and three-dimensional look of the finished product.
2. Get cosy with photo cushion covers and blankets
Photo cushions and blankets are an easy way to inject some personality into any lounge or bedroom, whichever image you have in mind. Your photos get a new home and your sofa gets a makeover. It’s a win-win.

Why not showcase that funny photo of your cat or snuggle up beneath a tranquil landscape scene from your favourite holiday? You could even go all out and create a collection of photo cushion covers for the whole family.

Photo gifts

From candid shots, to mundane documentation.

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3. Keep it classic with framed prints
There’s a reason framed prints have stood the test of time. It’s the most traditional way to display your photos, and with so many different frames available and countless ways to style them, they fit in with any aesthetic. 

Just as at home hung on the wall as they are propped up on a bookshelf, mantelpiece or side table, framed photos can be rearranged whenever you fancy a room refresh. And if you buy them already framed, you don’t have to worry about making sure the job’s done professionally. They’ll look great wherever you put them.
4. Create an elegant coffee table photo book
If you’re struggling to choose just a few photos to print, don’t worry. You don’t have to be so selective! Curate a collection of your favourites into your very own coffee table photo book, and give it pride of place in the living room. Our Premium Photo Books are perfect for laying flat and admiring as you sip on your favourite tea or coffee.

You can group photos together from a certain holiday or event, or pick out a random assortment from times shared with that special someone over the years. It’s a reminder to reminisce on memories gone by, and will truly become part of the furniture. 
5. Make a personalised photo calendar
Both practical and sentimental, personalised photo calendars are always a winner. Over the course of the year, you’ll look forward to flipping the page and seeing what the next month has in store, rediscovering some absolute gems.

Top tip: match months on the calendar with the months or seasons the photos were taken. The calendar will double up as seasonal decor and it’s always nice to look back at what you were doing at the same time in previous years. 

Choose between a wall hanging, desktop or wooden block calendar and start playing around with templates.
6. Display them on a gallery wall
Another great way to display multiple images at once is by creating a gallery wall. Whether a simple grid pattern or eclectic mismatch of colours and sizes is more your style, gallery walls create a dynamic look that’s only improved with the addition of your own photos.

If you already have some prints you’ve been meaning to put up, mix them together with your personal prints for a quirky and unique display. They work particularly well on staircases, which can often be tricky spaces to decorate. Take a look at our guide to creating a staircase gallery wall for some handy hints and tips.
7. Set up a photo ladder
Lacking the wall or shelf space for more frames and prints? A photo ladder is the perfect solution. Pick out a ladder and have an arts and crafts session attaching your prints to it with strings and pegs. A bit of playing around, and you might just surprise yourself with the end result. 

Alternatively, buy a ladder bookshelf and arrange framed photos on it alongside other decorative pieces, like houseplants and trinkets. Placing photos alongside other valued possessions subtly shows how much you treasure the people and places within them. 
8. Arrange prints on your fridge
It might sound makeshift, but a fridge covered in photos of family and friends has an undeniably homely feel. Think of it as a magnetic photo display board you can admire every time you enter the kitchen. Fridge displays are quick to switch up whenever you get a new batch of prints delivered — and it’s a good excuse to dig out those holiday magnets, too.  Even if you prefer your kitchen to have a more minimalistic, polished look, it doesn’t hurt to experiment. Picking a select few and arranging them neatly could work better than you expect. Or try printing some in black and white for a modern, cohesive look.
Display your best-loved photos with MyFUJIFILM
At MyFUJIFILM, we offer an extensive range of products that help you make the most of your photos — because we believe the good times were made for sharing, not hiding away in your camera roll.

From collages and canvases to photo books and calendars, we do it all, always printing in premium quality so you can keep treasuring them for years to come. Take a look at our collection and start displaying your favourite photos. Need some more inspiration? Take a look at our other blog articles for more ideas and advice.