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6 Creative and quirky ways to get “Save The Date” RSVP’s


March 20, 2024



6 Creative and quirky ways to get “Save The Date” RSVP’s
Remember the thrill of receiving an actual letter in the post? It's time to recreate that feeling, but this time, it's all about your special day.These aren't just any “Save The Date” cards; they're a statement of your love story with a creative spin. 

Let's dig in and explore five quirky ways to announce your upcoming wedding with a touch of myFUJIFILM magic. And of course, we're going to throw in some helpful tips on what to put on save the date cards too.
1. Make some magic with magnets
One look at your save the date magnets and your guests will know – your wedding is going to be anything but ordinary. The trick is to make your magnet personal. Perhaps you both love hiking? A photo of a favourite mountain trail you conquered together would be perfect. 

Or maybe you're foodies? How about a shot of you both cooking up a storm in your kitchen? It’s also a great little keepsake for your guests, and it’s small enough to fit in a standard letter, so it’s the perfect choice if you don’t want to break the bank to send your wedding RSVPs. 

And as for what to write on save the date magnets, try to inject a bit of your personality - and keep it short and snappy. "Stick with us as we take the leap!" sounds way better than a plain old "Please join us," doesn't it? Custom save the date magnets are fantastic mementos that really do stick around. 
2. The shacolla showcase
Take a photo, turn it into a shacolla, and voila – you've got a beautiful, personalised keepsake. As an example, you could take a large, high resolution photo of you and your partner and have this cut into a lovely shacolla heart shape, almost like a mosaic, so that each one of your guests can have a piece of the happy couple as their RSVP.

Not only does it make a lovely memento, but it's also a standout way to announce your special day - it's like gifting your invitees a piece of art. And what to write on these save the date artworks? A simple date and your smiling faces can say a lot, and for the text, something sweet and playful like, "Picture us saying 'I do' on your specific date" can be a heartwarming prompt. Or something to do with bringing family and friends together to complete the shacolla, perhaps, “You’re the missing piece!”.

Not only that, but as the couple who are getting hitched, you could get interactive on your social media once you’ve sent out your “Save the Date” invites. A simple snap of the completed shacolla would help tie together the whole RSVP theme, and this way your guests can also let you know their response via social media too, if they so wish. 
3. Captivate with a coaster
We're all about excitement here at myFUJIFILM, so why not shake things up with a custom photo coaster? Select a snap that represents you as a couple and transform it into a coaster, and the next time they have a cup of coffee, they'll be reminded of your upcoming celebration - which means there’s less chance of an unanswered RSVP. 

Much like myFUJIFILM’s custom photo magnets, a coaster with a cute snap of the couple-to-be is a lovely little keepsake, or if you don’t fancy your own portrait adorning the coffee tables of family and friends, you could always select an image you’ve taken that fits in with your upcoming wedding theme. This could be something as simple as the flowers, the venue, or your pet. 

Your guests will appreciate the dual-functionality of these save the dates, and like magnets, a custom photo coaster fits discreetly and easily into an envelope. It’s a great way to get your guests to raise their glass to confirm their attendance to your big day. 
4. Message via mug
Drinking a morning coffee or tea will never be the same when your loved ones receive a personalised photo mug with your 'Save the Date'. Choose a photo that sparks joy and laughter, or a photo that resonates with your wedding theme, and imprint it on a mug with the details of your big day. The aim is to get your guests smiling as they sip their morning brew. As for what to write on save the date mugs, keep it fun and friendly. A catchy phrase like, "Sip, sip, hooray!”, or “Sip, savour, and save the date!” to make your guests smile. 

To complete your save the date mugs, you could even fill them with a small bag of their favourite coffee or tea, and voila - you have a delightful surprise that will have your loved ones eagerly confirming their attendance in no time, all whilst enjoying a cosy cup of tea, and a keepsake to remind them of your upcoming big day. It’s also a great way to start brewing up the excitement in time for your wedding. 

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5. Spark creativity with notebook invitations
For the creative souls and stationery enthusiasts, a save the date, personalised notebook is the perfect way to engage your guests and bring them into your love story. 

Choose a stylish notebook design and personalise it with the name of your recipient, the wedding date inside the cover, and a heartfelt message - but just make sure that the design is universal enough for them to use on a personal level. A custom notebook adorned with a loved-up picture of the happy couple might not have the same effect on your guests as it does for you, so consider choosing a picture of some lovely wedding flowers instead, perhaps.

A notebook invitation is perfect for your guests who like to write down their thoughts or sketch doodles, and this unique "Save the Date" is not only practical but also a charming keepsake. The pages inside? Well, those are for your guests to fill with their own memories - who knows, maybe your wedding will feature in their novel one day. 
6. Spread the word with personalised invitation cards
There's a certain charm to receiving a beautifully crafted invitation. It's a physical piece of post that's personal and meaningful, and it instantly brings a smile to the receiver's face.

When crafting your personalised invitation card, think about what makes you, as a couple, special. Let that be the foundation for your design. Then, add a touch of creativity to your "Save the Date" message. Remember, this is your story – don't be afraid to show your colours.

It’s also the most simple, and budget-friendly save the date idea. Simply put together a meaningful photo of you and your partner, mention the date of your wedding, plus all of the details, and send your invitations off to be delivered. 
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